Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Kumogakure is protected by a combination of impassable rock formations and sheer unclimbable cliff faces. The only access to and from the village is located within the Dragon Tooth Pass, where an opening was once blasted through stone in ancient times through means impossible to replicate today. This gap is now protected by the village gates, overseen by guard towers staffed with shinobi at all times. These men and women are constantly on alert for attempts at trespass or unlawful egress.
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:58 pm

Could you feel it? The feeling of tension, strife, concern and anxiety mixed into a visible fight or flight response in many. But why? Was it because of those flying creatures that now all but disappeared? Instead there was damage to the gates, to people, and most importantly the morale of the shinobi currently at the gates.

The dissipated creatures were soon replaced with a giant monster of some sort. Towering over even the gates of Kumogakure and the teeny tiny people below it. Hajime’s first instincts were guessing he should attack just like all the others that appeared to have awoken from the daze they were all caught in. A smart choice to try and take down the creature quickly if that was even a possibility.

”Oh…” the Chuunin stated blankly as he looked up at all the shinobi making attacks against the creature. ”I guess with a lot of people it’d be easier, huh?” He would motion a hand to his chin and look down in thought. ”That would require some kind of courage to really face something 20 to 30 times your size…So is that what I need right now?”

He skimmed through all the feelings in his mind. Sadness? No that wasn’t it… Awe? Maybe that could work. Infatuation? No now wasn’t the time to use that.

”…Oh! Courage! I should use courage!” Hajime exclaimed before his whole demeanour changed. His spaced out eyes replaced with a sparkling dark eyes and a neutral expression shifted into a grin. ” Yeah this seems right. They’re using their courage to fight the creature.”

His heart would palpitate and beat faster as the adrenaline matched the situation. Just like the body that encompassed it, Hajime was ready to fight against the creature. Besides a few little jutsu to support himself against such a tough creature.

”Oh, almost forgot!” Hajime remarked to himself, before summoning two very bland and dull puppets of about human size. They weren’t of any strong calibre, and in fact looked a little hollowed out as if you could somehow fit something inside.

”I’ll probably need some healing after all. Everyone seems so focused on attacking that I can’t see any healing.” The Chuunin would nod before rushing out towards the creature, but not before activating anti gravity field around him. Hopefully that would help.

There were a couple of issues with regards to Hajime’s plan. The first reason being was that there was no plan. He was definitely no tactician, nor learned. Most of his ideas were through feeling what to do next based on how others were feeling. And well… monsters weren’t so easy to check emotions for. Usually they were all bite and nothing else.

Secondly, and more importantly, was the fact of how air-headed the man with no plans really was. Not even accounting for uneven terrain probably brought on from attacks, and debris flying everywhere. Running at the pace most shinobi ran would often risk you falling if you tripped on something.

And that he did. He tripped. On the biggest day of career so far. Not only that, but with the anti-gravity jutsu on he would end up spinning as he tripped, knocking himself out as his now floating body flew at the creature like a missile. It looked like Hajime would instead be going for a nap instead of making this creature sleep with the fishes.
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Buffing – 10 ap

Equip heart (https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=59836#p321911) .5 ap
Activate defensive stance (-4 acc for +4 dodge) - .5 ap
Activate Audio medic (viewtopic.php?f=802&t=53871#p271452) using the special action to use an additional puppet. Using my 2 unequipped puppets for this. Healing on myself and whoever wants the other target? 2.25 ap
Activate anti gravity
https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=300&t=414#p965 2 ap

Total spent: 5.25 ap


10 ap

Rest for 10 ap (Calm Mind choices: 2% extra hp and cp back, The user may retain the ability to dodge, but with a -4 penalty, The user may maintain any Jutsu Level B or lower Jutsu that do not target anyone other than themselves. Natural empathy also increases hp/cp healed per ¼ ap past the first by 4%, and audio medicis .5% hp and cp per 1 ap resting, making it 5%)

