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Every gathering of humans will have its share of criminals, and every human population center will thus have a place to confine and punish them. Kumogakure is no different in this regard, and its prison system is designed to hold any who would violate society's laws, from common cutpurses to the most dangerous humans in the world: missing nin. Shinobi prisoners receive special treatment, being fitted with nigh unbreakable chakra draining collars that leave them stripped of their ability to perform even the most basic jutsu. Any tampering with said collars results in a fatal dose of toxins injected through the device. The worst offenders find themselves in the Underprison.

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  • Feed - Takao Institute (Insanity Ward) Takao Institute (Insanity Ward)
    Kizoku Takao, Fourth Raikage of Kumogakure, was also an untreated schizophrenic who was forced to leave office due to his illness. In honor of his contributions but also in recognition of the danger he could have posed to all, the Takao Institute was established to provide compassionate treatment to shinobi with mental illness, but also to protect the village and country from the havoc unleashed when chakra and insanity collide.
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    Petty criminals and those who can be rehabilitated are typically held in an above-ground jail until their release. However, those whose crimes do not warrant execution but who can not or will not be reintegrated into society are thrust into the vast, multi-level underground prison of Kumogakure. Here, there are no guards, no rules, and no means of escape. Every day is a struggle for survival, but with the right abilities, determination, and luck, a prisoner may become very powerful indeed in this dark world.
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