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Aug 28, 2012
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Home. The word brought many images to mind for different people. Home could be the place you put your feet up and relaxed, or the place that brought you the most stress and thus you avoided it. Home could be warmth or cold, pleasure or pain. But it was always home, it was forever imprinted in your mind and heart and soul. Welcome home, where you’re loved. Welcome home, where you’re abhorred. Welcome home, everything is fine. Welcome home, to hell.

He had been here when the blizzard began, planning to storm the gates and throw Masa down for no other reason than to prove to Karu who ruled this place. He actually liked Masa, she wasn’t above playing dirty with people it was what the village needed, but his ego would not stand the insult it had been given. He knew that it was iced over, but at the time he saw only how he could try to use that to his advantage. Coming back it was different.

It was home.

Golden eyes scan the icy expanse behind them, his features as frozen as the tundra they’d just left. The captain dropped them off at the edge of the ice claiming he wouldn’t wait on them. It wasn’t a fun trek to get here, but it was thankfully uneventful. And now here they stood, at the ruins of the docks, the former bustling village that let people in and out of Kirigakure. He could just spy the peak of the Crystal Tower, able to see where his old office used to be, even. None of those fools ever replaced him when he abandoned his post as Spymaster. Not Yojimbo or Masa. There were things up there that could help.

”Let’s go. I’ll lead you two to my old home, and then I have to gather some items around the city before we head to our goal. IF you wish to accompany me then feel free, but I’ll be hard pressed to protect more than myself from whatever is in the village.”

He could feel them even from here, something from beyond the veil. Whatever caused this blizzard likely tore the fabric between this world and the world of the dead, and the things that came through thirsted for that taste of life again. He could also sense other things, things of neither plane. Old dark places attract old dark things.

Hoshikata lifts the staff, tapping it down once and murmuring the word ssuun. A bright light breaks free of the globe, enveloping himself and his companions if they stay within a dozen feet of him. It would provide gentle warmth, but more importantly it would repel the denizens of death that might happen upon them. With that, he heads off.

For home.

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Aug 28, 2013
Shashu had heard a lot about the now-deserted Village Hidden in the Mist from those who had fled to Kumo after it's fall, but it wasn't until she laid eyes upon it that the sheer desolation of the place was impressed upon her. Perched as she was on top of the main mast she had a good view as the boat sailed into sight of the dock, and what little she could make out through the chilling fog only corroborated and reinforced the stories she had heard twice over. The words of a nameless Mist refugee rang through her mind:

"It is not a place for the living anymore. Only shadows, or worse, dwell there now."

There was little room to do anything but agree. Nothing moved in the frozen waste save what little could be stirred by the wind's icy breath, and it seemed like the shadow of death lurked in every corner waiting to snatch away the unwary.

No, definitely not a place for the living anymore. The ANBU agreed silently. She wasn't relishing the thought of having to follow her charges in there, but orders were orders, and she was confident in her ability to go unnoticed even here. Especially here, perhaps. That was the other thing...she couldn't deny that the darkness and desolation did appeal to her on some level. Shashu could very easily imagine stalking through these ruins in search of prey, spinning her webs and becoming one with the shadows...

”Let’s go. I’ll lead you two to my old home, and then I have to gather some items around the city before we head to our goal. IF you wish to accompany me then feel free, but I’ll be hard pressed to protect more than myself from whatever is in the village.”

Hoshikata's words drew her attention back to her two charges. It spoke well of him that he knew she would be paying attention (even if she had been a bit distracted) despite being a bit removed and on watch. Of course, as the former Mizukage, the man had obviously dealt with ANBU before. Both friendly...and otherwise. Still, it earned him a few points in Shashu's book. One thing she couldn't stand was people who disregarded the presence others due to some sense of self-entitlement.

Jumping down to land silently on the deck, she gave Hoshikata a short nod. "I have a feeling you need not concern yourself on my regard. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. I'll be close by."

As the trio departed the ship Shashu activated the Active Camo jutsu before slinking off to scout a safe distance around the other two. She channeled chakra through the soles of her feet to ensure she left no tracks on the snow, and with any luck she would be able to intercept any threats without them even noticing she was there. This was her element, after all.

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Oct 23, 2012
Haruka stood wordless against the chilling wind that swept up from the face of the desolate wasteland once known as Kirigakure. While the two companions she followed might have felt a sense of danger or dread for what they were about to enter, Haruka could only feel nostalgia and comfort rising upon the wind. The land of her ancestors, it was truly in the sight it was meant to be. The Jounin could actually believe this to be the homeland of the Haku. The icy embrace of the howling snow enveloped her in a blanket of security. She would not be at a disadvantage in this climate.

She listened to the plan of the old Mizukage that once ruled this land. Haruka wondered how he felt at this time. How it must of stung to see the village he sacrificed light and love for in order to keep it prosperous and to keep his family name alive. All of that meant nothing now. This place was a mere remnant of the Kirigakurians. A mere memory that slept in snow. Her own memories were buried here, but she forced those thoughts out as they trudged on. She said nothing, a silent crow who watched her goal as it came closer in sight.

She did not want to remember the memories of here. She did not want to remember the joy she might of had if things had never gone wrong. It all started here, but her story was not to end with a blonde Kaguya named Do Natsu. No matter how hard to she tried to make it that, it would never return. So, it was best to forget the feeling of the memories, acknowledge what had happened, and go on to forge a new story. Her story. And it would end the way she so decided.

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