Grand Palais

The low class and bottom-feeding section of Sunagakure. The ambitious design known as the 'Grand Palais' lies on the outskirts of the Sietch Zensunna. Large slabs of glass used to wall off this monstrous creation on all sides with several entry points allowing this area to at least be monitored to some degree but they were shattered when the cavern that once housed this district collapsed. Now sunlight plagues a region that once used to rely on darkness but the narrow streets and shadows continue allow evil to still linger and lurk. The original plan was to have a place where all the weak or poor could live, but as the place grew more and more crammed, the crime rate, drug use and abuse rose. The Grand Palais has degraded into a criminal infested, darkened slum.

The innards of this area are split into numerous districts; Merchant, Dining, Lodging (cheap) and Entertainment (of an illicit nature).

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  • Feed - Black Bazaar Black Bazaar
    The Black Bazaar is decidedly the worst place in all of Sunagakure. Anything you could want on the black market can be purchased for the right price down this main road. All the stalls are not what they seem. Human trafficking is a major problem in this area but the ANBU have made strides to reduce reduce the incidence of future atrocities but they cannot be everywhere at once. There are several gangs who run the Black Bazaar as though it were their territory.

    The Black Market can be found here. Known for selling Hyuuga and Uchiha eyes.
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  • Feed - The Red Lights The Red Lights
    The Red Lights is the second most seedy place in the Grand Palais. It's name is taken after the fact that this formerly subterranean zone's lights had a crimson tint that bathed this region in a blood hue but it can also be likened to the term 'red light district' as it it commonly termed because it is essentially the same thing. Here are located the foulest bars, dirtiest joints and raciest clubs. The owners here don't mind serving their food expired and alcohol to minors. Those looking for inexpensive company can find what they're looking for, for about 2 yen. It is suggested not to come here at night.

    Seedy Hotels, Dive bars and generally bad people can be found here. When searching for criminals in hiding this is a great place to start.
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