Upbraining [Learning Fiero]

Oct 23, 2012
Red orbs scanned the language in front of him, taking in the variations of phrasing and consonants required to master the encrypted language. Migoya, of course, had learned this language several years previously but it was always useful to ‘touch up’ with non-spoken languages. He had to admit he was rusty – the Myakashi had their own variant code language, and it was vastly different to this.

If he intended, well lets be honest – even if they didn’t want him to – develop a new information network, knowledge of the secret language of fire country would be useful, especially when relaying information to loyal Konohagakurians.

Migoya closed the book, setting it back onto the pile that the kind librarian, a fellow clan mate, had provided. Arching his pale white fingers, he leant back into the well-worn leather of the wing backed chair, his mind racing as it went over the new language.

Perhaps other countries held such hidden secrets – he hoped he had the opportunity to find out.

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