Hokage Rock

A famous tourist spot and one of the many wonders of the modern world, Hokage Rock overlooks all of Konohagakure. The famed mountain is a monument to Hokage of the past and although it was damaged in the Fire Country civil war, the monument was one of the first structures rebuilt during the new era of peace. At the top of the mountain sits a large observation deck and park with vender kiosk and picture perfect spots for observing the surrounding country or having a nice picnic.

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  • Feed - Kitsune Park Kitsune Park
    Named after the famed Uchiha of lore that was said to have saved the entire Fire Country centuries ago, Kitsune Park is the official name of the coliseum grounds that many exams are hosted on. Introduced to the area long ago, this forest located just before the path leading to the faces of Hokage Rock, is teeming with foxes that in some rare instances appear in a multitude of colors. The doors to the coliseum are guarded by a statue of the famed Uchiha and just outside of the coliseum grounds are the Memorial Stone gardens where the fallen heros of Konohagakure are laid to rest.
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  • Feed - The Garden Complex The Garden Complex
    Hidden within an artificially created forest atop the Hokage Rock faces, the complex known colloquially as “The Garden” but secretly dubbed Leaf City 2.0 is the hub for all shinobi activities within Konoha. Made up of a series of complexes connected by an advanced underground subway system that connects to Konoha below, only shinobi and personnel with high security clearances are allowed entry. Housing the prison and other vital shinobi operation bases, the Garden complex is also kept hidden from many prying eyes by a protective chakra barrier and moat that both seek to confuse and eject any and all threats.
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  • Feed - Interior Complex (ANBU HQ) Interior Complex (ANBU HQ)
    Unknown to most, the interior of Hokage Rock has been hollowed out with a system of caves made to be self-sufficient if need be. In these caves are all of the modern amenities, Barracks, offices, a cafeteria. Built like a military base, this is the new ANBU HQ after the old one's entrance was revealed. To enter this new complex, one must leave Konoha and locate the hidden tunnel entrance in Fire Country itself, which has windcart tracks going directly into and out of the HQ powered by a natural gust in the tunnels themselves. It has been fashioned to look like the inside of a normal building, with some areas actually full windows to the outside to allow natural light in. These areas are well hidden on the outside by chakra barriers and illusion.
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