Yay... More sand... [Entering Country]

Wee Yong

Oct 23, 2012
Kill Switch
Time was just another tool to be utilised by the old shinobi as he strode with purpose through the blue/purple landscape held in seeming suspended animation around him. His demonic blood surged through his veins as he pushed his way through time, slicing it into thinner and thinner pieces, making each second much more useful for one of the elderly persuasion such as himself.

He had described the technique to the scholars and sages of the Myakashi Clan in a hope to pass on the technique to future members of the clan.

”You are just moving at what to you is normal speed, but in smaller and smaller fractions of time than the time which is being experienced by everyone around you.”<i></i> He had stated in way of description.

”A trained shinobi who cannot slice time might, if they are really fast, be able to run a hundred metres in one second. However, if I can walk a hundred metres in a fraction of a second without unduly exerting myself, by the time you have run that hundred metres, I have covered a kilometre… and there is no reason I could not perhaps break into a brisk jog or a gentle run. When I am slicing time, everything around me appears to freeze and to move to the blue end of the red shift, if you don’t know what that is, maybe ask an astrophysicist you know to explain it to you sometime.”<i></i> A younger member of the group raised his hand at this point, indicating in a classroom like manner that he had a question. Yong motioned him to speak.

”Hirato-Sensei, if you will forgive my curiosity, how do others perceive you whilst you are in this state?”<i></i> Yong had chuckled slightly at the formality and honorific used by the youth before answering his question.

From all descriptions I have received, from the point of view of somebody ‘outside’ the time slice, they tend to glimpse me as a very fast, red-coloured blur. Some even indicated that they had, at the time, put it down to a floater in the eye, or an after-image, or something. The practical upshot of all this mucking around with time stuff is that you could theoretically get from the tip of Lightning country to the bottom of Wind country, on foot, in a matter of days, as measured by consensus time outside your localised slice. And without over exerting yourself.”<i></i>

Now, just a few days after that very conversation, Yong found himself testing the theory in a real world setting as he travelled the almost 12000km from the Myakashi Village on the islands of Moon country all the way to the borders of the Wind country’s mighty desert. In relative time it had taken just under seven hours to complete the, normally weeks long trek.

The panoramic desert in front of him burst with bright color as his personal relative time slid into synchronicity with that of the world around him, returning him to the normal light spectrum. He raised his hand to shield his eyes from the blazing sun (which had been a much friendlier blue just a 'moment' ago) as he gazed into the seemingly endless expanse of sand. The old man spoke to no one in particular. "Is it not said 'No Time like the present…'"<i></i>

As he took the first steps into what he would later refer to as 'the sandy portion of an otherwise quite pleasant trip' he grinned, again to no-one in particular.

Everything went blue.

[OOC: Wind Country IV area entered. Topic entered and left. Run time: 30 min (Half Time Card)]