Outer Maruishi

The outer expanses of Earth country's capital, often called Raja-Ratna. Unlike in the inner city, the outer city is much more rural. Farmers and small merchants make up the majority of its people. From here, one may access inner Maruishi and Iwagakure.

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  • The Akatsuchi Farmlands
    Named after the naturally occurring red soil of the valley protected region, the area is made up mostly of seasonal farms and orchards. There are some regional fruits and vegetables that only are known to grow in this particular region which fuels a modest economy.
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  • Akasora Town
    A town within the rural Raja-Ratna district of Maruishi, merchants and others who want to live away from the craziness of the inner districts of Maruishi often choose here to live. The purely ceremonial Mayor of Raja-Ratna, Isamu Akai, serves as president of the region famous Kennel Club and it's not uncommon to hear of club championship events drawing in crowds from all over the Earth Country.
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