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Oct 23, 2012
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There was an Echoing throughout the abandoned streets, a sound of battle and frantic feet. Echoing about the old ruins of Kyosokure, the sound of blades can be heard over that way. Clashing and pinging fills the abandoned sector like an iron mallet wailing away at a steel fixture. Such a sound was like the construction of a railroad, but a quick investigation reveals the story untold. What metal could create pings that raged so violently? Creep crawl to it’s source but do so silently. Undisturbed is how most ruins would stay. But something was happening on this blink mink day.

“Damn ittt,” roared a silver haired Kitsune with her fist rolled tight. She was swinging a rather large blade with an ever present might. Using one hand in a crazy like motion, the girl made waves as great as the ocean. Her hair was as wild as her swing like that of a ruffled cat, whose hair stood on edge and ears that laid flat. She was clearly in distress but why is anyone’s guess. So she swung away at her opponent, don’t look away as it could end in a moment.Upon her left eye, a scar, it was clearly visible, even from afar. The scar held a secret as it may, what secret? Who could say? keeping but also revealing a past that haunts, this poor creature her and her wants. She wore a trench coat that flopped about, it hung on her loosely as the fox went all-out. She had many tails as well it would seem, they were fluffy they were puffy they held much esteem. Oh but what a way to spend ones day, simply doing battle this little kitsune. Mystical fox creatures from Japanese lore, but not this kitsune, not anymore.

“Why won’t my body keep up,” the kitsune would soon shout, finally her stamina would inevitably give out. She’d fall to her knees huffing and puffing with obvious signs of fatigue from all of that shuffling. A hand would stretch out to her and she catches a glimpse... but the gesture would bring no comfort, no hope, no bliss, “Give it time, we went through a lot those days. I’m sure your power will restore on its own, we just have to keep working at it.” Mizu stood with her hand stretched out to Xaiyu, who scowled in response and demanded a redo.

. Like her friend, Mizu had fox like ears sticking from her head too, but she also had human ears as well though unlike Xaiyu. Mizu was obviously not a kitsune though what she was wasn’t clear, her strange appearance sometimes caused fear. For people weren’t kind to those that look strange, instead they’d judged, they’d fit, they’d scream outraged. So the two trained in secret far from sight, what better place to do so than the slums at night.

Mizu had long red hair and wore a heavy looking white coat, nothing fancy, nothing pricy, and nothing to promote. She held with two hands an equally large blade, something marvelous that a blacksmith had made.

. “We both know that’s not true... what they took from me... it’s not coming back.” Xaiyu would say, then her eyes would adjust resting on her blade. She’d take her blade and use it to steady her rise, then swift leap up to Mizu’s surprise! “But I am still the all powerful silver fox of moon! My power is infinite and there is no way those fools removed it all!” Mizu would smile with delight, her partner in crime would fight for her light. The two would continue to battle and train, undeterred by the coming rain. Clink Clash Tick Tock, the battle went on as none would stop. What brought them to this place it would seem, the only safe haven for outcast where they would not be greeted with a scream. But why where they training so deep in the night and why so hard as if fighting for their life. Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems, in a place that perhaps you've seen in your dreams. For the story that you are about to be told, took place in the in a deep dark place where the two were sold. Now, you've probably wondered where Mizu and Xaiyu hail from. If you haven't, I'd say it's time you begun. One was born a Kitsune, the other a Human. One was born powerful, the other was laughable. Both met misfortune and rounded up captured. Spending years in a cell battered and tattered. Experiments were made that left them both broken. But together they survived and a friendship made golden. But as fate would deem, when their paths would crossed. What one had gained, the other had lost. The Kitsune’s power had been removed and planted in the Human whose power greatly improved. Now the Kitsune trains each day and fights her shame, the power she’s lost she vows to reclaim. The Human now less human to say the least, the power she gained makes her the beauty and the beast. She’s cursed with power not of her own, her power makes her a freak and unwelcome home. She fights for vengeance she can’t achieve on her own, but with the help of Xaiyu, Mizu is not alone. So this is the tragic tale of two Kunochi, their conviction makes them unrivaled by any shinobi.

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