Toraono Dojo

Two standards soared high above this marvel of ninja magic and ninja technology. The first standard is a glossy sand tone material carrying the banner of Sunagakure. The second flag is made of wind/sand resistant black silk with the Toraono symbol of a tiger perched triumphantly atop a dragon, a motif depicting earth actually conquering the heavens.
This is considered to be the village gates. You must stop here if you wish to enter or exit the village!

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    Near the underground reaches of the Toraono Dojo is Undersea. A vast subterranean cache of water purified and filtered through the desert sands, rocks and more aberrant water releasing plants along with geosynchronous water and sun crystals from the time of the One King and the First Men. This massive body of water conceals the grave of the First King a specially made warship sunken to the bottom of the massive underground sea. With the help of hunters and fishermen from villages all over the world, the waters of Undersea have been seeded with a vast variety of fish and water life specially adapted to life in a low light environment. Warmed by geothermal vents and its tides provided by the transition of the Diamond Maelstrom's electromagnetic field; Undersea is a sight to behold and a great place to fish.
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  • Feed - Throne of Bone (Toraono Dojo IV) Throne of Bone (Toraono Dojo IV)
    The Throne of Bone is the home of the Toraono clan and a dojo for all shinobi to come for training from the esteemed family. The huge, sandworm bone structure is a majesty of shinobi skill and technology and sits at the forefront of the Toraono owned lands. The glossy, sand-toned structure carries the banners of the Toraono family, a proud show of clan pride, but just below the Sunagakure symbols, openly displaying the place a site of loyalty to the village. This is a hall for learning and training, open to all who might approach.

    Inner Village Portion of the Dojo.
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  • Feed - Passport office Passport office
    Those wishing to travel through legal means will require a passport. The passport office is open for most hours of the day and night. Caution is strongly advised as it the passport office crew are known to have strong personalities! Many disappointed individuals have come out of the office as they underestimated the passport officer's requirements!
    Get your passport here.
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