Titan's Keep

Facing northwards out into the sea, Titan’s Keep is the entrance into the great shinobi village of Iwagakure. Not only does it serve as the first line of the defense for the village, but it also serves as the port for the Earth Countries import and export. Based on the delta of a river that spills into the Northern Sea, Titan’s keep is harbor of unique design. A string of bridges connect small islands together, and tie them to the beachhead, where the village gates stand eternal.

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  • Feed - The Citadel (Head Watchtower, Battle Area) The Citadel (Head Watchtower, Battle Area)
    The network of watchtowers and guard stations throughout the village all answer to one barricaded defense tower that overlooks Titan’s Keep and the North-eastern Sea. From here, the Watch Captain coordinates patrols, sends and receives radio transmissions, and answers directly to the Tsuchikage.
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  • Feed - Temple of Five Temple of Five
    A large Obelisk that houses five statues is stationed remotely on the water within Titan’s Keep. This island temple serves as a college for experienced ninja seeking to master more refined shinobi arts. Within the temple, each floor of the tower is dedicated to an element, and has a resident master. Raw forms of each element are housed in the temple, manifested and maintained by the faculty. The subterranean level of the temple is left vacant, a place known as the void. While no element is seen, touched or felt it is believed that the energies of the elements in the temple collide there and this creates the void in which the faithful often pray, give sacrifice or make oaths.
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