In and out, The Search for Kagari begins!

Those wishing to travel through legal means will require a passport. The passport office is open for most hours of the day and night. Caution is strongly advised as it the passport office crew are known to have strong personalities! Many disappointed individuals have come out of the office as they underestimated the passport officer's requirements!
Get your passport here.

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In and out, The Search for Kagari begins!

Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:32 pm

The door to the Passport Office swung open, a loud thud resounded outward as the Crimson Anbu stepped through the threshold. Customers, travelers, people in general all glanced in his direction. Looks of confusion, distaste and annoyance clearly upon each of their assorted faces. But Kaen didn't care, he was on a mission, one he intended on seeing through. Tenken commanded it, it would be done. Releasing only a small fraction of his true power, a flaming aura would appear around Kaen's body. Enough to make a show of force, but not enough to do any damage other than fear. "Everybody out, NOW!" His aura flared up a bit in an attempt to compound on his earlier fiery threat. Unsurprisingly everybody fled the office at once. A single clerk would attempt to pass him, but Kaen would raise a hand. 'You're staying..." The young lady cowered in fear, unsure of who the hell this guy was. "W-what do you want..."

Kaen would reach into his cloak and pull forth his crystal passport, signifying his status as Anbu. "I'm here on official Sunagakurian Anbu business. We have reason to believe a potential threat has infiltrated the Village. I am a member of the Counter-Terrorism and Defense branch. I am looking for any and all information you might have on a Toshiwakai Kagari. I was hoping you might be able to assist me without further complications." Kaen would stare directly at the woman, attempting to ingrain the seriousness of this request. "Y-yes, yes of course. Let me just find our records..." The woman, still afraid and unsure of whether he could trust this man would hurry behind the counter in search of his request. Anbu or not, he was threatening and obviously chakra capable. She was not, and therefore that made him just that much more scary. She returned quickly with a small file, Kagari's name on the tab. "This is all we have, please don't hurt me!" The woman would erupt into tears as she relinquished the file over to Kaen.

Kaen would cock his head to the side and then shake it. "I just told you, I'm with the Anbu. I'm not going to hurt you, now go back to work, report me or whatever you need. I have a mission to take care of..." The masked Anbu would open the file and began to filter through it until he got to the photo. His surprise would almost make him laugh. But to keep from appearing as a psycho evil person, Kaen would remain composed. The photo was unmistakable, it was Joker... Oh, what's this? In a protected pocket within the folder was a vial of blood. How convenient, tracking him will be no problem at all now. Kaen would begin to head out the Passport Office door. He needed to act quick in the off chance this 'Kagari' was truly indoctrinated into the Sovereign ranks.

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