Uragaeshi Riyoji -> Kisho [Rebirth]

Nov 25, 2014
Name: Kisho
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Physical Description: Kisho is uncharacteristically slender for those who bare her family's blood. She is by no means small, but compared to even the smallest of her family, none would be able to guess she is Kyoujouran. Her hair is a deep black, with eyes to match, and her face has very soft features. She is by no means pale, but no one could reasonably call her tan either, and as she's grown, the girl has found herself more and more sensitive to the sun. Often times, Kisho is found to be wearing the training grabs given to her by her parents, with added sleeves and legging to protect against burning in the sun. On long journeys, she will wear a rice hat for good measure.

Mental Description: Determined, hardy, proud, at times even cruel. All traits that could be used to describe a Kyoujouran, can also be used to describe Kisho. After all, she is being raised by two members of this bloodline that cling quite resiliently to their old, and harsh ways of life. Although quite driven, the girl will often times work herself to exhaustion for the sake of molding her frail body into that of a true member of her clan. When she isn't training, Kisho is chipper, and outgoing, with few things that could truly bring her out of a good mood.

History: From the moment of her birth, Kisho's parents knew that she was destined for something great. Unfortunately, however, whether that something was great success, or great failure, they could not tell. Despite an overwhelmingly strong feeling that their daughter would be powerful, her body was weak. Her slender form unbefitting that of their blood, and her body incapable of even minor movement, as all their children prior had managed just after being born. They decided that none would be judged until they faced trial, and against their nature, they decided to keep the girl.

The girl's parents adopted their own aspect of training, in which they do not grant their children a family name until the day they pass their final trial. Those who are not strong enough to be a Kyoujouran, doesn't even deserve to lose the name they strive for.

As the years passed, training proved to be going well for Kisho. Her frail being was able to keep up with the intense training, and her mind was sharp enough to master the basic lessons taught in her family, but there was still something wrong… Despite being physically strong, she simply couldn't take a hit. Try as she might, she was the quickest to fall, to bleed, to break, and none of these things were a good sign for her future.

Thankfully, she was not yet old enough to face her final trial, and earn her family's name, and every day she trained to prepare herself. But no matter how skillful she may be otherwise.. There will be no saving her, if she is unable to complete the trials that await her.

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Oct 23, 2012
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