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  • Feed - Toraono Dojo Toraono Dojo
    Two standards soared high above this marvel of ninja magic and ninja technology. The first standard is a glossy sand tone material carrying the banner of Sunagakure. The second flag is made of wind/sand resistant black silk with the Toraono symbol of a tiger perched triumphantly atop a dragon, a motif depicting earth actually conquering the heavens.
    This is considered to be the village gates. You must stop here if you wish to enter or exit the village!
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  • Feed - Omni Prime Medical Facility Omni Prime Medical Facility
    Medical Complex stands testament to the tenacity and strength of the people of Suna. Within state-of-the-art technology is mixed with customary herbological remedies to produce an eclectic if not extremely effective triage and hospice center. The center is divided into three areas: the Hospital, the Med-nin Quarter, and the High-Security Medical Facility (Asylum), the needs of the citizens of Wind country are more than adequately supplied.

    Medical Center as well as a Research and Development Center.
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  • Feed - The Obsidian Palace The Obsidian Palace
    The top two floors protrude above ground and serve as a receiving area and headquarters of Sand's ANBU. The next six stories below, a strange prison that has existed since the first men with no barred rooms. Each floor is a self-contained environment, some complete with living spaces and a semblance of civilization; locked away from the rest of the city and from each other connected only by a central column from which a skeleton crew of operators rotate through daily shifts managing the apparatuses within. It is said that a darkness weighs on the minds of those who stay causing mental trauma. The prison devours the chakra of any creature introduced to the structure. Sapped of their will-power, robbed of their mettle and bereft of their chakra most prisoners held below the first floor go mad within weeks. Legends tell of a mysterious seventh sub-floor which potentially could house the source of the hungry darkness but no man has ever ventured deep enough into the Palace and lived to tell the tale of its' existence.

    ANBU Headquarters and Prison
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  • Feed - The Desert Crown The Desert Crown
    The high class housing, eating and shopping districts. A normal shinobi or civilian salary can not buy you a house in this part of the village. The Desert Crown has beautifully paved roads and well kept properties. In addition, there is a small privately owned police force (with substantial shinobi experience) that is happy to throw out the unwanted visitors. Each house is sat on its' own large portion of land, each restaurant has clean, fresh water and specialty import foods and the fashions here are for those with enough yen they could swim in it.

    Exclusive Housing and Pricey Shopping can be found here. If you want a well-paying patron, this would be a great place to start.
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  • Feed - Sietch Zensunna Sietch Zensunna
    Sietch Zensunna was by far the largest portion of land in the cave system but as lands are being taken on the desert above the growing city will likely know no border. While no longer housed inside of a cave, many of the homes here were destroyed by a cave-in that has exposed the surviving households to the surface as they presently occupy the bottom of a canyon. This section of Sungakure contains many of the working man's homes and the houses for the working shinobi along with a huge alley for shops and entertainment. Living here is affordable for those with a steady income.

    The middle class housing, eating and shopping district.
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  • Feed - Grand Palais Grand Palais
    The low class and bottom-feeding section of Sunagakure. The ambitious design known as the 'Grand Palais' lies on the outskirts of the Sietch Zensunna. Large slabs of glass used to wall off this monstrous creation on all sides with several entry points allowing this area to at least be monitored to some degree but they were shattered when the cavern that once housed this district collapsed. Now sunlight plagues a region that once used to rely on darkness but the narrow streets and shadows continue allow evil to still linger and lurk. The original plan was to have a place where all the weak or poor could live, but as the place grew more and more crammed, the crime rate, drug use and abuse rose. The Grand Palais has degraded into a criminal infested, darkened slum.

    The innards of this area are split into numerous districts; Merchant, Dining, Lodging (cheap) and Entertainment (of an illicit nature).
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  • Feed - The Student Academy The Student Academy
    A cold and callus place, the Academy bares solemn witness to those wondering what makes a Suna ninja superior to others. Within not only the harsh realities of shinobi life are taught, but survival skills unmatched by anyone on the continent. Cruel training regimes produce those skilled enough to be the proud bearers of a Sunagakurian forehead protector. Considering the students left in the academy are but a few, not due to the rigors of their academic journey but rather tragedy it is no wonder that the academy is one of the most up to date facilities in the village. Newly built on the surface it welcomes a fresh crop of shinobi recruits.

    Students take classes here.
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  • Feed - Suna Residences Suna Residences
    For the first time in a generation, people living in Suna are able to look skyward and see the Sun from the residential zone. Suna Residences is made up of various adobe apartment buildings and housing structures to accommodate those of all walks of life. The smell of fresh flowers is almost intoxicating as the wind carries the scent across the realm. Accompanying the residences is a growing bazaar which is a sight to behold with colors and flavors. This residential area overlooks in many parts the canyon that was recently formed when part of the desert collapsed exposing a majority of the subterranean village to daylight.

    Residential Area
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  • Feed - Kazekage Tower Kazekage Tower
    An Octagon of silver stone with entrances on all sides is where the inner workings of the Sungakure government take place. Sitting on top of the octagon is an image Primus the One King. The golden statue is of a man with his sword pointed to the ground with his gaze shifting upwards into the blue sky. The building is four stories high and consists of many offices. The office of the Steward is located on the third floor. The sigils of all Sungakurian families and families residing in Sungakure are carved on the sides of the building. Each sigil is colored with his clan's predominate color scheme. From the upper floors of the Kazekage tower viewers can see the lower part of the village housed within a recently opened canyon.

    Missions can be found here. The Kazekage and his Sennin can be found here.
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  • Feed - The Orders The Orders
    An area of new Sunagakure that has been quartered off to house the recently revived 'Orders.' The Orders are a near-ancient sect of intellectuals, builders and hunters who to this day subscribe to the old ways and possess forgotten knowledge.

    Fledgling members of the Ranger, Oracle and Journeyman Orders can be found here.
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