Years of patience [Study]


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Oct 22, 2012
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The night had long since enveloped the sky and deep within a mass of scrolls and parchment sat the huddled form of Ao. Her eyes scanning document after document, rehashing old knowledge on scribbled portions of paper with writing barely large enough to read without squinting one's eyes. The timing of her studies was done so on purpose as to allow all attention to be solely upon the manuscripts of the vulgar variant of ancient kumogakurian. There was without a doubt a great understanding that had she started learning such as a youth that being able to memorize the various parts of a language not of your own tongue would not have taken the amount of time she had devoted to learning it. What free time society and her duties as a shinobi had set aside had been further divided giving far less time to focus on the materials as she would have had available as a youth still roaming the halls of the academy. Even then, the latent power of her eyes could have easily made remember the symbols of the language a breeze yet that would have only solved a portion of the problem with learning this language. It was not only about letter recognition but also having the memory to understand how to pronounce words based on the phonics of the letter's sound. This could not be replicated by the sharingan and she would not have felt deserving of the languages knowledge had such an ease of way been taken. Instead enough years of devotion of practice and continuous repetition of single words at a time would have slowly built the memory required to both understand and respond with complete confidence.

Her palm moved non-stop along a small booklet of blank parchment which she possessed, her writing tool working used to be foreign symbols down in a concise manner broken down into separate paragraphs. The information which she was writing were various personal thoughts and recantations of her mind, reworded to be translated into vulgar kumogakurian. This was a testing of her own ability to fully scribe the language on paper, proof that should the time come in which understanding the meaning of the words without the help of sound she would not be caught without an understanding. This would at the heart of her reasoning for truly learning this language and investing the time and effort it took would come into play. She did not only wish to understanding and communicate using a lesser known language but she was also hunting and eager to learn what other information could be gained by further learning the classical form. She would close her booklet after the culmination of both her writing and reciting of what was written, though as she did so the sharingan pattern within her eyes would slowly disappear as well. She was truly consistent now, after all this time in both understanding and being able to write the language, all of which was backed up within her mind and should it ever be required...

Her sharingan's ability to copy muscle memory and movement.

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