Chaumerus Cavern

Nestled on the outskirts of the village are alcoves that turn into dark, twisting caves that snake out away from the heart of the village. Standing at barely five feet high, but rather wide, most have to worm their way into the damp darkness of this cave system. The further in one ventures, the higher the ceiling becomes, but take care for this place is more than what it seems. This cave system is saturated with invisible, scentless natural gasses that can be deadly to an average human body. However, even in a place so dangerous, beauty can still be found. A numerous variety of plants grow here in the darkness, all as equally poisonous as the air they thrive in; glowing moss and fungi, prickly ferns and even a few species of flowering cacti. There are a few types of critters that call these caves home as well, all of them boasting fangs that are rich with venom. Many of the materials within these caves are prime for making battle poisons and anti-venom, but take heed if you choose to enter. Although the creatures inside will stick to the damp darkness of their caves, they do not take so kindly to intruders. Do not forget your gas mask, a weapon for self-defense, and maybe a friend or two.

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