Wokou Kurū

Wokou Kurū

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Jan 11, 2021
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Name: Wokou Kurū
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Rank: Academy Student
Core Ability: Steadfast (Explained in history)

Physical Description: Wokou is a short young boy of age 8. Wokou appearance wise has large round eyes, his chipped tooth from all the stupid stunts he's pullwd, short curly blond hair that is styled in a mini fro, and he is mostly seen in bandages from all the trouble he's been getting into. He also wears a large black dirty top hat that he yoinked from a bum that also has a pair of blue goggles that were cracked wrapped around it, a blue tattered jacket with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of light blue shorts held up by a belt.

Personality:He is completely stupid. Wokou can't read, he can't do math, all he knows how to do is get hurt. He is often doing crazy stunts and the more dangerous the stunts are the better. Wokou is a ol' country boy from Crater City so he talks a little funny and is known for chewing tobacco even at his young age because it makes him seem cool. While he is mostly random, his dream is to create a clan of his own then go out into the world for adventure. If one asks him why he does these dangerous stunts, he would respond simply 'cuz it makes folk laugh ayn' nothing is mawe funny than ta see someone in ayy lot ov payn.' This would probably be before he does something dumb like launching himself into the air with a catapult or something. As he prides himself, Wokou claims himself as being too stupid to die hence why he does things to get himself hurt.

History:In the beginning, there was a young blonde baby named Wokou Kurū. His father used to always play with him, namely dropping Wokou repeatedly on his head. Now some see this little horse play would be child abuse but Wokou was born with a high tolerance to pain. He could still be injured no problem about that but the kid was tough as nails. Growing up on a farm, he was kicked by horses, fell out of his crib, jumped off tables. Though he had multiple contusions he didn't cry not once! His mom of course treated him when he got hurt, now his risky behavior would worry any other parent but not his mom! She was actually cool even if Wokou's mother had occasionally threatened his life when the boy tried to go back out there and do other amazing stunts.

At age 5, he began to flaunt his enhanced durability to the townsfolk. His dad even set up a side business where stressed out people could pay Wokou to punch him in the face just one time. If they could make him cry, then they'll get their money back and whoever paid throughout the day. Needless to say, Wokou didn't cry not once even when his nose was broken…. Plus mom had given him a little Anesthetic beforehand so he'd just laugh off the pain. Word got around, people started to call the child Crater Boy. When you heard about Crater Boy it was usually followed by something stupid stunt that the child pulled or something slick he did. Word began to spread and by age 8 he was finally able to join the ninja academy. This meant his parents could live inside the village instead of the slums and for the small price of their child they got Wokou to join the academy! Wokou could already see it for himself, wealth, fame and more stunts he could pull. Ol' hillbilly Wokou is moving up but will he be able to become the new face of the hidden leaf village? Will a wannabe stuntman live to see their face on the hokage rock? Guess we'll test that theory of being too dumb to die shortly…..

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Dec 25, 2017
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