The Desert Expanse

Formerly plagued by a terrible sandstorm for the past three decades that was so terrible it forced Sunagakure underground has finally receded. Despite the absence of the Diamond Maelstrom, as it used to be called, this terrain is still not without its dangers. Roving bandits, nomadic people who will find you strange and perhaps even tasty, to the occasional wild beast as small as a dune hare to something far, far bigger. Those who trek this particular zone of the desert best come prepared for the absolute worst.

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  • Feed - Godsfall Godsfall
    The site of the final battle between Primus, the One King and the Great Ancient Lords Fuujin and Homura. While the surface appears peaceful, the remains of those slain, as well as other dark secrets, lay just beneath this placid surface. Since the Great Quake, this area has been fractured in half. This half is still essentially a desert graveyard, but venture further towards the battlefield of the historic "Final Battle"... you are going into a whole new world of trouble.
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    Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:18 am
  • Feed - Underworld Highway Underworld Highway
    Following the Great Quake that was unleashed by the emergence of Dominus and The Swarm, various faults and sinkholes that quickly led to the discovery of a vast network of tunnels that covered the whole country. These tunnels are a mixture of man-made, Sandworm made, and "other" made. Several of the hundreds of tunnels seem to have been, or are still currently, used by the human trafficking network in Wind Country to transport their "merchandise". Due to that, there is an active underground train system and mine cart paths to expedite travel to all reaches of the country... if you can negotiate your way onboard. This nefarious system is the actual "highway" while others choose to travel "off-road" in the various other tunnels, at their own peril. "Off-road" paths treasure, creatures, and civilizations either forgotten or never discovered before!
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    Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:12 pm
  • Feed - Babylos Babylos
    Located in the rocky, temperate southern region of Wind Country, Babylos served as a fortified trading outpost that serviced miners in the far south that sought their fortune in the vast mountain ranges that bordered the country. Under a century ago, this land was cultivated by the formally thriving Oracle Order of the Country and turned from a wasteland into a utopia. The Oracles became self-sufficient and sealed themselves away within their own city and erected a large tower to purvey all around them. Because of their self-isolation, it was not noticed that their city was destroyed and The Oracles seemingly vanished nearly five decades ago, prior to the start of the Diamond Maelstrom. While the Tower of Babylos still stands, no one is sure how to breach its walls. As for the ruins of the city of Babylos, most who come to explore it are rarely heard from again.

    The Tower of Babylos is a Special Event Zone within this area (more info inside): please contact Sand Council if you wish to try and explore!
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  • Feed - Titan Titan
    As Wind Country exited the time known as the "Chaos Era", it was rumored that many within the Journeyman Order set out to establish a forge the likes of which no one had seen before. This area became known as 'Hammerfall'. What was unbeknownst to anyone, except the most skilled Oracles of the time, was that 'Hammerfall' was merely a guise for what was actually taking root within the Southwest portion of Wind Country. Joined by clans of the First Men who did not join the Sunahoshi in cultivating Sunagakure no Sato, become nomadic, or settled in Sora, along with a sect within the Ranger Order, these humans were preparing for the future. Setting up camp in the old headquarter of Primus and the original rebellion, these First Men and the Journeyman Order began building not only a city, not only a forge but a bastion for hope when needed. Their creation would be named after the first name Primus was given while enslaved by the Ancients: Titan.

    Titan has laid untouched and unnoticed, miraculously, for almost three centuries. Since the Great Quake, beacons of chakra induced light seems to glow from within this walled-off establishment, but does anything actually live within this location? This ancient city that appears to be designed from the future is a testament to the might the Journeyman Order once held. But what is its purpose? Why has it just now being noticed? What secrets does this location hold?
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