Sileo Tempestas

Legends of ages pasts describe an ancient conflict between a draconic demon and a mortal man named Raiden, whose battles wreaked havoc across the world. The only aftermath that remained were the corpses of the combatants, and upon the corpses vows were made. The vows remain inherent among the sentries of ANBU, whose lavishly furnished base lie deep within the recesses of the mountains, and with the grave of Raiden as well.

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    The Sileo is a true underground fortress that rivals any counterparts above. Its utilitarian barracks are capable of housing a company-sized force of operatives for many months on end without need for resupply. Vast natural chambers are outfitted to provide hostile environment and combat training for all situations. And finally, the interrogation chambers boast a 100% information extraction rate from captives of all sorts, even if the techniques used are unsavory.
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    Well-protected against attack, the ANBU Sennin's office is positioned to oversee the main logistics and command center for the entire complex, from which all ANBU activity is monitored and directed at all times. If the walls of Kumo should be breached and the Torre Celeste fallen, Kumo's last stand would be made from within this chamber.
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Well it’s that time of the year, when love is in the air and everyone goes a bit crazy and mad, well at least I do. But fear not we are bringing something exciting and new to all of you to celebrate this day of the year. We are bringing you the Valentine’s day rewards!

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We have finally updated to the newest version of PHP, and phpbb, this is a huge step up in our plan to take over the world. Be advised that we things are going well, and we are back. Read up in here if you wanna know what's been happening with the updates!


To Be the World Martial Arts Champion! Tea Country invites you to the World Martial Arts Competition, a contest of not only strength but also martial skill. Each country is asked to send their best so that they can face off against their peers to prove who is superior. So that one among us can be called the "World's Greatest Martial Artist."

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