The Orders

An area of new Sunagakure that has been quartered off to house the recently revived 'Orders.' The Orders are a near-ancient sect of intellectuals, builders and hunters who to this day subscribe to the old ways and possess forgotten knowledge.

Fledgeling members of the Ranger, Oracle and Journeyman Orders can be found here.

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  • Feed - The Tracking Grounds The Tracking Grounds
    Various wild environments are housed by a series of fences, with a great pentagon in the middle. Rangers train themselves against the elements and wildlife here as they seek to become one with nature. Each environment has the crest of the Rangers residing above it, and each crest is a different color representing what environments one can expect within. Animal cries can be heard from within, whether these animals are prey or companions only a Ranger would know.

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    Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:34 am
  • Feed - Oracle's Library Oracle's Library
    An onyx orb structure underneath a great steel square structure is the home to many tomes, scrolls, and scribes. These future Oracles use this as a base of their knowledge. There are records dating back to the age of Primus, and even a series of prophesied records written by the Oracles of various ages. The Oracles work to record and detail everything in and out of sight. The hushed murmurs of future Oracles and the sounds of pages being torn, or turned are heard from within immediately upon entry.

    HQ of the Oracle Order
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    Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:10 pm
  • Feed - Hall of Hammers Hall of Hammers
    An oval structure of steel and glass, this is where those of the Journeymen Order meet to discuss future designs, undertake lessons to further their educations, and a place to build. The ceiling consists of a stained glass design consisting of crossed hammers and anvils. Each Journeymen is given a key to their own vault where they keep their wares and their secrets. Upon entering one can hear the sound of industry be it the banging of hammers, the sharpening of blades, or the pouring of molten metals.

    HQ of the Journeyman Order
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    Sat Aug 31, 2019 4:04 am
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