Vespasian Colosseum

The pinnacle of cloud village engineering and usage of Lightning Country resources, the Grand Colosseum. A giant elliptical amphitheater, constructed using various stones, metals, and cement, capable of seating around 50,000 spectators. The Colosseum plays the stage to many type of events, shows, and entertainment, and the outside wall is home to many various shops relating to warfare, food fitness, souvenirs, theatre and training.

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    The training grounds of the Colosseum are named after the Raikage Shinbatsu, believed by many to have been a god taking human form. His basic precepts were to train hard, enjoy battle, and fear nothing. A life-sized statue carved from obsidian and burnished with gold stands watching those training, presiding over the entrance to the Colloseum.
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    A part of the main Colloseum, the transformation hall is where everything is kept, ready to be transferred via chakra to the main stage. In the hall can be found all kinds of foliage, quantities of water, and anything that someone could think of using as part of creating a battle arena. Often people wander through this location to imagine themselves in a different place.
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Well it’s that time of the year, when love is in the air and everyone goes a bit crazy and mad, well at least I do. But fear not we are bringing something exciting and new to all of you to celebrate this day of the year. We are bringing you the Valentine’s day rewards!

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To Be the World Martial Arts Champion! Tea Country invites you to the World Martial Arts Competition, a contest of not only strength but also martial skill. Each country is asked to send their best so that they can face off against their peers to prove who is superior. So that one among us can be called the "World's Greatest Martial Artist."

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