No other action, other than to float towards the creature while knocked out.
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:51 am

It's a beautiful day outside. The birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you…


…were running for their lives from the terrifying creatures that had taken to the skies of Kumogakure. The commotion that spread through the village was loud enough to reach Reicheru's ears in the colosseum, where she'd been given the job of scrubbing the blood up off the floor from yesterday's showings. 'It'd be a lot easier if they made this a night job, get to it while it's still fresh…' the kunoichi thought to herself, annoyed as she scrubbed away at the dried stains, her repertoire of water jutsu too limited to be of any real help. The hubbub was a welcome distraction at first, but as Rei moved against the stream of people who seemed to be coming from the direction of the gates among mutterings about 'dragons', an uneasiness settled in the girl's stomach. Obviously these people weren't running from dragons, but it could never be a good thing to have such an uproar at the village's most important and stringent security point. Still, even as she neared the aptly named pass, there was no sign of anything in the skies attempting to bypass the gates…
A familiar voice rang out overhead. Looking up, Reicheru caught sight of her avian friend rocketing toward her….dragon in tow. 'That's….that's not possible…' she thought to herself, momentarily too bewildered to even move as Leroy soared overhead before crashing into and tumbling on the ground behind her. Her grey eyes widened in shock as the barred teeth of the monster drew ever closer. "Leroy, run!" Finally her mouth and hands moved, flying through the signs to put up a chakra barrier to buy them some time. 'I'm gonna die, this is it,' were her only thoughts as the snarls of the beast enveloped her. 'Maik…'

"I mean, it's not real. It's just a genjutsu, friendo." Turning to face the barn owl, Reicheru's brows burrowed in annoyance and confusion. "Just use the one jutsu," Making motions with his front paws, Rei sighed and made the signs for Cancel. She closed her eyes and prayed as the monster came down on them, the heat of its breath on her skin. Then, as quickly as it had come, it was gone. "You really couldn't tell?" Leroy asked, head cocked at a forty-five degree angle. "If you knew all along, why were you running - er, flying - away from it?" The owl shrugged his wings. "I was having fun, figured you twolegs set this up as a training or something. Didn't realize how gullible you all were. Dragons aren't real; a flying lizard? C'mon, that's ridiculous." Reicheru bit her tongue as she looked the owl-cat griffin up and down with an eyebrow raised. Yea, that was the hardest thing to believe in this crazy world they lived in.

Just as relief began to set in that the flying creatures weren't real began to set in, questions about who would be causing them and why took its place. "So if this isn't a training, I guess that one real big guy at the gates is a problem then, huh?" Rather than ask for an explanation, she figured they'd wasted enough time here and leapt onto Leroy's back. "Yea, yea it is. Let's go." In one fluid motion, Leroy's massive wings launched them into the air and closer toward the gate. There, Reicheru finally laid eyes on the true monster terrorizing her new home…

"What… what is that?" Thankfully, for once, Leroy didn't answer. As the duo arrived, shinobi from all over were leaping into action to take on the gigantic beast. People transformed in inhuman ways with strange chakra auras, odd clones filled the field, someone on a dragon that oddly hadn't dissipated whizzed past them in the air. It was the wildest display of power the young girl had ever seen. Once upon a time, she had sensed she was out of her league when coming up against a ragtag resistance group in Leaf. Now, she knew it. She was a mere child among elites, against an elite enemy. But perhaps there was somewhere else she could help, something the others had missed in their focus on the godzilla creature that towered over them? "Is that thing causing the genjutsu? Are there others?" From her vantage point, Reicheru scanned the mountain crags just beyond the gates. "I'm not seeing anything else. Besides, the genjutsu was the distraction, not this. This is the threat." Leroy's voice was uncharacteristically serious. With that possibility out, her focus shifted to the chaos on the ground below, and those still under the genjutsu who would only get in the way of those trying to defend them. "Right. Well, someone needs to get the students and civilians out. We've got the flight power for that. How many can you take at a time?"

