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  • Feed - Dragon Tooth Pass Dragon Tooth Pass
    Kumogakure is protected by a combination of impassable rock formations and sheer unclimbable cliff faces. The only access to and from the village is located within the Dragon Tooth Pass, where an opening was once blasted through stone in ancient times through means impossible to replicate today. This gap is now protected by the village gates, overseen by guard towers staffed with shinobi at all times. These men and women are constantly on alert for attempts at trespass or unlawful egress.
    This is the village gates! You must post here to enter or leave Kumogakure.
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    Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:41 pm
  • Feed - The Village Built on Clouds The Village Built on Clouds
    The main infrastructure of the buzzing village lies among the clouds, past the diminutive ability of the naked eye and eternally watchful of unraveling events in the world below. Legend has it that the most recent, ground-level additions locate themselves on the recovered carcass of a titanic demonic beast that once rampaged through the lands only to be defeated by Raiden himself. But the tale does little to halt the progression of the commoner's daily life.
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  • Feed - Susukino District Susukino District
    The economic and entertainment epicenter of Cloud. It is a host to many clubs, restaurants, theaters, hotels, couture shops, specialty stores, and much more. The Dawnbringer Plaza bustles with life as Cloud's village square while the outskirts thrive on the shady and sordid dealings of the more discreet customer. Caveat emptor.
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  • Feed - Torre Celeste Torre Celeste
    The center of all village administerial supremacy and policy. The tower itself is constructed from an intricately masoned onyx-like mineral harvested from Dragon Tooth Path, specifically designed to reflect the multitude of stars at night and to stand prominently against the blue skies during the day. The doors, ornate with with the chiseled pictorial history of Cloud, are always open to the many plights of the subjects it serves.
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  • Feed - The Nimbus Delectatio The Nimbus Delectatio
    Towards the north eastern region of Kumogakure lies a district known as the Nimbus Delactatio. This region is known as such for its more natural resources and areas for the local population to enjoy. The more well known areas in the district are the Ancient Forest and the Nimbus Springs, yet there are more places than just these. A Greenhouse maintained by the local Yamanaka Clan sits on the outskirts of the forest, a central location amongst a botanical gardens. Several stone paths cross natural streams on the outskirts of the forest and a large grassy field also offer many uses to Kumogakurean's and visitors alike.
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  • Feed - Bibliotheca Conscientiae Bibliotheca Conscientiae
    Originally a gigantic, near cyclopean edifice, the library was constructed centuries ago by the original progenitors of Cloud who had sought to create a bastion for thought, understanding and knowledge. Meticulously re-modeled, re-decorated and re-built, it has managed to survive centuries of both renaissance and darkness. Today it exists as Cloud's most prominent architectural chronograph as well as the world's most premiere source of written lore and learning.
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    Mon Feb 18, 2019 5:44 pm
  • Feed - Aurora Eruditio Aurora Eruditio
    The Academy is a three story pagoda, well-maintained despite the many years of lesson-induced damage and climate-based degradation. It is located near man-fashioned forests on the cliff of one of Cloud's more majestic mountains. It has educated generations of loyal servants and all of Cloud's most famous leaders with its wide variety of classes ranging from basic training to the advanced techniques utilized by specialized ANBU squads. The Dojo Annex, recently re-opened to the entire shinobi population, was once built by a student, has since been expanded heavily to a high-quality training facility where shinobi can train, practice dueling, or run an obstacle courses with over a half-million different configurations.
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  • Feed - Aesculapium Aesculapium
    The vividly opaque walls and sterile air obliterates all notions that the now advanced and universally respected Hospital was once a very morbid asylum that specialized with lost hikers of the Ancient Forest and their incurable insanity. The technology within the hustle of doctors and bustle of scantily clad nurses is nothing short of state of the art and many different fields of medical practice can be found, from the common cold to the corrective surgery necessary for nephrocoloptosis.
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  • Feed - Vespasian Colosseum Vespasian Colosseum
    The pinnacle of cloud village engineering and usage of Lightning Country resources, the Grand Colosseum. A giant elliptical amphitheater, constructed using various stones, metals, and cement, capable of seating around 50,000 spectators. The Colosseum plays the stage to many type of events, shows, and entertainment, and the outside wall is home to many various shops relating to warfare, food fitness, souvenirs, theatre and training.
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    Tue Mar 19, 2019 5:50 am
  • Feed - Sileo Tempestas Sileo Tempestas
    Legends of ages pasts describe an ancient conflict between a draconic demon and a mortal man named Raiden, whose battles wreaked havoc across the world. The only aftermath that remained were the corpses of the combatants, and upon the corpses vows were made. The vows remain inherent among the sentries of ANBU, whose lavishly furnished base lie deep within the recesses of the mountains, and with the grave of Raiden as well.
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    Tue Jan 22, 2019 2:30 pm
  • Feed - Tarterian Specus Tarterian Specus
    Every gathering of humans will have its share of criminals, and every human population center will thus have a place to confine and punish them. Kumogakure is no different in this regard, and its prison system is designed to hold any who would violate society's laws, from common cutpurses to the most dangerous humans in the world: missing nin. Shinobi prisoners receive special treatment, being fitted with nigh unbreakable chakra draining collars that leave them stripped of their ability to perform even the most basic jutsu. Any tampering with said collars results in a fatal dose of toxins injected through the device. The worst offenders find themselves in the Underprison.
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