The Obsidian Palace

The top two floors protrude above ground and serve as a receiving area and headquarters of Sand's ANBU. The next six stories below, a strange prison that has existed since the first men with no barred rooms. Each floor is a self-contained environment, some complete with living spaces and a semblance of civilization; locked away from the rest of the city and from each other connected only by a central column from which a skeleton crew of operators rotate through daily shifts managing the apparatuses within. It is said that a darkness weighs on the minds of those who stay causing mental trauma. The prison devours the chakra of any creature introduced to the structure. Sapped of their will-power, robbed of their mettle and bereft of their chakra most prisoners held below the first floor go mad within weeks. Legends tell of a mysterious seventh sub-floor which potentially could house the source of the hungry darkness but no man has ever ventured deep enough into the Palace and lived to tell the tale of its' existence.

ANBU Headquarters and Prison

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    Within the terrifying Obsidian Palace lies the ANBU headquarters. The secret organization works out of the prison's second floor where lines of plain, metal doors line the walls. Offices, record rooms, and dispatch are all here. Near the entrance staircase lies the only open room where one can come in search of information or aid from the ANBU team. Beyond that intruders are not only discouraged but often removed forcibly by the resident keepers of the Obsidian.

    ANBU Headquarters
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  • Feed - Interrogation Rooms Interrogation Rooms
    Located on the first basement floors of the Obsidian Palace are the interrogation rooms. Here prisoners are taken for 'tough questioning'. The single, straight hall looks a lot like the ANBU floor, with plain, solid metal doors, but what happens here is much worse. There is also a whispered rumor of something even more sinister -- a reeducation room used to make certain inmates more palatable. While interesting in theory, the loss of will and autonomy is a troubling concept indeed. There is no proof that such a room exists but that does little to ease a troubled mind.

    Interrogations and possibly 'reeducation' take place here.
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