Several things happened as she spoke. First, another giant lizard burst up out of the ground. Thankfully, this one seemed to be on their side. Kumo was really something else. Second, she finally took notice of the children that had somehow managed to land themselves on the lizard's head. Perhaps a fine idea for a creature with such little arms, at least until Kumo's own scaly beast started mauling it indiscriminately. Third, she spotted Maikeru running along the wall. And last… "Shinobi of Kumogakure, this is your Raikage! This beastie came to the wrong neighborhood! Bring me that thing's hide! FOR THE GLORY OF KUMOGAKURE!"

Shinobi of Kumogakure. The words echoed in her mind as Leroy drew closer to the ground to start picking up passengers, though those still under the effects of the genjutsu mistook him for a dragon and ran. Picking up a few chakra inept civilians, Reicheru chewed on the words. Yeah, she was out of her depth. But when hadn't she been? As they dropped their load off in the inner village and turned to go back into the fray, she was filled with determination. "Take me over its head, and then check on Maik and when you see an opening, circle back around to pick us up. Those kids are gonna get themselves mauled to death." Carefully as they soared, she stood on the animal's back, drawing her weapon and channeling her chakra into the blade, harmonizing with the energy of its forger within. 'Alright, ojiisan, let's do th--'

Aaaand they'd stopped, hovering at the edge of the battlefield. "We uh, we good Leroy?" Twisting his neck around to face his rider, the bird stammered "Oh yeah, I just thought you'd wanna do the thing." Her face must have clearly communicated that she had no idea what he was talking about, as the owlet continued, "You said you're from Leaf, like those guys, right? Is it like, a cultural thing to state your name and title before going into battle?" Yet another sigh; all the kunoichi could do was shake her head. But it was all she had to do, as with a quick "Oh, okay," the pair was off again.

Finally they came directly overhead of the raging monster, and Reicheru dropped down onto the head of the 'dinosaur' below. Running toward the opposite eye, she called to the other two Cloud nin, "So it's gonna get real nasty up here real fast. When that owl comes back around, jump on, we're out. We'll just slow the others down if we're in the way." With that, she lunged at the creature's haunting white eye, her own usually grey orbs beginning to take on a violet shimmer.

Buffing Round ActionsShow
Rei's Actions

[2.25 AP] Contract Summoning [Mastered] via Contract Mastery -- Summon Leroy -- Bird Contract [A-Rank]
  • Ancient Wisdom -- Melee Acc and Gen DC in high; grant allies +1 to Melee Acc/Melee Dodge/Gen DC/Gen Save, and +5% Melee/Genjutsu damage.
  • Contract Mastery -- Paying +20% of Contract Summoning's CP Cost for contract to gain +3 Melee Acc
[1 AP] Initiative -- Enter Iaijutsu Mastery Physical Style - "Kensei-ryu" [Rank 3] + Enter Defensive Mode
  • Dodge set to 'High'
  • Defensive Technique -- +3 Dodge, -3 Accuracy (note: additional +1 dodge from custom class)
  • Take +5% damage from all sources

