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Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:20 am
by The Sovereign
To Be the World Martial Arts Champion!

Tea Country invites you to the World Martial Arts Competition, a contest of not only strength but also martial skill. Each country is asked to send their best so that they can face off against their peers to prove who is superior. So that one among us can be called the "World's Greatest Martial Artist."

Event Rules:
  1. Every village is invited to send 3 fighters to this tournament. The deadline for submission (as in telling us who will participate) is Dec 26th. You can tell us sooner, but no later. Failure to provide enough contestants will result in those spaces being filled by other players from other countries.
    • Each village may devise their own in character or out of character system to determine who they send.
    • If you are interested in participating please ask your village council.
  2. Each village is invited to send 1 fighter as a back-up in case another village fails to send any players or if one of the intended players goes inactive. This player is NOT ANTICIPATED to be fighting but might fight if the intended fighter is not available.
  3. Players must have an up to date profile. Their profile will be copied in full and provided to the mods by an Admin or Council person with access to the profiles. This must be done by Jan. 2nd.
  4. The event itself starts on January 3rd, the first round will start January 10th but more details will come on how this will happen.
  5. Players have 2 Event Slots the duration of this event. This is so players can socialize AND fight and those who are not fighting have extra time to socialize OR they can participate in the events that their community is hosting without interference from this event.
  6. Travel to this Event Area is FREE meaning you can remain in your village while simultaneously RP in this event area. Players are free to travel to this area and fill ALL their RP and Event slots but they do not have to do this.
  7. The fights will be modded in separate threads by an official Battle Mod. All normal rules of engagement must be respected, however additional players CANNOT be called into the fight. Calling other players into the fight will result in disqualification and will be prevented by the guards and other fighters. Remember you are in an arena were everyone is very powerful, most as good as if not better than you.
    • Please thank our Battle Moderators for their assistance and hard work:
      • Umashi
      • Kaen
      • Akujin
      • Takeshi
      • Roku
      • Shiori
  8. Players cannot assist their friend by casting genjutsus or other hidden actions into the fight from wherever they are spectating. The spectating rules for these fights are as follows:
    • Spectators cannot change the course of a fight. So, a player cannot tell you where your opponent is nor can they cast a jutsu that helps you get out of a bad situation.
    • Spectators can heckle and yell out words of wisdom or support.
    • Spectators cannot give away information regarding what jutsus an opponent has cast or where an opponent is (negating hidden actions, giving someone knowledge that they are under a genjutsu or giving someone an automatic successful awareness).
  9. These are considered no-kill fights. This means that there are Medics on standby and there are other fighters and guards that will intervene if you attempt to perform a [Forced Kill] or a [Player's Choice Kill]. When a character is knocked out and no longer able to battle (there are some abilities that allow players to get back up after being knocked out or continue after being knocked below 0 HP and those abilities will still be respected) then the fight is over even if it is mid-round (so there is no burst damaging a player into -100% health). Attempts to do this despite this rule will result in disqualification from the battle and will be prevented by these NPCs.
  10. This is an inter-village event that expects good sportsmanship. Harassing or heckling players, making unsubstantiated accusations OC, or being a bad sport will result in your removal from the event as a whole. Yes, NPCs will escort you out of the zone and you will not be allowed to IC return in addition to potential penalty if the Administration deems it appropriate.
  11. This is a Battle Mod heavy event. The one battle at a time rule does hold true. Additional Battle Mod restrictions are up to the discretion of the Battle Mod Team.
  12. Battle Mods are being heavily utilized in this event, as such we expect the following things sent with actions each round:
    • Your maintains are stated each round. If you fail to state your maintains, they will be considered dropped.
    • When a player is disarmed, if their next action involves the weapon they will automatically pick it up. If they are bound, they will automatically attempt to break free. If their weapon is sheathed and needs to be unsheathed, the mod will do this for the player automatically. When it comes top the transformation jutsu, remember that you are the only opponent on the field. The jutsu will not be dropped because you now look like the Hokage as you are the only opponent in the fight. Transformation will still work for things such as making yourself look like the summon you have on the field, flavor, or to look like a creation you have manifested.
