Trapped in The Void [SSM]

Haku Ren

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Oct 22, 2012
Walking along the bank of the river with musket in hand, she follows the footprints into a poorly lit tunnel. She continues until her target comes into view, but it was the smell that hits her first. The oder to the cave was fowl and reeked of death. What she sees is the basilisk being eaten by some sort of monstrous humanoid beings. Was this the swarm the Steward mentioned? If so she was in luck for she had a mission for these creatures as well. Akazukin raises her musket into the air and a large clock forms behind her. Firing the gun she made sure that these creatures were aware of her presents, if they weren’t all ready. Yes the mission was intended to be stealth based but when it comes to hunting she normally lures and traps. Fortunately no one will know she completely blown her cover. Akazukin would play submissively for now and tried not to make any actions to provoke them. She did not approach them nor did she retreat. She allows the ones brave enough to walk to her to do so. Akazukin makes no actions other than observing. Watching the ones coming towards her, the ones eating the spoils of a good hunt and the large one looming in the shadows. She would make note if they had any possessions: tools they could have used to slay their prey, any utensils for eating or clothes to cover their body.

Akazukin continues to observe and was clearly not in an offensive stance. She was glad to spot clothing for she can work with that. When she activates her sage mode she will have access to an ability called Identity: With a touch, she can understand any object's quality, traits, and history, and can even, as the Tsukumogami like to put it, 'persuade' said objects to not work against them. If she can gather even a piece of their clothes she might be able to find out more about them. While she was thinking of a way to trade for such items she notices the ones coming towards her acting funny. She was already in a defensive mode with a large clock behind her (Mangekyou Sharingan) still active. Their original lack of aggression made her not engage an assault, but neither did she let herself be open for an attack.

An amused grin stretches across her face as time being to be subtly altered. The unbent would notice nothing, but from her perspective time was slowing down to a crawl. The five that seem interested in her charged furiously at her, but with time slowed down they seem to be only walking quickly towards her. Their swings came at her in slow motion and easily avoided. To the unbent her reaction times were beyond human as she moves almost fast enough to create partial after images. Her dodging was a dance that lead from one pose to another with fluidity and grace. She even uses her ability in deflection to guide missed attacks to another opponent.

After her little display she stands straight and begins to lower into the ground as if sinking into her own shadow. “Follow me boys.” She says in a seductive tone. Despite her vanishing from view the shadow seems to remain. In fact it was not a shadow at all but a rift between this world and The Hollow. The question is are they willing to follow her and fight on her territory. Akazukin once within the void dimension dissolves her giant clock as she can no longer maintain it.

Rangers are considered to be excellent at using stealth and she plans on taking advantage of this fact. However considering how these creatures seem to rely on instinct rather than thought, she believe they would be easily deceived. When the creature chase after her into the Hollow she does a stunt double jutsu. She slips into stealth and has her clones run for their lives. Hidden Akazukin leaves The Hallow through one of its rifts. The Unbent would chase the clones and will likely even kill them, but then they would have a new problem. These creatures seem to rely on instinct, how would they figure out how to leave this place. They were now trapped wondering the endless void searching for new prey.

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