Vulgar Ancient Kumogakurian [Study] [Solo]


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Feb 10, 2018
The Bibliotheca Conscientiae, the massive library of Kumogakure. It had a faint ancient feeling to it though it was also quite modern with the constant remodeling that took place. Kano felt incredibly small in this sizeable architectural building. Having just joined the Academy, he was still unfamiliar with the area and decided that the library be the first place to learn about the culture and rich history surrounding The Lightning Country. However, Kano also had very distinctive goals on what to learn. Upon the kunoichi Suika releasing him from his imprisonment, the sarcophagus he slumbered in had carvings in Ancient Kumogakurian. With his memories jumbled and no recollection of his former life, the only clue the boy had was to master the language in case further writings of this ancient language appeared in his journey. Upon learning there were two dialects, the boy was heartbroken after realizing that the Classical variant required approval from the Raikage himself. The vulgar variant would be the only option for him; however, he failed to recognize the difficulty in learning the ancient tongue.

Hours turned into days, and days turned into weeks. The difficult task of learning Ancient Kumogakurian was genuinely monumental, far more than he expected. Perhaps due to fate, his Academy experience was effortless. Probably due to experience, he was able to get by the Academy days with ease. All his time and energy placed into studying his new language, it was only after the weeks turned into months that he began growing frustrated with his studies. Learning to speak the language was one thing, learning to read and write it was another and each had its unique challenges.

After many months passed, Ancient Kumogakurian began to become familiar. On his way to the Academy, he would practice words and sentence structures in his had. On his way to Bibliotheca Conscientiae, he would speak out loud to himself to correctly practice pronunciation. When he finally arrived at the library, he would spend hours reading, exercising, writing, and learning. From open to close at the library, all his time and energy directed to learning the vulgar variant of the ancient tongue.

After graduating from the Academy, he continued his studies after transferring into the ANBU unit as a trainee. Even while living in Sileo Tempestas, he spent his spare time continuing to learn the language while also training with the elite. It had been a little over a year since he began his studies of the language and he was finally confident enough to test himself properly by reading an entire book written in Ancient Kumogakurian Vulgar variant.

The many months of hard work finally paid off. From being unable to understand a single thing about the new language, Kano was now able to write, speak, and read Ancient Kumogakurian, the Vulgar variant at least. With this new skillset under his belt, his next goal would be to rise in the ranks of ANBU and hopefully be approved in the future to learn Classical Kumogakurian. All these skills would be necessary for him if he ever ran into the language again while searching into his past.
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