    • The arena is well lit with minimal debris (sorry stealth users) but for the sake of fairness to all builds we are making the setting: +/- 0 to stealth overall because we will claim that an overhead storm has somewhat darkened the setting coupled with the aura of some of the other fighters.
    • Players are expected to LINK EVERYTHING they send. If they fail to link their action (with the exception of basic strikes) then their action will be dropped (no CP cost and no AP cost, simply it never happened).
    • ROE states players have 3 days to send their actions and an additional 2 if they post nowhere else on the site. This ruling persists. Failure to send your actions in a timely manner will result in you being placed in defensive stance and you will wait out the round.
    • Players are expected to review their mod before they send their actions. When they send their actions, they are stating that they have reviewed the mod and the mod appears to be accurate. That is the players only oppertunity to question the mod. If a player has a question, DM your moderator (and log it). The mod should get back to you in a timely manner. When they do, they will tell you what changes were made if any. If the changes alter the outcome of the round in a relevant way they will notify the rest of the players of the change. Relevant would not be "I should have done 500 more damage" but rather actions were dropped, creations/clones were destroyed, lasting secondary effects are not placed (such as a called shot), jutsus were dropped, etc. If a Relevant change happened with the mod. All of the players have an oppertunity to edit their actions and resend them as if the mod was just posted the day it was edited (so 3-5 days to send actions once again).
    • Mods log their rolls in a Roller Channel. No, you will not be given permission to enter this channel to review their rolls. Some mods may elect to do their mod in a public channel, but mods are not required to do this. You are expected to respect your mod's decision. You will not bully them to change this preference.
    • Do not accuse your mod of cheating for the other player unless you have solid proof of this. Things will get missed, some in your favor and some not. Neither constitutes for cheating. When you level such an accusation against someone you are placing their reputation on the line. If you do accuse someone of cheating, not just missing stuff (stuff you are expected to review each round) it will be reviewed but if that mod is not found to be cheating but rather overwhelmed by the difficulty of the mod then you will be asked to leave the event. Reviews are very time consuming and stressful and such an accusation never goes away even if it is disproved. Be certain that you are being cheated before you level such a complaint against them.
    • The fighters can handle themselves. We are well aware that there are players that will be watching the mod, do not send the mod DMs listing their errors. That is the job of the participants. Feel free to contact one of the players regarding this but remember in the end it is the responsibility of the fighters to watch their own thread.
  13. Players that are NOT fighting can do a variety of things for the fighters, with the fighters, against the fighters or in spite of the players.
    • Medics - there is a recovery mechanic for Cursed Seals. There are players getting hurt. Heal them. Everyone has their own medical technology and theory, this is a great time to share what you know and to show off your branch. Ask your Council if they are planning on doing anything branch specific.
    • Aspiring Shinobis - this is a great chance for you to be tutored by a foreign shinobi. Don't ignore this oppertunity.
    • Leaders - how often is the leader from another village in the same country that you are? This is exceedingly rare. Make the best of this.
    • ANBU - you have a leader to protect, a foreign land to learn more about, potentially missions you can embark upon.
    • General population - Yes there are bars, shops, lots of things to do and people to see.
    • There is an ongoing story that is a few years old that is relevant to some players but it is not a focal point of this event. However, that story is ongoing through the event. New players can insert themselves and old players can continue their saga. More information to follow regarding backstories.
  14. There will be a mini event for players that are not fighting. We will not tell you what that is so do not ask!
People we would like to thank: the mods that are going to be assisting us in this event. Dev for some of the work they might provide (it is a surprise!). Contracts for the grand prize they will be offering to the winners (a surprise!). Admin for the allowances they have made (and hopefully will make).


Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:29 pm
by The Sovereign
The World Martial Arts Tournament is quickly approaching!

Sunagakure has determined their representatives for this tournament. SAND contests for the World Martial Arts Competition are as Follows:
  • Aikayume Azusa
  • Okayama Roku
  • Byakko Kyūji
  • Oda Yatamaru (Alternate)
The Missing population has also determined their representatives. MISSING/MERC contests for the World Martial Arts Competition are as Follows:
  • Shiromaru
  • Miroku Akkuma
  • Yamada Ao
Announcements will follow when the representatives for Cloud and Leaf are determined. Be on the look-out for updates and announcements regarding this event weekly from here on!


Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:58 pm
by The Sovereign
[center]Amazing Rewards![/center]

The winner and the runners up in the World Martial Arts Tournament will not only gain boasting rights but they will also be given some awesome prizes. The fighters will receive the following:
  • Every participant will receive MISSION rewards (S Rank Modded) assuming that they fulfill the requirements of a modded mission.
    • Yes, this means word count and post count are still required.
    • The winner of each fight will receive successful mission rewards and the loser of each fight would receive failed mission rewards (which are 50% of the mission rewards).
  • Third Place will get the random contract card where they will find a random contract guaranteed in their search but they will need to RP it out normally.
  • Second Place will get the contract of their choice card to the second place winner but the RP must be done normally.
  • First Place will get contract of their choice with no RP needed!
    • In addition we are offering the First Place tournament winner a unique Medal Image for additional bragging rights!
Best of luck all those who take part in this tournament. Be on the look-out for our next announcement, that one will pertain to players not fighting but still participating in the event in other ways!

**A big thanks goes to the Contract Team for agreeing to provide the contract prizes for the first, second and third place fighter!


Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:36 am
by The Sovereign
[center]Gambling System[/center]

Yes, we have gambling in this event. You, yes you might make it rich if you can determine who will win the tournament or you can get a little extra play-money by determining the win in the 1v1 match-ups.

You can make two different wagers.
  1. Who will win a specific match. At the quarter finals, the semi-finals and the finals you can place a bet on who you think will win. Once again bets will close one minute before the first round is modded and they open up once the match-ups are announced.
  2. Who will win the tournament as a whole. You can make a wager regarding who will win the whole tournament and earn the bragging rights (as well as the winnings) for predicting who will win on day one. You would have to place your bet before the first round of the first match is modded.

    How do I get paid?
    • You are paid at the end of the match when a winner is declared. You will win your share of the yen in the overall pool. This is calculated simply. For example if the pool of yen in 30,000 and you invested 6,000 yen on the winner and everyone else invested a total of 11,000 more yen on the winner for a total of 17,000 yen , for every 1000 yen you invested you would be getting back 1765 yen for a total of 10588 yen. Request your winnings in the wager thread you made your bet in and a moderator will give you your payment.
    Additional Information:
    • Bet Minimum: 1000 Yen Minimum.
      Increments:1000 Yen Increments.
      Maximum Bet: There is no Maximum bet, however you must have the yen on hand at the time of the transaction.
      When do Bets Close: Bets will close 1 minute before the first round is modded so do not wait until the last minute!
It should go without saying but do not expect a tournament participant to take a fall for you to ensure that you win. Also do not ridicule a participant if they lose the match and 'lost your money' (that is called harassment and would be treated accordingly per site rules even if it takes place off-site if we get logs). It was a risk you took when you placed the wager. If the player you bet on goes inactive and was unable to participate (as in they did not post at all and they were replaced with another user), you will then (and only then) be given a full refund. We will not refund your yen if you 'change your mind' after the match has already started so please bet carefully and responsibly.


Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:40 pm
by The Sovereign
[center]More Challengers Arrive![/center]

LEAF has determined their representatives for the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament. They are as follows:
  1. Maki
  2. Tsukasa Mikasa
  3. Akira Amaya
  4. Uchiha Takeshi (Alternate)


Posted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:17 am
by Michi
Cloud has determined who they are sending:
  • Shouyu Hoshi
  • Rikutsuchi Miraku
  • Okada Kaji
  • Backup: Tsuyoshi Junko


Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:30 pm
by The Sovereign
Event: World Martial Arts Tournament

Event Start Date: Jan. 3, 2018
Event: World Martial Arts Tournament
  • Bracket-style tournament involving shinobi all over the world that vie for the title "World Martial Arts Champion."
  1. Okayama Roku
  2. Rikutsuchi Miraku
    Yamada Ao
  3. Akira Amaya
  4. Aikayume Azusa
    Okada Kaji
  5. Tsukasa Mikasa
  6. Byakko Kyūji
  7. Miroku Akkuma
  8. NPC
    *automatic victory for this NPC
Battle between #1 and #2
Sand, Leaf, Cloud or Missing
Battle between #3 and #4
Leaf, NPC, Sand, or Cloud
Battle between #5 and #6
Leaf, Missing, Sand, or NPC
Battle between #7 and #8
Missing, NPC or Cloud
All villages have potential here. In addition, there is the possibility of all three of the recognized villages to have 2 from the same village fighting each other.
All villages have potential here. In addition, there is the possibility of having two Missing or NPC fighters fighting each other.
  • Bracket 1: Umashi
    Bracket 2: Akujin
    Bracket 3: Kaen
    Bracket 4: Sanyu
    Bracket 5: Michi, if available Junko will take over.
    Bracket 6: Takeshi
    Bracket 7: Roku


Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:11 am
by Sunahoshi Katsuo
Michi wrote:Hello! As we grow closer to the World Martial Arts Tournament and all the fun and excitement that surround it, the B-Mod Team wanted to release our expectations/guidelines for the participants in the tournament ahead of time so we have no issues or quarrels during the tournament. As one can see below, this is what we would like you to do before and during the tournament so we have a smooth process and everyone involved has no issues.
  • Pre-Tournament:
    • Updated Battle Information - Whatever is given to us by the cutoff date will be used during the tournament. No ifs, ands, or buts so make sure your profile is up to date by the deadline!
      • The Items Requested in the Battle Information Include (they should all be linked if applicable):
        • Stats
        • Secondaries - We will double check, but it is good to have this included so you know what you are working with
        • Character Class with HP and CP calculated
        • Abilities
        • Equipment
        • Weapons
        • All Your Jutsu Linked (When Sending Actions)
        • BL/CA/Kinjutsu - Preferably in your information sent, but at the very least linked
        • Custom Summons if applicable
        • Elemental Affinities and Sensory Masteries clearly marked
        • Note if you have any ASP items like the Ability Card, Class Point Card, Equipment Slot Card
        • A List of Passives/Notes if applicable
  • During Tournament/Your Fight(s):
    • Your Actions:
      • Rank being used
      • If using a Special Action, specify which one if there are multiple
      • If a jutsu can use multiple accuracies, note which one you are using.
      • AP and CP Costs
      • All Your Jutsu Linked
      • Passives/Abilities/Etc that affect Damage, CP Cost, AP timing, etc
    • A List of Maintains linked with the CP cost marked
      • If applicable, anything that affects the CP cost
    • Notes:
      • Damage Modifiers and from where
      • Accuracy/Gen DC/Dodge Modifiers and from where
      • Auto-Hits and Auto-Dodge Percentages and From Where
      • Secondary Effect Modifiers
      • Alignments
      • Anything that we forgot to include!
    • If you need a reference for formatting your information per round, please refer to THIS or THIS.
    • Timing of Things OOC:
      • Moderators will do their best to mod the fight over the weekend. The weekend will be classified as 12:00 GMT on Friday to 23:59 GMT on Sunday. However if need be, more time will be taken.
      • The participants will have from 00:00 GMT on Monday to 11:59 GMT on Friday to send actions. That is roughly 5 days which is what the ROE mentions.
      • If actions and the RPs are posted before the weekend, the moderator is allowed to mod it and post the round. However, the participants will still have Monday through noon on Friday to do their actions regardless of when the mod posts.
      • The important thing is to work with your moderator as they do not want you to wait nor do they want to wait for you.
  • Questions/Concerns that Arise:
    • Go to your B-Mod first and talk to them about it. They are the first individual that you should go to.
    • If the question/concern cannot be addressed by them, they will go to the B-Mod Head to get their verdict.
    • The B-Mod Head's Ruling is FINAL.
  • Consequences for Failing to Follow Our Guidelines:
    • First Warning: You will be asked to please include everything and/or be asked to show us what we missed.
    • Second Warning: You will be warned again to include what you missed. This is your 2nd and final warning.
    • Third Warning: The Moderator will mod with what is given to them in the actions and it will be left up to their discretion.
  • Reminder:
    • The Battle Moderators are human meaning they will make mistakes and errors while modding. Do not belittle them over it.
    • This is not a paid job, they are volunteering their time to moderator the Tournament for you.
    • Tensions and emotions may be high, but you do not need to go after your moderator if something doesn't go your way. They are doing their job and they do not care who truly wins the fight as they are impartial.
    • Your Moderator will likely be marked as busy on Discord while they are modding so please do not disturb them. Modding is not an easy job at all and they need to focus their attention on it.
Today is the last day for battle information. We will be getting our battle information from your profile as soon as the date is considered tomorrow (1/3) site time.


Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:28 pm
by Orouro
Just some reminders!


Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:53 am
by Orouro
Good news!

For the tournament event, the spectator rules do NOT require approval from those in the fight for people to watch! So use your free threads! Get out there and watch your favored competitor get the crap kicked out of them while they kick the crap out of someone else!


Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:28 pm
by Orouro
Currently Cursed Seals have an IRL two week cooldown before they can be used again if one is used in a fight.

Those fighting in the tournament, however, get a pass on that. In order to keep a sense of fair play to things, if you use a cursed seal in your tournament fight, there is no cool down to use it again!