The Spire

A large tower that would appear to be upside down to most architects. while this is a common architectural aspect in Iwagakure, this is the longest tower and it starts from a mere few feet below the city of Maruishi and ends thirty or so feet above the water. This serves as the "political" center of Iwagakure, the home and office of the Tsuchikage and Sennin as well as other important and high ranking members of this shinobi society.

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    The various offices and meeting rooms for the officials of Iwagakure. It's not uncommon to see officials from Maruishi or Arcadia coming and going if their business involves the shinobi charged with protecting the whole of the country however.
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    In the base of The Spire lays one of the most blood spattered areas of Stone: The Obsidian Ring. An area where little to no sunlight can get in, this area reeks of the fights that have been held here for years. Whether it is battles egged on by the Tsuchikage themself, or battles for the crown title of the village, one thing is for certain... When a person enters this area, they leave a little more darkened than what they have been before. Just below the surface of Stone, the area is able to keep the most hearty of screams contained within.
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