Welcome to the Elite. [ANBU Rank-ups]

Akagi Yasu

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Aug 28, 2012

Location: ANBU Complex
Time: 0300

Early in the morning before the republic would rise for the morning meetings. While the slums and casinos still jockey'd for the money of the people. While the feudal lords slept comfortably in their beds. The ANBU would be on full alert. 'They', the ones that were selected and chosen from early ages to the times they earned their first grey hairs, They were chosen to be here on this twilight hour. This was to be the ceremony for the recruitment of the next generation. The ones that had proven their worth. They were talented, hard-working, and diligent to the task of being the Elite. From these recruits, the top was a girl named Aya. She was the strongest of the recruits, as well as one of the smartest. Next would be Ryuichi, the boy with the sharingan eyes. Those who wielded those eyes were often perfect for the task of ANBU... they had a deep sense of ability for things that normal humans couldnt manage. Lastly, Endo Eiji, chosen because he was balanced. Smart in combat, but weak in terms of his physicality and ninjutsu prowess. However, he would provide optimal support as he fully committed to the lifestyle of an ANBU joining the Teahouse with Ryuichi under an ANBU Operative, Uri.

These were the elite of the new class. And they would be contacted a week before being brought to this place... For Aya she would find a letter in her pocket on a bright and sunny day. The note would give her the details of where to meet before the proceedings. Ryuichi and Eiji would simply have Uri to let them know. They were specifically brought into the teahouse to learn how to be elite. However, they both were outshined by Aya... being an outsider that came in, and showed them up. She was quite highly regarded... or at least she had a bit of buzz around her before she was even given the headband and Mask.

At any pace, it was time... and once Aya reached her destination, just outside the academy, she would be met with Eiji and Ryuichi in Tow, their mentor Uri was no where in sight. However, Eiji would hand her the headset before tuning it in to the right setting himself and putting his own on. "...Hm, I didnt think you were one of us." Eiji would simply state before the transmission would come in leading them to the Sileo Tempestas. They were told not to make contact with anyone and to stay hidden on their way there... which was a task on its own. However, the trio were able to show off a bit, each in their own way as they finally made it.

There, they would be met with a slew of Shinobi in masks and ANBU Armor. They were here... in their home, their new family. Eiji would find himself just looking around and taking everything in. Though, trying not to look like he was in awe, but how could he not? At any pace it would seem as if the ceremony could begin once everyone had made it...

Otani Ryuichi

Mar 25, 2018
The elite. The unseen hand that paves the way for the main branch. Intel, assassination, home village defense. All things that must be done in absolutely perfect fashion in order for the other branches, and the village itself to succeed. That was what ANBU were for. That was what Ryuichi had done his best to become. In chess terms the ANBU were not simple pawns, but the knights. The ones who could not only be a valuable offensive tool, but are also invaluable in setup and defense.

With word from Uri, Ryuichi's academy days were quickly over. Instead replaced with an entire week of preparation. Planning, training, studying, and every other form of improvement was crammed into his last week as a student. Then the day arrived. Ryuichi donned the same headset at EIji, and awaited Aya's arrival at the given location. 'Wait a minute, the girl from the class is...gonna be ANBU with us?' Ryuichi thought, only being told by Uri that there would be another, not who that person would be. Ryuichi, not wanting to seem like a flustered pansy like he usually would be tightened his new bandanna around his head, hiding his headset from the untrained eye.

"Let's go." He said, hearing the directions to the location over the com. Quickly, he ran through the shadows with at much speed as he could muster. During this run, Ryuichi quickly found himself drifting in thought, remembering the day Uri took him in. It was supposed to be a normal day of practice for a newly inducted student. Ryuichi was completely shot down by Uri. His drive at the beginning of the practice was lacking, and the older nin had no intention of letting that slip.

"You failed. Your focus was all over the place, and your actions were sloppy. I'll be informing the academy to remove you from the program."

Ryuichi grinned, remembering how he couldn't even muster the strength to do a single jutsu. Who would have thought in less than a half of a year's time he would rise above the other students? Who would have thought he would train for ANBU? Upon his forehead was an extremely light scar with next to no visibility to those not looking for it. It started at the corner of his eye, and ended just above his nose. He had that scar for a reason. To remember his ambitions, and to remember that death isn't an option, no matter the circumstances.

Soon after Ryuichi's memories were no longer his center of attention he arrived at the given location. He was just as quickly struck with awe as his partner in training was, looking through the amazing building, and seeing the masked ANBU. 'This is home now, huh..? I guess we don't get to stick with Uri as much now...Unless he can pull some strings, that is.' Ryuichi thought,

All that was left was Aya. When all three were here, then it would be simple. Their real lives would begin, and so would the real training.

