Wind Country, I am inside of you (Entering Country)


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Feb 21, 2013
Kill Switch
Hisao felt old as usual. The world was changing around him, he could feel it in his bones. The demon had fallen silent when his curse seal had been cut from him, his body healed by the natural energies that Danshaku had taught him to harness. It was a strange feeling sensing the energy around him, I can’t believe I was blind to all of this before, a completely untapped power source, which is now mine to harness.

His path had been a long one, with many twists and turns. Two years ago, I was an ANBU of Konohagakure, the Hakanai Clan was respected if not popular and I was thinking about retiring. Now I am a missing-nin of no village, and my poor clan was in ruins. Shaking his head, he stopped to look at the tree next to him, a strangler vine engulfing the trunk of it. The strong will always triumph over the weak, as it should be. Power is to be taken, not given, and if you cannot take it, then you don’t deserve it.

Focusing his mind on the techniques that he had been taught, he watched the natural energy flow out of the plants and into his outstretched hand. The bark darkened on the tree as its lifeforce was sapped out of it, but not enough to permanently damage it. But power does not mean cruelty, wanton destruction serves no purpose, no function. Patting the trunk Hisao walked on, leaving the last tree on the edge of desert, entering Wind Country. Yong’s path has sent him this way, he had words for his old mentor, and he was going to get him to hear them.

WC: 281

[OOC: Wind Country IV area entered. Topic entered and left. Run time: 60 min)