Two small updates concerning Battles

Announcements from Team Leads and the Administrative Staff.
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Two small updates concerning Battles

Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:19 pm

There has a been a slight change, courtesy of the Bmod team.

The following may be found in the [Bmod Request Forum];
Both Battlers and Battle Mods (Bmods) are expected to uphold the rules and ethics of the site no matter what side of the Battle that they fall on. Both Battlers and Bmods are agreeing to the terms of their respective parts when they request a bmod and send in actions as well as when they agree to become a Bmod.

1) As a Bmod, I agree to do my best to mod fairly and as quickly as possible.
2) I will do my best to not purposefully ignore or skip information for the sake of "fixing" a fight.
3) I will treat those requesting my services as a Bmod fairly and respectfully.
4) If there is an issue with my mod or a question, I will do everything in my power to seek an honest and fair result.
5) I will treat my fellow mods fairly and with respect, whether they be a Council Mod asking for information for an event or even a Dev member, etc, chiming in on my mod. I will also endeavor to assist B-Mod Training when I am able to do so, guiding the newest members of the team.
6) I will will not undermine my own or others mods by divulging information that battle participants will not normally be privy to.
7) I will not leak information that is being reviewed by the Bmod Team prior to it being made public. This will also extend to how a person or a team explicitly votes concerning any matter.
8) I will attempt to do all rolls for the battle in approved Bmod channels. If there is a need for me to go outside of the approved channels, I will post all necessary logs.
9) I will not maliciously call out other Bmods or players publicly and I understand that a Dev member is not a replacement for a Bmod call.

1) I as a participant in an officially modded battle agree to do my best to follow the requested format of sending my information as requested. Link to Requested Bmod Format
2) I recognize that my Bmod is human and will make errors and I will not chastise or purposefully attempt to cast them in a negative light due to accidentally or purposeful errors.
3) I will treat any and all Mods involved in my officially modded battle in a fair and humane way.
4) I agree to follow the chain of command if I have an issue with my mod and I will not without serious and verified proof, attempt to go over my Bmod's head and skip this chain of command because I "do not like" the ruling put forth. (Bmod => Bmod to Bmod Head => Bmod Head to Admin)
5) I will not try to force or coerce a Bmod into divulging information that I would not normally be privy to.
6) I will not maliciously call out -ANY- Bmod or player publicly and I understand that a Dev member is not a replacement for a Bmod call.
The key takeaway from this is to respect each other, and you will be respected. Tensions can run high during a battle, but please remember that the mods are people, not calculators. Likewise, understand that partipants are potentially risking characters they are heavily invested in. But win or lose, favorable rolls or unfortunate ones, we are all here to enjoy NC.

Next, a slight update to [Conditionals in the UBR], which now list more examples;
What is a conditional?
Any triggers you can make based on the IC knowledge you have in a fight, such as (but not limited to);
  • Your HP/CP/AP hitting a certain point.
  • Being afflicted by a status effect.
  • Being under a genjutsu and knowing it.
  • An individual having a visible status; Stealthing, bleeding, cursed sealing themselves, equipping certain items
  • An individual using a Ninjutsu/Genjutsu (using handseals) or Taijutsu(No handseals).
  • An individual using Melee, Ranged or Ninjutsu Accuracy.
  • An individual using a Jutsu that you own aswell or have a Snapshot of.
  • How much Time has passed.
The following examples are NOT valid conditionals:
  • If your stealth check fails. You have no method of knowing this ICly until they attack you.
  • Your opponent having a nonvisible status. If they're in stealth your conditionals based on them will be less likely.
  • Your opponent's HP/CP/AP hitting a certain point.
Again, these are only some examples. If you feel a bmod has allowed an invalid conditional, or disallowed a valid one, immediately PM them or an admin to look into it.
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