Aventurine Street

The main street in Maruishi at least in terms of commerce. Store fronts line both sides of a wide brick sidewalk and even after closing time there is always something going on. Although at night the seedy side of town rears its head, even the night life has its glamour with nightclubs, karaoke bars and all-night diners, there is always something to do in Aventurine. Of course there have also been some problems on Aventurine, most specifically a spike in crime over the past few months. Although low-level shinobis in the past were used for cheap security, with the loss of this shinobi workforce some establishments have found themselves ill-equipped to deal with this rising menace. The Cage of Rubies & Diamond Complex are found here as well.

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  • Feed - Cage of Rubies Cage of Rubies
    The home of the Earth Daimyō, located in the very center of the city of Maruishi, this building is not as tall as some of the other buildings but it goes deep underground as well. Only the top three stories are visible from the street. The actual depth of the building is unknown but some claim that the building goes more than 20 stories deep. This serves not only as the home of the Earth Daimyō and his family but also the sickbed of the former Daimyō and the hub of government activity. The top three floors are all used for government matters, as for all of the stories below it is assumed that this space is reserved for the abodes of various members of the Daimyō family as well as ranking government officials. Hidden passageways, rooms and doors are laced throughout all levels of the building, their exact uses and actual numbers are unknown.
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  • Feed - Diamond Complex Diamond Complex
    A large white brick building that pierces the sky. This is the tallest structure in Maruishi and can be seen for several miles beyond Maruishi's borders. The Diamond Complex houses the Maruishi elite and boast not only the finest amenities but also an excellent security system. Many of the most wealthy merchants, criminals, honored families and politicians live here, there are also temporary quarters available for visiting dignitaries, although the prices are steep it is reportedly worth every penny.
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