Omni Prime Medical Facility

Medical Complex stands testament to the tenacity and strength of the people of Suna. Within state-of-the-art technology is mixed with customary herbological remedies to produce an eclectic if not extremely effective triage and hospice center. The center is divided into three areas: the Hospital, the Med-nin Quarter, and the High-Security Medical Facility (Asylum), the needs of the citizens of Wind country are more than adequately supplied.

Medical Center as well as a Research and Development Center.

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  • Feed - The Hospital The Hospital
    Painted the same adobe colors as the rest of Sunagakure, the outward appearance of this multistory building is a stark contrast to the pristine white conditions inside. Within the best med-nin in the world both treat the never-ending supply of patients as well as developing the newest medical marvels. Different floors represent different branches of medicine, from gerontology to proctology, each clearly labelled.
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  • Feed - The Med-Nin Quarter The Med-Nin Quarter
    More highly protected than the hospital but less so than the Asylum, the Med-nin quarter houses most of the medical professionals, both shinobi and civilian, providing them with comfortable and modern surroundings. Training center can also found in the basement, fondly nick-named the 'bloody knuckle.'
    Serves as housing for Medics.
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  • Feed - The Asylum The Asylum
    Constantly guarded by Jounin-level med-nin, the Asylum contains and restrains those shinobi who have suffered the fate worse than death: insanity. These halls contain the worst of the worst or at the very least the most unfortunate of the dangerous forces found in Sunagakure, constantly kept at bay by a series of chakra repressing seals, numerous traps are laid within for those seeking to escape.
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