Travel Rules

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Jan 15, 2013
Travel Rules
  • When leaving a Village, you MUST leave through the Village Gates. You may ask to be let out safely, or use your Runtime to exit without any others consent (This is Going Missing if it is in your village, or a Force Exit if you do not belong to this village).
  • When Entering a village it is much like leaving a village; you MUST enter through the gates. This can be done by asking to be let in the village normally, or can be done by using your run time to 'Force Enter' a village without the consent of others.
  • You <COLOR color="red">cannot join any topic that started -before- your character entered the country unless you have the approval of all within the topic.
  • If a user is in a Requesting Entrance or Requesting Exit thread and not approached within the five day time limit, the user may automatically enter or leave the location.
  • If a user leaves a village (by requesting exit) they may not enter any new topics within the village until reentry (Either by Force Enter or Requesting Entrance)

Area Types
Village Threads
All threads marked with - Location: "Somewhere"gakure. These locations are found within the respective village.
Village Gate Threads
All threads marked with - Enter/Go Missing from ___. These locations are your doorway between the village to the Intervillage areas and visa versa.
Intervillage Threads
All threads marked with - Location: XX Country. These locations are outside of a village.
Missing Area Threads
All threads marked with - Location: Missing Area. These locations act as a village of their own and are treated that way when entering and leaving.

How to Travel

  • The Village Gates require either permission to enter/exit, or a successful Forced Entry/Exit/Going Missing in order to enter or leave a village.
  • While inside a village, you may rp in threads inside of that village, or in the village's outer-village zones.
  • You cannot enter a village if you have ongoing threads in another village.
  • You must leave the village itself (through the gates) to go to another country but may have threads still in progress in the previous village you left. However, you must complete those topics before you can enter another country's village, so you can only post in the OV zones of that country until you have completed all of your topics in the previous village.
  • Changing countries requires one to wait their run time.
  • You must state when you are going to another country, and after you leave a country you cannot make new threads in that country.
  • You can not join any threads that began before you entered that country.

  • To leave your village lawfully and to enter another village lawfully, one must obtain a passport. Passports are IC permission to leave the village by either your village's council or the Kage of your village. One may not go missing if they show their passport on a missing attempt. To get a passport, request for it at your village's Request board.

Leaving And Entering Villages and Countries
Joe Ninja leaves Village A via the Gate.
Joe Ninja goes from the Village A Gate to the Country A Intervillage Area.
Joe Ninja goes from Country A Intervillage Area to Country B Intervillage Area
Joe Ninja goes from Country B Intervillage Area to Village B Gate.
Joe Ninja goes from Village B Gate to Village B.

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Jan 15, 2013
Run Times
  • Your Runtime is static. Everyone has the same run time of 1 hour (60 minutes). This may be lowered with the 'Half The Time' card Advanced Shop option. [Link to ASP options]
  • NPC's have the run time of 60 minutes. They cannot use the 'Half the time' card.
  • A run must be done in a new topic tagged with either [Going Missing], [Force exit] or [Force enter]. Your post may not be edited for any reason!
  • If any of these aspects are lacking, the attempt will be voided.

Run Times Are Used When
  • Going Missing
  • Force Exiting Village Gates
  • Force Entering Village Gates
  • Creating and leaving a thread in the same post. (Cannot use run time to exit any thread which has other people in it.)
  • Country A IV area -> Country B IV area

Group Running
  • The Topic starter's post must list each runner involved.

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Jan 15, 2013
Going Missing, Force Entering/Exiting</U><i></i>
Basic Rulings
  • If you are going missing, you MUST include '[Going Missing]' in the topic title.
  • If you are force entering, you MUST include '[Force Entering]' in the topic title.
  • If you are force exiting, you MUST include '[Force Exiting]' in the topic title.
  • If you are stopping a player doing any of the above, you MUST include either [Catch] or [Track] in your post.
  • You cannot, for any reason, edit a post that includes a run time or is intercepting a run time user.
    • If you fail to do this, your topic/post will be Voided, and you will NOT have gone missing/Entered/Exited; see 'Invalid/Voided Attempts' below.

[Catch] - Intercepting ANY run time</U><i></i>
In order to catch/intercept a person:
  • A FULL roleplay must be made within the the topic starter's Run Time. A [Catch] attempt is not valid if posted after the run time has ended.
  • Do not edit your catch post! If a [Catch] post is edited the post is voided.
  • ANBU with the Sentinel ability Link have +45 Minutes to catch any Missing/Force Entry/Exit attempts in their respective village's gates. This means that a ninja attempting to go missing must wait 60 minutes for their run time, plus an additional 45 minutes to be safe from any ANBU.

Who is involved in a catch/intercept battle:
  • Anyone who posts within the run timeframe will be involved in the battle from the start, regardless of when a battle mod is called.
  • Once the run time has finished no-one may enter the thread until after the first round of battle has been fought, and only if they've been contacted and asked to come following standard battle rules.

[Track] - Intercepting a GROUP run time<i></i>
Tracking is a special alternative to [Catch] that can only be done in response to a Group run time situation (Missing/Force Enter/Force Exit)

[Track]'ing a group run attempt extends the duration of the run time by;
1 hour x Size of the Group

During this time, others may join in on the [Track] attempt, however the number of individuals that join during this time cannot surpass the size of the group running/entering/exiting -1.
Example; If three players are running, and shinobi A [Tracks] them, only two additional characters may join in on the [Track] attempt.

Anyone joining during the initial run time (NOT the extended [Track] duration) may choose to either [Catch] the group or join in on the [Track] attempt.
Anyone joining during this extended time is automatically considered part of the [Track] attempt.

Should the total amount of trackers remain <U>less than the size of the group running at the end of this extended duration, the track attempt fails. The group runners are not stopped by the trackers, and continue their travel (unless someone else had used [Catch]). The topic is over at this point (they cannot turn around and attempt to call a battle on trackers which failed to intercept them).

Invalid/Voided Missing Attempts:<i></i>
  • If one is caught by a villager from the village one is running from and was released by lying, showing a passport, etc, one is NOT considered missing.
  • If one is caught by an outsider (such as a missing or a foreign nin) only to be let out, that can be seen as loopholing, and will not be considered a successful missing attempt.
  • Whether caused by faulty calculations or not having left all RPs, or any other method that would void it, the missing attempt turns into a Free RP instead of being voided.
    • Note: Because Contract Searches can take months to complete and there is also an RNG factor involved, Contract Searches do <U>not need to be vacated by users who wish to go Missing. Yes, a player can still go missing despite the fact that they are in an active Contract Search Thread.

The Use of RP:
  • This system does not take into account circumstances such as jutsu use (such as transparent escape) and is simply to be used as a cut off time so that those leaving and those pursuing know when they have gotten away (so that the Missing Nin may move on and RP in other areas without fear that someone will harass them in a topic considered already finished).