Luminous Mountains

One of the several rolling mountain ranges within Wind Country, but the only one touched by the diamond settlement of the now-ended Diamond Maelstrom. The Luminous Mountains truly live up to their name during the moments of dusk when the lowering sun or the hanging moon hit it just right causing the residual glassy sand to cast various purple hues on the mountains. This beautiful scenery offsets the horrors of two locations within its proximity, Golden Sanctuary & Stardust Stadium, while also highlighting the true beauty of not only The Diamond Ocean but Wind Country in general. It is rumoured that several Ridgeback Sphinx made home within these mountains during the Diamond Maelstrom, but it is uncertain if they still hide within this range (and would be unwise to try and determine one way or another).

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The combat system is seeing a major update! Please read through the announcement and look into thet bloodlines/Core Abilities, Kinjutsu, and more changes that has arrived! You have until MAY 17th to update your build for FREE you can update your build in the following area: LINK

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For April Fools this year we changed the entire color scheme of the site and had a little Clippy fly around (wish we had screenshots and video) Was a great fun April Fools!

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A requested feature was a consistent and effective way to report problems, players and issues you have during your time on the site. This has now been created. Please check the announcements.

Addressing concerns and problems

Addressing issues surrounding community problems and the different types of "fun" players have in roleplaying communities. This is by no means a required reading. But it might be worthwile for some.

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