Ruins of Old Suna

The village of Suna was once completely concealed underground. For many of the young shinobi of the village, this has become nothing more than a tale told by parents and grandparents, for the adults of the village this was either a very vivid history or hazy memories of yesteryear. The ruins of the old village, the pieces that had not been relocated above ground still remain below the newly built Suna. The Ruins of Old Suna now house creatures, criminals, those trapped in poverty and those that refused to make the transition above ground. Rumor has it, most of the escaped prisoners from the "Cabal Incident" that were not apprehended, still hid within the darkness below.

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  • Feed - Black Bazaar Black Bazaar
    The Black Bazaar was decidedly the worst place in all of Sunagakure, which is why when the village moved to the surface this location remained buried within the old ruins. Anything you could want on the black market can be purchased for the right price. Under the guise legitimate business, secrets lie hidden. Human trafficking is a major problem in this area but the ANBU have made strides to reduce the incidence of future atrocities but they cannot be everywhere at once. There are several gangs who run the Black Bazaar as though it were their territory.

    The Black Market can be found here. Known for selling illegal shinobi "parts", human livestock, forbidden seals, and other nefarious things.
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  • Feed - The Red Lights The Red Lights
    The Red Lights, along with the Black Bazaar, was left in the old ruins of Suna, underneath the new iteration of the village. Its name is taken after the fact that this subterranean zone's lights have a crimson tint that bathed this region in a blood hue but it can also be likened to the term 'red light district' as it's commonly termed because it's essentially the same thing. Here are located the foulest bars, dirtiest joints and seediest clubs. The owners here don't mind serving their food expired and alcohol to minors. Those looking for inexpensive company can find what they're looking for, for about 2 yen. It is suggested to avoid this location as it has become a refuge for criminals.
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  • Feed - ANBU HQ ANBU HQ
    Tenken and Kazuki, the co-leaders of the ANBU Branch, wishing to separate themselves from the Obsidian Palace and prison duty, relocated their base of operations to Ruins of Old Suna. Following the "Great Earthquake", it was viewed as even more important for the masked members of the shinobi forces to relocate to the underground, allowing them to be the first response to The Swarm activity that had recently picked up. The underground was a new frontier for the country, the ANBU wanted to be on top of monitoring the happenings of this new territory and how it could impact the village.
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  • Feed - Undersea Undersea
    Located deep within the ruins of the old village, directly below the Toraono Dojo, is the Undersea. A vast subterranean cache of water purified and filtered through the desert sands, rocks and more aberrant water releasing plants along with geosynchronous water and sun crystals from the time of the One King and the First Men. This massive body of water conceals the grave of the First King a specially made warship sunken to the bottom of the massive underground sea. With the help of hunters and fishermen from villages all over the world, the waters of Undersea have been seeded with a vast variety of fish and water life specially adapted to life in a low light environment. Warmed by geothermal vents and its tides provided by the transition of the Diamond Maelstrom's electromagnetic field; Undersea is a sight to behold and a great place to fish.
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