Sunagakure no Sato

Translation: Village Hidden in the Sands

The village itself! Once being granted access through the Bulwark Gates, most will find themselves within the actual village of Suna. Residential, Commercial, Medical, the Prison, all of these varied and unique locations can be found once you enter the village! We hope you enjoy your stay, don't mind the sand!

This serves as the primary hub of the actual village.

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  • Feed - Residential District Residential District
    For the first time in a generation, people living in Suna are able to look skyward and see the Sun from the residential zone. The Residential District is made up of various adobe apartment buildings and housing structures to accommodate those of all walks of life. The smell of fresh flowers is almost intoxicating as the wind carries the scent across the realm. Accompanying the residences is a growing bazaar which is a sight to behold with colors and flavors. Since emerging on the surface, the Residential District has rapidly developed for the various walks of life within the village: high/middle/lower-class, Clans, and the growing refugee population.

    This is the location for all living quarters within the village.
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  • Feed - Commercial District Commercial District
    The Commercial District is a booming hub of life within Suna. Businesses, shops, restaurants, entertainment, all of it can be found for the general populaces within this area. Depending on your taste, and more specifically your wallet size, you can venture into the different Plaza's (Crystal for the wealthy and Stone for the more budget-minded). Unlike the nightmare stories of some of the unsavory shopping locations once found in the Grand Palais, a location now left forgotten in the ruins of what remains of the formerly underground village, this area is maintained and monitored by the SPF (Sunagakure no Sato Police Force) members of the Main Branch.

    This is the location for all shopping, entertainment (legal), and dining within the village.
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  • Feed - Toraono Dojo Toraono Dojo
    The Throne of Bone is the home of the Toraono clan and a dojo for all shinobi to come for training from the esteemed family. The huge, sandworm bone structure is a majesty of shinobi skill and technology and sits at the forefront of the Toraono owned lands. The glossy, sand-toned structure carries the banners of the Toraono family, a proud show of clan pride, but just below the Sunagakure symbols, openly displaying the place a site of loyalty to the village. This is a hall for learning and training, open to all who might approach.

    Since rejoining the village and no longer serving as the point of entry, the Toraono Dojo has now become the official Academy for all future and current Sunan Shinobi!
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  • Feed - Omni Prime Medical Facility Omni Prime Medical Facility
    Medical Complex stands testament to the tenacity and strength of the people of Suna. Within state-of-the-art technology is mixed with customary herbological remedies to produce an eclectic if not extremely effective triage and hospice center. The center is divided into three areas: the Hospital, the Med-nin Quarter, and the High-Security Medical Facility (Asylum), the needs of the citizens of Wind country are more than adequately supplied.

    Medical Center as well as a Research and Development Center.
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  • Feed - Kazekage Tower Kazekage Tower
    An Octagon of silver stone with entrances on all sides is where the inner workings of the Sungakure government take place. Sitting on top of the octagon is an image Primus the One King. The golden statue is of a man with his sword pointed to the ground with his gaze shifting upwards into the blue sky. The building is four stories high and consists of many offices. The office of the Steward is located on the third floor. The sigils of all Sungakurian families and families residing in Sungakure are carved on the sides of the building. Each sigil is colored with his clan's predominant color scheme. From the upper floors of the Kazekage tower viewers can see all sides of the enclosed village, and even over the looming gate walls that enclose their borders.

    Missions, Passport Office, representation of the village council, the Sennin and the Kazekage can all be found here.
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  • Feed - The Obsidian Palace The Obsidian Palace
    The top two floors protrude above ground and serve as a receiving and processing area for prisoners, visitors, and interrogations. The next seven stories below, a strange prison that has existed since the first men with no barred rooms. Each floor is a self-contained environment, some complete with living spaces and a semblance of civilization; locked away from the rest of the city and from each other connected only by a central column from which a skeleton crew of operators rotates through daily shifts managing the apparatuses within. It is said that darkness weighs on the minds of those who stay causing mental trauma. The prison devours the chakra of any creature introduced to the structure (Level 7 and lower). Sapped of their will-power, robbed of their mettle and bereft of their chakra most prisoners held below the first floor go mad within weeks. Legends tell of a mysterious tenth sub-floor (Level 0) which potentially could house the source of the hungry darkness but no man has ever ventured deep enough into the Palace and lived to tell the tale of its' existence.

    This is the village Prison and is divided into "Levels". Levels 9 & 8 are the above-ground portion with serving as the administrative/control and processing portion of the Prison. Levels 7-1 are the actual prison, each uniquely designed to administer punishment based on the types of criminals locked within it (descending levels based on the severity of crime/criminal). If a tenth level, Level 0 existed, it would be found under all of this hell.
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