Off To Compete [Requesting Exit]

Kumogakure is protected by a combination of impassable rock formations and sheer unclimbable cliff faces. The only access to and from the village is located within the Dragon Tooth Pass, where an opening was once blasted through stone in ancient times through means impossible to replicate today. This gap is now protected by the village gates, overseen by guard towers staffed with shinobi at all times. These men and women are constantly on alert for attempts at trespass or unlawful egress.
This is the village gates! You must post here to enter or leave Kumogakure.

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Off To Compete [Requesting Exit]

Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:16 pm

Preparations were finally complete. Still in shock from the fact that he had managed to make the cut, a freshly reinvigorated Miraku made his way to the gates of the village. The time had come for him to make his way to Tea Country to participate as one of three Shinobi deemed worthy of representing their village on the world stage. Having spent the past weeks preparing, the young Shinobi felt himself ready to prove what he had set out to. That he could take on other strong Shinobi from other parts of the world and show them how great Kumogakure really was.

Dressed in his usual shinobi attire, a pair of black pants, a blue long sleeved shirt covered by his long grey coat, lined with fur along the edges of the hood, sleeve holes and bottom of the coat, it was meant to keep him warm in the cold Northern climate as that was all he was used to. He would later find that a mistake when he would enter the warmer climates he was headed to, but he wasn't thinking about such trivial things with the future combat filling his mind lately. Of course, along with his attire, he carried a large bag on his back, filled with all his Shinobi gear one would need for serious combat; much like a war but this would be a duel setting of course, everything from weapons, to armor, to medical supplies. Miraku wouldn't let himself be unprepared for this event, or at least as prepared as he could be.

The only thing left for him now was to approach the gates and make his leave; head to Port Cirus are take the boat with his teammates to Tea Country. As such, Miraku walked towards the gate, stopping close by as he waited to be approached by someone guarding the gate, pulling out his temporary passport which would allow him to leave the village for this event, readying it as he knew they would request to see it; or so he assumed.

[Requesting Exit]
[Note: This post takes place back before the start of the tournament in Tea Country; So this post is Miraku leaving to participate in the tourny since I had to go inactive before being able to post this.]
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