Standing as the capital village on the Western half of the Red Line, Konohagakure is now the head of the shinobi controlled Fire Country. Literally grown using powerful ninjutsu techniques, the entire village is now truly hidden among a seemingly wild forest making its legendary name a true testimonial statement. Although still technically at war with the Eastern Fire Daimyo controlled Leaf City, a signed treaty has allowed for a virtual cease fire to keep the peace where only just shortly ago there was war. Ending at the Red Line, the village of Konoha is a new age reminder to simpler times long past.
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  • The Garden
    Made up of various shops and living quarters, the area known as “The Garden” was built as a renascence to the old ways of living before the Fire Country became an industrial giant. Generously using chakra to manipulate the seemingly living trees to create every sort of possible environment, it isn’t uncommon to find a miniature hot spring encased in the large bough of a tree or a dojo just below the canopy top of the tallest trees. With tree trunks large enough for spacious homes and businesses alike, and roots hiding rooms galore, the Garden is unlike any other place in Konoha.
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  • Mokuryu Tenshu
    Encased in the largest tree in all of Konohagakure, Mokuryu Tenshu’s sheer height dwarfs even the Red Line. Created to be imposing to any would be attackers, the structure is in fact two separate trees as the second smaller tree actually spirals up from the base around the larger main tree and was purposefully designed to look like coiling dragon shooting a large canopy flame into the sky. Seat of power to the shinobi village of Konoha, the Hokage can typically be found here working alongside the Sennin and village shinobi to protect the people of Konohagakure.
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