Where to go next? [Leaving Country]


Oct 23, 2012
○ Some Toys Would Be Nice ○
'This place is such a bore.' Jihoon had grown tired of this abysmal area. It was low populated, religious, and frankly had nothing exciting to offer. Curse those ghosts that convinced him to go there, stating 'it'll be safe for you there.' Fuck safe! He doesn't want to be "safe" he wants to be entertained. Alas, he knew next to nothing about the world around him, he just knew it was big and there was a lot of space to traverse. His ghosts spoke of a dessert with a village hidden, there wasn't much else that they could give him, being dead for far too long.

A faint whisper passed his ears. "You know I can't understand you when you do that." His tone was grumpy he had began to walk hours ago, while he may not tire quickly he can't do this forever. The whisper came once again. "Seriously, quit it!" He stopped walking, stomping the ground, hearing the distant eerie laughter. Some of the ghosts that constantly hung around him were so irritating sometimes, constantly playing pranks on him, making him look crazy around others. He wasn't crazy! Maybe a little, but everyone is a little crazy.

He continued on, trying to ignore all the annoying ghost whisper sounds they make, assuming that each of them were merely trying to annoy him even more, granted not all the ghosts were malicious, but he wasn't quite able to differentiate all the voices that went through him, even though it has been like this for several years.

[A-Rank - 1 Hour (60 Minutes)]
[+1 Hour due to country movement]​