Private You Hiring? [Raizo]


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Dec 18, 2017
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It was weird. Direct sunlight felt nice. Living in the Ruins of Old Suna for all the last couple years, Jidai had almost forgotten that the source of light in the ruins was caused by the great ball of fire people called "the sun." In fact, there were a lot of things Jidai seemed to forget about the great village of Sunagakure. For instance, it actually looked beautiful. There were houses, shops, restaurants, metallic towers and buildings. It was gorgeous and peaceful. It was a life Jidai never knew, but maybe it could be. That was the reason, the mole decided to leave its hole of darkness. The streets were empty and unforgiving. It was dog eat dog. And Jidai wasn't even a dog. It was tough trying to find a means of living when homeless, and being the absolute behemoth that he was, jobs weren't exactly in abundance. There were only two types of jobs available to him. One was being a mercenary for hire. That was never happening. As much as the 9 foot 5 man would love to fight and bring color into his dull world, it wasn't sustainable in any way, shape, or form. See there's an issue with being ginormous. You're ginormous. Not being extremely bright, Jidai almost went down that route, but his old gang members quickly showed him the light. Or maybe they were just looking out for themselves. Who really knows? But essentially, the issue was that Jidai was too identifiable. After one job, he'd easily be found and killed in revenge. The high of fighting definitely wasn't enough to cost him his life...yeah definitely not. The other job was being a bodyguard or bouncer. Surprisingly, those were all taken. Well, not the bouncer jobs, but that's a different story. All the head hunchos of the underground all had their well-trusted bodyguards. You'd think that bodyguards would be in demand. But, they could also just be doing their jobs really well. Regardless of the sense it made, bodyguards were not in demands. Bouncers though, that was a job in abundance. However, there was just one problem. Jidai was blacklisted. What...luck. Well really, it was less luck and more a consequence. Everyone knew of the small-time gang Jidai had been a part of, and although Jidai had never been committed of any crimes, he was a well-known member because of his, ya know, size. Can't really blame the owners for not wanting to employee someone affiliated with a gang, no matter how small it was. So, of the two jobs he could feasibly partake of, none of them were available to him. Not in the underground at least.

"What a life."

Jidai would say these words with a sigh as he approached the Kazekage tower. There was only one word that could describe it. Majestic. And even that wasn't enough. It was easily the most beautiful structure he'd ever seen in his entire life. Tall. Unshakable. Shining with brilliance. Everything from its chakra-reinforced metal to the golden statue sitting on top of it exuded dignity and elegance. Not exactly the words one would use to describe Jidai. Yet here he was. And with a crouch, he entered the tower he hoped could fulfill his dreams.

This was a sight Jidai was used to. Upon entering the tower, everyone stopped moving and stared at him. It made sense. The dude was taller than the room given that he had to bend forward a couple inches just to fit inside. That's not even mentioning how much space he took up width wise. With body parts bigger than the average person, Jidai was a scary looking guy. But he was also a level-headed guy. With closed eyes and warm smile, Jidai would wave and say,

"I'm here to see the Kazekage."

Now what followed next was definitely questionable. Quickly moving with fear and urgency, an attendant would take Jidai to the Kazekage's office without any questions. There should have definitely have been an order to these type of things. Jidai could have very well been an assassin. Well, his hoodie, sweatpants, and flip-flops said otherwise. But the point is Jidai was definitely just being given a one-way ticket to the Kazekage. But it was alright; Jidai refused to protest. He'd take any blessing he could get. At first, the attendant would escort the two of them to an elevator, but Jidai knew better. He had learned some things. Elevators were not built for him. They either fell or they malfunctioned. But they never rose. Never. So the two took the stairs all the way to the Kazekage's office. Well, really, it was just Jidai. The attendant was carried by Jidai the entire way, a gracious act. On the way to the office, Jidai would see many intricate drawings and figures in addition to many offices. Every floor buzzed with energy. A nervous, erratic energy, and with every floor, certain words and phrases would be heard with higher frequency. Unbent. Swarm. Dominus. Soon's has fallen. It was pretty dreadful, actually. Whatever state of affairs the country was in didn't seem like a great.

Sounded like the perfect time for a bodyguard.

Upon reaching the Kazekage's floor, Jidai would place the attendant down and nod with appreciation. He would have verbally given his thanks, but his voice usually scared others. Plus, he'd rather not alert the Kazekage since...his presence definitely was expected. With a scratch of his lowered head, Jidai would ever so softly knock on the door as lightly as he could. Unfortunately, his softest wasn't necessarily in accordance with the strength threshold. Jidai didn't even look to see the potential damage he did to the door. Dented. Cracked. Broken. These were all equally potential possibilities. And so Jidai waited to meet the most important character in Sunagakure.

"What a life."

With a sigh and shake of his head, Jidai could only hope that his meeting with the Kazekage would go better than his encounter with the door. But only time would tell.


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Oct 22, 2012
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"Kazekage-sama... there is... someone... here to see you."

His eyebrow would quirk up for a couple of reasons. One, it would be odd the manner in which the attendant had worded their statement, it was almost as if they were scared or shaken up a bit. Secondly, he was mildly confused as to why they came to him. Usually, Sousuke requested to have all of the busywork, especially while he was still getting a firm grasp of some of the more administrative functions of his position. Leading a village, especially during such a strange time, led itself to a myriad of headaches behind the scenes. Either way, he would spring up from his chair and begin to make his way with the attendant. It would not take long for him to get a better idea as to why the attendant was shaken up and why he was the one selected.

"[crimson]My goodness to the great Legatus... you are one interestingly built human...[/color]"

He would look on in awe for a moment before bringing his hand up to his chin, "[crimson]wait... are you human?[/color]"

He had learned very quickly that this was not a simple question to ask in Suna. It was like the village was part horror story, with the occasional friendly face seen being an actual human. He would then feel the imaginary slap of Yu across the back of his head, causing him to actually flinch as if he had been hit. Rubbing the back of his head he would begin to smile.

"[crimson]My apologies about that--I am Ryuzaki Raizo, the Kazekage. I believe you asked for me?[/color]"

The Kazekage would be wearing something akin to an off white tunic with black and gold embroidering, with the crest of the Ryuzaki etched into the back and upon the front the symbol of the Kazekage. He would continue to approach the large individual as he would glance around him a bit, seeing the door that he had entered, one that looked like it had seen better days, and would let out a small chuckle to himself.

"[crimson]How may I assist you today?[/color]"