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Tsuyoshi Aya

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Apr 16, 2015
Things were going quite well, Aya had been working hard to catch up, and surpass her classmate, she had no clue how that she already had. Whether if she did or not, she would still work hard to become the top and get into the ANBU. Eventually, she was finally contacted, he didn't know exactly when a note was placed into her jacket pocket, but that's why she didn't put any money in her jacket pockets, she couldn't feel them as well. The note explained where she should go before the proceedings. She had questions, but more than anything she had excitement. Aya prepared, and trained, but mostly studied in the library. She felt like she was behind book-wise, she wanted to be prepared.

The night of, Aya was ready, she headed out to the meeting place, using her new found speed to make it there in a timely manner. She called this flash stepping since it was she was warping reality to go faster. She almost appeared in front of the two, although if Ryu had his Sharingan on, he'd probably would have seen her coming, depending on the how strong it was by now. SHe was surprised to see Ji and Ryu there. To be honest, she had forgotten his name but seeing his face again reminded her. Aya blinked when Ji said he didn't think she'd be one of them. She turned her head away and took the headset without replying to him. He was the only person she told her goal too, lucky her he was going to become an anbu too, so it wasn't like he could spread that secret around.

Aya placed the headset on her ear and hid it with her hair, and hood. over the year she had been training harder, and longer when she came to become a student before she moved into the village, she could barely read, but with guidance from a select few, she was able to catch up and go beyond. It would have been easier if she settled for the main branch, but she wanted a not so normal life. She was basically non-existent her entire life, she couldn't live a normal shinobi life even if she wanted to. She started from nothing, and now she was planning on making herself something more. She'd never be famous, at least she'd never be famous outside the branch.

Aya heard a voice in the headset, giving directions, Ryu said let's go and like that Aya was gone. The three of them moved out and seemed to split up along the way. It was easy for Aya to stay out of sight as long as she moved fast. The other two didn't need her to move silently with them. Aya arrived at the place before the rest of the boys, when they finally did arrive, Ryu didn't even seem to see her. She shrugged that off and looked onward.

Aya glanced at the place, it was amazing. She had a soft smile on her lips, it didn't matter to her if she showed emotion, since they'd be given masks. She wasn't afraid to show a smile after all, because, in the end, it wouldn't matter if she was keeping a straight, no emotion face or not.



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Mar 19, 2016
Uri was waiting patiently by the entrance of the Sileo. He didn’t need to be there to watch the ceremony that was happening. He already knew who were called and he already had the names of the ones under his unit. It wasn’t a surprise since he had picked those two from day one, forcefully, even. Though he was surprised that the third one was the girl who joined the class the other time. It wasn’t a bad thing, seeing how he did appraise the girl to be competent enough. He supposed that it was just his luck to end up with the three, or maybe it was also his doing from the beginning.

He was dressed in his anbu gear, a flowing black coat that covered the rest of his black vests, pants and boots. It was only his red oni mask and redhead that can be seen from behind that gave any color to his identity. It was, perhaps, the only thing that could be connected to his real identity, but he was glad having red hair wasn’t as rare it used to be. That, and perhaps, because Shuuten’s words stuck with him - something about perpetuating the image of the oni by letting the crimson of the face flow further with his hair. That way, he can truly be a demon, by image, and then by action when he displays his abilities.

It wasn’t hard to spot him being alone as he stood by the steps, almost as if he was a marked target. Then, at that point, another being appeared, wearing equally long and black coat with the hood covering his head, and a darker more mechanical mask to complete the set. He stood taller than Uri and had a larger built. Nevertheless, they seemingly exchanged some pleasantries, a normal conversation and a few teasings, before parting with the latter ruffling the red hair affectionately and then dispersing into multiple crows that fled the vicinity.

At that precise moment, the doors to the Sileo would open and Uri would turn to greet the new generation that would become his unit. He waved a hand at their direction, and perhaps for the two, this would be the first time they'd meet each other. He would walk up to them and then introduce himself.

“Gratz on making it, but this is just the beginning. From here on out, I won’t be slacking in making you three into excellent operatives. Remember my face and my name, Eru Uri, because they are one and the same. Otherwise, you already know how to address me with the absence of the mask.” He would say before turning before turning back. “Let’s have a quick field test, shall we? Just to mark your entry. The view from the ancient forest’s tallest tree top is the best when anticipating the dawn. Find me within the next hour,” And with that, Uri let shadows to converge around him before he dispersed into multiple crows that flew away.

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