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Jan 15, 2013
  • When can I train?
    • You can train once a week between the following times: Monday 12am GMT and Sunday 11:59pm UTC.
  • Where do I train?
    • In order to train, you must have a Training thread. You can create this by posting a topic in your village's training area. The topic may be titled whatever you want but must include your full character's name somewhere in the topic title. This post must include your current stats (starting stats rolled in your profile), and link to your profile. Every single training you will make will be in this thread and a copy of the weekly trainings should be transferred to your profile.
  • Where do I train after the first time?
    • The exact same thread as before! You will be continuing to use this thread till you no longer are using said character.
  • What do I need to do to train?
    • The RP(s) you use for your training rolls must be made in actual topics that your PC is in. RPs by your NPC will not count. You may use as many RPs for the training as you want, however, you must note that they must add up to at least 250 words to be accepted. Every RP you use must be linked individually, with a Word Count (Cut and Paste Word Count works fine if you need something to count your words) next to them. In order to link directly to a post, go to the post of choice and look at where it says the date (It should say, "Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:47PM" or something like that) and look slightly to the left. There's a little page icon, and if you click on it, it will link you to a link that sends you directly to that post. Copy that link and use it to link your posts. Any RPs used for a training must have been made DURING THE WEEK of training you are training for. Posts before such a date will not be considered.
  • What do I post in my training?
    • Every time you train you should make a new post. Every training post should have three things: Your stats, a link to your RP, and how you want to spend your new stats. Your stats should be the most current, and follow the order of: Agility, Stamina, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Chakra Control, PL. You must include all six stats, plus your Power Level (PL) and don't forget that you can't surpass the stat cap of your OOC rank.
  • What do I gain from training?
    • All players will receive a yen stipend and 35 stat points each week. These Stat points can be spent numerous ways.
    Option 1 said:
    Players may place any/all of their stats into any Category or split it between 2 or more. As long as you aren't limited by OOC Rank, you can increase any stat to any level.
    Option 2 said:
    Each week, in addition to the previously mentioned points can be used to rank up any amount of jutsu you wish. Each jutsu upon purchase starts at rank one. You can increase your jutsu to the next rank by spending the following points:
    • E-Rank: 6 Points
    • D-Rank: 8 Points
    • C-Rank: 10 Points
    • B-Rank: 12 Points
    • A-Rank: 15 Points
    • S-Rank: 20 Points
    Option 3 said:
    Players can chose to sacrifice stat points for Yen. These wages are determined by OOC rank.
    • E Rank => 750 yen per 15 points.
    • D Rank => 1,250 yen per 15 points
    • C Rank => 1,750 yen per 15 points
    • B Rank => 2,250 per 15 points
    • A Rank => 2,750 per 15 points
    • S Rank => 3,250 per 15 points
    Option 4 said:
    If a player does not spend stat points on any of the above options they are by default converted to ASP (Advanced Shop Points) and can be used to purchase game add-ons for their character found in the Advanced Shop below. These purchases must be approved by a Council member in your Training Thread.

    ASP can be spent on Yen Bundles and Jutsu Mastery during weekly training.
    ASP cannot be converted into Stats at any point other than going through the OCR process.
    Yen Stipend said:
    You will receive yen with each training based on your OOC rank. The yen received is as follows:
    • E Rank: 750
    • D Rank: 1,250
    • C Rank: 2,000
    • B Rank: 3,000
    • A Rank: 5,000
    • S Rank: 7,500
  • What is "Recovery Time"?
    • "Recovery Time" is a term which is used to describe periods of time when your character is recovering from developing new powers or recovering from the strain of using particularly risky techniques in battle. It is measured in increments of "weeks" and is tracked via your Weekly Training. Any week while your character owes "Recovery Time" you must note it in your Weekly Training and the training roller will subtract a week owed from your total. The exact effects of "Recovery Time" vary from ability to ability (sometimes the ability will simply be unusable -- sometimes it will prevent you from gaining Training Points that week) and will be described by the ability which caused you to acquire a "Recovery Time" debt.
  • What if I miss training?
    • You may have one late training a month, but only if you actually posted an RP during the week you're requesting it. For example, the week of Monday Jul 6 2014 to Sun Jul 13, you actually RP enough to train but forget to do so, or hold it off and lose internet, then the following week of Mon Jul 14 to Sun Jul 20, you may link to an rp made between Jul 6 and Jul 13 and ask for it to be rolled. You get one per calendar month. There will be absolutely NO late training granted for weeks in which you failed to RP the minimum word count for an RP.
    • However, if you have an expected absence, you may request an Early Training in which you will alert the village in their request board that you will be gone for a week and thus unable to train, and when you return, you will be allowed to perform that training anytime within seven days of when you return. If those seven days run out, you lose that Early Training. If you post at any time during the week in which you are requesting an Early Training, it is auto-denied. You may only request one Early Training in a one-month (30 day) period.

You can read more about stats and the different ranks HERE
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Jan 15, 2013
Re: Training Rules.

Advanced Shop

Single Use
Selections from this category exist until used one single time. They can be carried through rebirths until used.

