Rush The Tower [S Rank Moderated Mission]

Formerly plagued by a terrible sandstorm for the past three decades that was so terrible it forced Sunagakure underground has finally receded. Despite the absence of the Diamond Maelstrom, as it used to be so-called, this terrain is still not without its dangers. Roving bandits, nomadic people who will find you strange and perhaps even tasty, to the occasional wild beast as small as a dune hare to as great as the mighty carnasaur or sandworm. Those who trek this particular zone of the desert best come prepared for the absolute worst.

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Rush The Tower [S Rank Moderated Mission]

Tue Dec 25, 2018 1:27 am

The City of Babylos
Located in the rocky, temperate southern region of Wind Country, Babylos served as a fortified trading outpost that serviced miners in the far south that sought their fortune in the vast mountain ranges that bordered the country. Fortunes were never made in the south, the mines were bereft of diamonds and gold, but several 'precious' metals were discovered along the bladespeak coast such as feathersteel, breaker iron and bladespeak, the ore from which the range is named. This of course birthed a community in the far south west of Wind Country called Gong, legendary for making sentient blades. However Babylos grew in its own way, not as a shining trade community but rather as a haven for scholars. Attracted by the fact that Babylos was so far out of the way, underutilized but still an important part of the trade routes in Wind Country scholars were drawn to the peaceful mining community. Due to the presence of what would one day be heralded as the Oracle order, the city's population and importance increased so that it became "the center of edification" in Wind Country.

The Oracles built a tower in the heart of the city, a great library said to house the secrets of the Order. This great library was known as the Tower of Babylos. The city thrived under the watchful eye of the tower whose top, seventh floor was always lit. It was said that the Oracles stationed themselves as the ruling body of the meritocracy of Babylos and that they did well as a society. The lands surrounding Babylos became suitable for farming thanks to an irrigation system constructed and the village became self-sufficient over time. That was of course part of their mysterious downfall. As Babylos stopped needing contact with the outside world, Babylos closed itself off to outsider influence. Babylos halted trade with the other communities and instructed traders to bypass their community as they were no longer necessary, this being a 'logical ends.' A wall was constructed around the city first and then around their farmland a decade later. Those curious enough to enter Babylos never left, some assumed that they chose to stay in what Oracles have described as a 'haven for intellectuals' but others suggested a dire end for those that forced their way inside.

Eventually Babylos was for the most part forgotten, or perhaps ignored. The community kept to themselves, allowing only Oracles entry into the massive self-sustaining community and of those that entered none ever departed. Perhaps that is why nobody noticed when Babylos was destroyed over five decades ago. Two decades before the diamond maelstrom stripped the country of the other villages. Nobody knows exactly when Babylos fell, only that people stopped trying to visit Babylos, that nobody tried to enter Babylos and that still nobody ever departed Babylos. The tower of Babylos grew dark and cold, like a dark tombstone over a grave.

The curious, foolish and brave have on occasion tried to enter the city of Babylos, none have gotten far. The city itself apparently a labyrinth of traps and puzzles with dangerous and dire consequences for those who fail to answer the crazed maker's riddles. So as the people of Babylos wanted, we forgot about them wholly. That is until this past week, the light on the top floor of the tower is on once again.

Yes, this is an adventure done in a style that has not previously been used in this community. However, I have tested this in another community and it can prove to be a hilarious and interesting encounter for those that wish to participate. Considered to be a MISSION this will take up your mission slot. Expect this mission to take a few months to complete and you might have to make multiple attempts to complete this adventure. That said, I am taking a lot from DnD in terms of puzzles and encounters but will teach how to play as we go on our way.

So how does this work?

Well, first you sign up for the adventure. It will be considered a MODERATED S Rank Group Adventure, so you would need to fit the requirements for this. This instance is built to accommodate large groups concurrently. While in theory it is possible to enter this encounter on your own, an important statement from the DM: do not split the party because many of the traps, puzzles and enemies you will encounter in there are very accurate and very damaging. in some cases statistically similar to the Barnyx Worm encounter, the Door encounter as well as a few other DM'd adventures I have performed for players in the past.

The moderation will be done approximately weekly, giving players in the group the ability to post during the week as many times as they wish between mods, but they would be limited regarding the number of actions they chose to take (10 AP is still a thing).

In terms of builds, resting is not possible in here, however gains from abilities such as healing factor will grant you your 3% health gain. So if you have a rest-based build, then you might want to reconsider aspects of your build for this adventure but you are not expected to.

As for killing players -- I do not kill players. This is a personal preference as a moderator, therefore killing will not be possible in this mission. If someone is rendered unconscious and is not recovered after 3 rounds, they will be teleported out of the instance and attempts to force a kill will result in you being teleported out of the instance.

Sign ups will be available until the end of Monday Jan 7th. [CLICK ME]

If you have any questions, feel free to post in the FAQ thread I have provided. [CLICK ME]

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