Your Face... Your Eyes... They Are of No Significance [Private]

Jul 11, 2018
"Nara Hitachi-san?" Came Shikyu's voice, as he tried to address a figure hunched over a large number of scrolls in a corner of the Protected Records section of the Bibliotheca Conscientiae. The figure looked up, then turned around and his face went from betraying a slight hint of annoyance at being disturbed, to absolutely welcoming.

"Ah, you must be Monzaemon Marushijūkyū!" Hitachi exclaimed, as he dropped what he was doing literally, to turn to face Shikyu and move towards his direction.

"Ah, yes, but please, just call me Shikyu. I am here to-" Shikyu's explanation was cut short by Hitachi's hand-waving motion, signalling the young teenager to no need to speak any further.

"Yes, yes, a scroll and all that. Sendatsu told me. Never mind it, it's not that important. Here, give it to me." Hitachi said hastily as he came within a foot of Shikyu. Hitachi grabbed the scroll from Shikyu's hand, and immediately began to inspect Shikyu close up. Initially, Shikyu did not respond to this invasion of privacy, believing that he should try to be polite. However, as Hitachi's eyes grew all the more intense and his observations became all the more frantic, Shikyu began to draw back a bit, reflexively trying to get out of the situation. That, however, was only met with a very sharp "Stand still!" from Hitachi, and thus Shikyu continued to remain motionless.

This went on for just another 20 or so seconds, before Hitachi stepped back. "You are... indeed, an interesting kid. Hm... I heard you have a pretty significant affinity to Lightning, if I am not mistaken? That's... interesting, considering something else about you."

Shikyu was just so confused, and his face betrayed it. However, Hitachi did not notice it, as instead, he had taken out the scroll Shikyu brought along, and was having a very concentrated read of it. That went on for a minute or so, and while Shikyu felt like he did not really have any business left here, something told him to just stay.

Whatever that something is was right. Hitachi looked up and smiled at Shikyu. "Hm, hm, hm, hmmmm. I... have a mission to assign to you. But, I need to get back to work now. You may leave. I'll send through details later, to your residence. Bye." With that, Hitachi went back to his scrolls in the corner.

Shikyu was confused, but given that Hitachi seemed like he did not want to be disturbed anymore, Shikyu turned around and left - saying a quick polite bye to Hitachi first, which Hitachi responded with a hasty hand-wave.

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