Unretirement Kiko -> Wee Yong

Wee Yong

Oct 23, 2012

Old Character Name: Kiko

Old Village/Missing: Mercenary

OCR Type: Retire – inactivity rebirth

Last Known Where-abouts: Fire Country

Old IC Rank: Mercenary


New Character Name: Myakashi Yong

Preferred Username: Wee Yong

New Village/Missing: Missing (unretired)

New BL/CA: Yamanaka (I understand that this is a free swap as Cadency no longer exists)

Custom Class

Class Name: Hikage
HP: 36000 (45+15)x600
CP: 42000 (55+15)x600
Class Bonus: Kinjutsu Option, +1 Gen DC
High: Genjutsu DC
Average: Dodge, Genjutsu Save, Ninjutsu Accuracy
Low: Melee Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy

Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: Keeping ANBU

IC Rank: Missing

Character Age: 33

Gender: Male

Sex: Male

Character's Physical Description: Same as before retirement

Character History: Same as before retirement with no additional information… he was in a coma the whole time.

Clan Request: None

Death/Retirement Thread: Never poster with Kiko

Old Profile: None

Old Training: None

Old Dojo: None

Special Usergroups: None

Old Stats: Capped 3600 & 955 ASP

Old OOC Rank: S Rank

Stat Cut: 0%

New Stats: Capped 3600 & 955 ASP

Other Refunds: None

Contract: Deep Sea as per pre-retirement.

Kinjutsu: Grandure Phantom as per pre-retirement

Carry Over:
Harry Houdini Card (3)
Discovery of Contract of Your Choice (1)
Ability Card
Class Points Card
Half the Time Card
Extra RP Slot Card
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Feb 21, 2013
Bloodline swap ok as no more Cadency

Confirmed inactivity OCR

No swaps or anything.

Contract can be transfered from Kiko to Yong without ASP spend but will require a RP.

Custom Class looks fine.


Go request your name change, and once the RP is done and approved I will move threads.

Wee Yong

Oct 23, 2012
For Reference, here are my Contract Search & GP applications, so that hopefully the crazy to follow will actually make some sense…

Furious cumulonimbus filled the unnatural sky with streaks of incandescent purples, reds and whites. Thunder rolled in one unending rumble, declaring the storms anger to any who could (or would) listen. An oddly lilac coloured sea was driven by the storm raging above it, forcing a repeated assault on the narrow stretch of green, crystal like sand that formed the oceans shore. The shoreline metaphorically mocked the impotent waves as they crashed endlessly, trying desperately to increase their reach out of their natural domain. Cyclopean cliffs of a strange red stone stretched to such a momentous height that the top was lost in the clouds. The cliffs spanned seemingly endlessly towards either horizon. The cliffs and ocean bordered almost parallel on either side of the thin stretch of beach with no natural curvature of shore or cliff.

This world was ordered chaos.

A stone statue sat cross-legged on a small stone platform on the shore as the storm raged around it, a lone point of tranquillity in a realm of unbridled anger. The eyes appeared closed gently, not forced shut tightly, as if in a light sleep. His fingertips placed together on his lap forming circles in a traditional meditative position. An invisible chakra aura evaporated the raging seas spray as is spit venom towards the tranquil statue placed just out of its wrathful reach.

“How long we have waited… Yang… We are done waiting!”

The throat that spoke the words materialised as the words themselves formed in the air (classic chicken/egg), the neck, spine and skeletal system quickly followed, as a new circulatory system crept like blood-worms through the quickly forming body.

“We want to breath… to run… to fight… to fuck… We want to move Yang! We want to fucking move!”

Muscle wrapped bone, blood pumped through new veins and organs, wild eyes filled empty sockets and skin spread like a cancer across exposed flesh. A porcelain white male now stood, unashamed in his nakedness, stepping angrily towards the statue and slamming his newly formed fist against the wall of invisible force surrounding the statue and apparent source, or at least current target of the man’s frustration.

A single word echoed through the air of this place, this world between worlds. It carried on the gentle breeze beneath the raging storm and surging winds… it whispered above the rolling thunder…


The word rocked the man as if struck with a physical blow, he gnashed his teeth in animalistic rage before leaping back at the statue, raining blows against the unrelenting barrier surrounding it.

“NO! We have been patient Yang! FUCK PATIENCE! We have wasted too much time with patience…”

A whisper on the breeze once more twisted through the storm.

“…Time is an illusion…”

The man’s rage began to subside as he lent his hands across the unseen force, head slacking as if in defeat.

“Not it isn’t… We want to be free… free of this prison?”

He spread his fingers across the surface of the invisible shell, furious eyes framed by a face filled with despair stared at the perpetually closed eyes of the statue.

The voice on the wind resonated a tone of mirth, a total contradiction to the despair shown by the man.

“…Very soon…”

The man let out a bitter laugh as he put more weight on the barrier, simultaneously taking the strain off of his own new feet.

“Ha! We said time is an illusion, how is ‘very soon’ even a thing in this place Yang? When is soon? Time is no illusion to us! WHEN IS SOON!”

He slammed his fists down onto the field surrounding the statue again, still with no apparent effect other than to sting his hands. But there was an effect, the statue’s left hand whipped out at lightning speed, passed unrestrained through the barrier and clasped around the man’s wrist in an ironic stone like grip.

The statues eyes opened slowly as the maelstrom and surging waves calmed in an instant, the wind whispered voice sounded like it had a smile as it rippled through the now calm atmosphere.

“…Now Yin…”

I red chakra seal formed simultaneously on each of their respective foreheads, resembling pursed lips though spreading out like a poisons web. A grin came over the man’s face as the limited world around them literally fractured away from the pair into non-reality until, rapidly, only the void remained.



The God-Queen of the deep waters floated majestically through the air as if it was water around the prostrate man’s long term hospital bed. They were within the stone walls of the Myakashi medical facility hidden in the mountains on the outskirts of the country of fire, normally an almost impenetrable and secret facility. But the God-Queen could always know where her champion was if she merely willed it, no mere walls could keep her away if she so desired it.

A tear rolled down her cheek as she looked over her champion. His once strong arms now lay atrophied upon cushions beside his deathly still body, wires, cords and tubes connecting him to the peanut gallery of sophisticated medical machines monitoring closely his ‘signs of life’. Tape held cotton over his closed eyes, breathing tubes and feeding tubes both filled and obscured his mouth and nose. Queen lent forward, her face stopping only millimetres away from the medical apparatus obscuring his once handsome but now gaunt features.

“You have rested long enough my Champion… Come back to me…”

The God-Queen closed her eyes as she gently placing her lips onto the man’s cold though clammy forehead, just as she had once done oh so many years before. The chakra of the Goddess flowed into him once more, activating long dormant curse seals spread externally and internally around his body.

The machines almost simultaneously began to alarm, ding, beep, gurgle and ping in earnest as their patient’s vital signs danced in chaotic staccato and his body convulsed violently.

A chocked sound and a muffled cry and Yong had completed his trip from the non-world between the living and the dead.

The long, gentle hands of the goddess began to methodically remove the medical intrusions upon her champion, starting with the eye coverings (Which caused the machines to panic even more as their patient had completely died to their limited senses).

As his atrophied eyes blinked in the brilliance of the dimly lit room his involuntary panic quickly subsided.

He stared calmly into the eyes of his Goddess, a smile spreading across her unnaturally perfect face as their eyes met.

“Welcome back my champion... I have bad news...”
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