Leaf City

Once a world renowned city and Capital of the Fire Nation running under the watchful eye of the Konoha Corporation, Leaf city has long since been replaced by a caste system based entity where ones order of birth can mean all the difference. When the city was engulfed in the heart of the war, most of the upper and middle class escaped but little is known to what happened to the remnants of the city’s populace that remained behind or were unable to leave. With the Great Gates disabled and the Red Line as a constant reminder to the west, the Diamyo’s men have set up check points and blockades in various areas of the city supposedly protecting the deemed unsafe areas of town that the Diamyo feels are still vulnerable to the taint of the shinobi way. The majority of the housing area seemed to have been left to the unlawful and squatters. Occasional raids on the Daimyo’s troops and supply depot happen but these are usually ended with several dead revolutionists being tossed into one of several mass graves.
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  • The Ravaged Quarry
    The former home to temples and shrines along the mountains now looted and demolished, and the very place that held the now unrecognizable faces of the Hokage in the past, now is nothing more than another one of the many ghettos of Leaf City. Even the statue of Her Mercy had been toppled in an attempt to scrap away any long standing signs of the previous era. Technically the fourth of many policed zones, it is said this is the place the Daimyo’s unwanted go to work in one of the many factories until they die.
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  • Kurotoba
    A garrisoned onyx black pagoda erected partially out of the former Hokage quarters, the Star Gazers Tower, towards the center of Leaf City, little is known on what goes on inside but thanks to the large antennae atop the edifice it is a constant reminder of the choke collar that the Daimyo puts on those with deemed dangerous chakra influenced abilities. If there are any major disturbances in the city this is where the “Purging Troops” or the Daimyo’s Special Forces samurai come from. Those desperate enough for an extra ration of bread would be wise to avoid attempting to pickpocket anywhere near this particular zone.
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