Pearl Tenements

This is one of the housing districts of Maruishi. Although this part of the city is rarely explored as it is out of the way and obscured by the presence of much larger buildings, this part of the city houses the unwashed masses of the city. Poverty is the most striking feature of this community, although the people are fed they are uneducated and have developed an impoverished culture that lends to the disparities seen within the city. Petty theft and vandalism are common here but are not considered to be acts of a criminal but rather the actions a desperate person makes to survive in the urban jungle. Cramped living quarters and densely populated buildings make this a good place for someone to disappear. This area also houses the prison system, "The Hole" as well as "The Hope Hospital."

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  • Feed - The Hole The Hole
    This is the nickname that was given to the prison-system of Maruishi. The hole is an underground crypt where the worst of the offenders are left to essentially rot. Little is known or understood in regards to the judicial system of Maruishi, but many claim there is no system - simply suspicion leading to guilt and guilt leading to an indefinite sentence in the darkness. Those who somehow escaped or were released from the hole claim that the hole left them partly mad, they claim that the blackness was unrelenting and the silence was so indecent that a man could go mad by listening to the thunderous roar of their beating heart.
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  • Feed - The Hope Hospital The Hope Hospital
    Many changes have been made to the area. What was a war-zone, now is the center of the renaissance of inner Marushi. In place of the old small hope clinic, stands “The Hope Hospital.” This large, tall hospital has been built up by the government to help with the sickened poor of the area, do studies to advance their knowledge, as well as mend the injured forces. With brand new treatment methods, and a goal to make the whole area safe, this new Hospital stands for its name, hope. Though many still despise it's presence, seeing it as throwing away tradition for science, it is there for all who need it and enter it's doors for treatment.
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  • Feed - Clan Housing Clan Housing
    For those believe that blood is thicker than water, these streets and shops are home. Large communities of the genetically strong and often strange refer to this as the true cultural center of Maruishi. Clan identifying markers like rapidly fluctuating temperatures, frequent storms or even large clan totems and trees leave many a building regulator turning a blind eye to the structures present here.
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  • Feed - Sky Fall Sky Fall
    This is the gateway between Maruishi and Iwagakure. The area is marked by a flat piece of stone that overlooks the water on the cliffs that house the city of Maruishi. Iwagakure is located on the cliff face under Maruishi, the very city is carved into the stone. To enter Iwagakure the easy way to enter is to fall. By falling, an entrant can enter the hidden city. While all shinobis must be creative as to avoid injury or be exceptionally durable as the landing area is a large plateau of stone, even the untrained can enter if they are willing to suffer a few broken bones. Exiting Iwagakure is also done through this "gate" but rather than climb to the city above, shinobi leap into the sea and then swim to the rocky shores and then follow one of many dirt trails back into the city. Guardians watch the sea from their perches on the cliff face and keep an inventory of who has come and who has yet to return.
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