Harry Houdini Card - 100 Points
  • This card may be used to leave a modded situation 1 round faster. Players may instantly leave a regular thread without being stopped, except in situations involving the use of a run time to exit the thread.
    May own four. Does not stack on top of other effects that would assist a user in leaving a battle/thread sooner, including itself. Card MUST be purchased before the thread it is used in began. Not before the player joined it, but before the original post.
Immortality Card - 250 ASP
  • The holder of this card cannot be Force Killed. If they are Force Killed they can immediately choose Victim's Choice - Live or Victim's Choice - Die. This card is then used up.
    May only hold 1 card at a time. Cannot be used in any threads the user joined before purchasing the card unless the purchase was to replace a used card. The user of this card is immediately removed from the thread upon using this card. This card cannot be used after the user has completed an OCR out of their character.
100% Sellback - 125 points
  • Gives a one-time 100% sellback on all desired items.
Discovery of Contract of Random Choice -150 Points
  • The user is guaranteed to find a contract when they do their contract search. They must still travel to an area where contracts would be found (i.e. any Outer Village Zone) and perform a contract search. This does not permit the user to find a contract that doesn’t live in that particular area. (i.e. no finding Deep Sea contracts in Wind through this ASP card.)
    This may not be returned. May be purchased once or twice, depending on the number of contracts already held. Cannot obtain the same contract twice. There will be a 1 month wait time between each purchase.
Natural Talent: Special Find - 100 Points
  • Grants the ability to search for Contracts not found in their country. Instead, the user picks another country’s table to roll from.
    May be purchased unlimited times, does not stack with itself or other Natural Talent Items.
Swap Card - 250 points
  • Allows the free swap of a BL/CA without the wait period. This still requires an application approved by council for the new BL/CA.
Kinjutsu Removal - 300 points
  • Allows the removal of a kinjutsu with a minimum 1500-word application to be approved by council. Their new application must meet all requirements, including word count, of the new kinjutsu.
Jutsu Swap - 400 points
  • Allows the user to swap jutsu masteries without fully rebirthing. Does not include 100% refund on shop items.
Discovery of Contract of Your Choice - 400 Points
  • The user is guaranteed to find the contract of choice when they do their contract search. They must still travel to an area where contracts would be found (i.e. any Outer Village Zone) and perform a contract search. This permits finding any contract in any Outer Village Zone (i.e. finding Deep Sea in Wind would be possible.)
    This may not be returned. May be purchased once or twice, depending on the number of contracts already held, Cannot obtain the same contract twice. There will be a 1 month wait time between each purchase.
Re-Birth Card - 425 Points
  • Grants the user the ability to perform 1 free retire/re-birth.
    Use of this card to bypass 75% sellback is considered loopholing.
Reboot Card - 500 Points
  • Everything you own is sold and mastered jutsu will be turned into blank jutsu masteries. The resulting yen, your PL and those masteries will be stored.
  • You reboot your character, having 5 in each stat and 500 yen.

    At anytime you may reverse this via two methods:
    • Simply request what was stored upon using the card to be added to your current PC. This requires council approval, and they may request you make adjustments to your character In-character to accommodate this power burst (such as time skipping your character from a Student to a Chuunin).
    • OCR into your previous character and add up what you gained with the new one, minus normal OCR penalties.
  • You're free to OCR out of this character without undoing the reboot.
    Undoing the process does not require another purchase. Attempting to use this to gain double rewards for any event will result in a ban.
Re-build Your Build - 800 Points
  • Allows you a one time swap on any aspects of your character that you would normally be allowed to swap during an OCR using the same process without needing to swap characters.

Character Specific</U><i></i>
Selections from this category are attached to the character they are purchased for. If they are battle-related and the character is retired and later unretired, they will still apply to the unretired character.

1 Additional CRPJ - 10 Points
  • A player can purchase [1] additional CRPJ for the character for their choosing. CRPJs must still be approved by Council.
    May purchase this multiple times per character (PC or NPC), and must specify for which character.
Free Minor Element - 50 Points
  • The user is granted a free minor in an element of their choosing (Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning, Non-Elemental) OR a free Sensory Knowledge of their choosing (Kinetic, Visual, Audial, Will).
    May be purchased twice.
Weapons Galore - 70 Points
  • The user is granted the ability to make one additional weapon.
    May be purchased once.
Item Hoarder - 100 Points
  • The user gains one additional Inventory slot.
    May be purchased once.
Free Major Element - 100 Points
  • The user is granted a free major in an element of their choosing (Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning, Non-Elemental) OR a free Sensory Mastery of their choosing (Kinetic, Visual, Audial, Will).
    May be purchased twice.

Selections from this category are attached to the player who purchases them, and apply across all PCs they have through rebirths.

Extra RP Slot - 35 points
  • Grants an extra RP slot for free RPs. Does not allow one to go on more missions/classes or be in more than one modded thread at a time.
    May only be purchased 4 times.
Abilities Card - 75 Points
  • Grants the user 1 additional Ability Slot.
    May only be purchased one time. In cases of split personality, Rikudo Sennin or anything that has multiple groups of abilities: this only effects <U>one of the personalities or paths.
Class Point Card - 100 Points
  • Grants the user 2 additional Class Points.
    May be purchased one time.
Additional Advanced Element - 100 Points
  • The user is granted an additional Elemental Affinity Slot.
    May be purchased unlimited times.
Half the Time Card - 500 Points
  • The run times of the user will be permanently cut in half.
    May be purchased 1 time for permanent use with all run times. When using Half the Time Cards, it must be listed in the run time post with link to approval. Run times must be posted anytime you use this card and will be as followed: [insert the new run time and link to approval. This does not change the ANBU +45 minute catch time in any way.
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