[2.25 AP] Anabolic Frenzy [Mastered]
  • The user gains +10% Damage to all Taijutsu Attacks and +1 Melee/Ranged Accuracy.
[1 AP] Wrath Seal [Rank 3]
  • Generate 3 Focus Points -- maintain to carry over unused points to next round
[0 AP] Battoujutsu [Rank 3]
  • Equip ancestral weapon 'Sofu Ken' at no cost.
    > Holy: The weapon protects the user against the first 550 damage that hits the wielder each round [A-rank]
[2.25 AP] Kill Driver [Mastered] @ Farmer-Dino-Amalgam
  • Modifiers:
    > Weapon -- +2 Acc, -10% dmg
    > Custom class -- +2 Slashing Acc, +10% dmg
    > Contract Summon -- +1 Melee Acc, +5% dmg
    > Anabolic Frenzy -- +1 Melee Acc, +10% dmg
    > Steady [Augment] -- accuracy cost of defensive technique halved to -1.5
  • Spend 1 Focus Point (1/3) - Lethality (doubles crit limit and bonuses, halves crit damage modifier)
    > +6 Critical (+1 Human Anatomy, +2 Battoujutsu, +1 Ancestral Weapon [Rank 3, ignores cap])
    > Human Anatomy -- 2.25x crit dmg >> 1.13x crit dmg
  • Bleed effects:
    > Great Weapon [Augment] -- Partial hits against target retain ability to cause bleeding
    > Blood Rack [Augment] -- procc bleed damage instantly
    > Bloody Mess -- bleeding rank increase on crit
    > Weapon Mastery [Slashing] -- Bleeding Ranks inflicted on a target with the user's Slashing weapon also inflicts a stack of Open Wounds, increasing the Bleed Damage dealt to the target by 10%. Stacks up to 5 times for a maximum of 50%
  • Teamwork -- +1 Acc and +1 Dodge when Daenerisu enters.
  • Deflection + Wide Edge [Augment] -- Partial hits against user treated two ranks lower
  • If an attack from Farmer-Dino-Amalgam is deflected, use [1 AP] to target Farmer-Dino-Amalgam

Leroy's Actions

[3 AP] Nevermore @ Farmer-Dino-Amalgam
  • Uses Melee Accuracy
  • Ferocity Contract Ability -- +10% Melee Damage
  • Maintain into next round
*Carrying over 1 AP to next round.
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:25 pm

Red Ink, Black Profits wrote:
"He killed one of our household slaves in drunken anger, so my father bound him hand and foot and threw him in a ditch, then sent a man here to inquire from the priest what should be done. During that time he gave no thought or care to the bound man, as being a killer, and it was no matter if he died, which he did."

Chained to a wall with his arms behind his back, a man who'd formally refined himself to a life of peace and poverty sat defeated and alone. Captured while trying to kill his target, he'd been apprehended by not only a young kunoichi, but also by the ANBU themselves. It should have been a simple job but in his newly reformed life, he hadn't kept up with his skills and he'd grown rusty. It was an embarrassment to his first vow and a travesty on account of his second. Now, staring at the floor beneath him, the only choice that he had left to make was clear. It wouldn't be pretty and he wouldn't be able to keep the last promise that he made, but if it was worth saving them then no price was too great to pay. He could only hope that with time that she'd forgive and forget, even if it meant that the memory of him was no longer worth it. Having figured out his particular skill, his captors had left him with nary a source of light to aid him. Whispering to himself, he muttered a phrase that had long ago empowered him to partake in the darkest of dangers. "God loves, man kills . . ."

Thinking only of her, his precious, tears began to well up in his eyes as he bit down hard on his tongue and threw his head back against the cold hard wall behind him. Used to the pain, even with nearly a decade of decay, he knew just where to apply pressure, and just how to use his body against himself. There could be no mistakes, no accidental revivals, this had to be permanent and it had to get the job done. Soon, they'd send someone to check on him and if they medics could get to him in time then he'd lose the only thing left worth losing. The shinobi had thought of nearly everything, but as the dark energy began to crackle about his body with an eerie deep red color, it became clear that some forces could never be held in check by even the strongest of shinobi binds. When at last what had needed to be done had been done, his final thoughts were of peace, happiness and the large rolling fields before his tired hands. An honest days work for an honest man, and only the warm inviting arms of loved ones to greet him could take him away from that which kept him whole. What he left behind was a husk of a man, limbs akimbo and a strangely still smoldering series of seals on the floor.

"…Is the pious being loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is being loved by the gods?"

Dressed in regal clothing, two men sat across from each other at a table with minimalist ideas but a still decadent spread. One man just beginning to grey and the other fully grey but with a youthful eye, each enjoyed a lavish meal of their own. The presumed younger, a large steak and potatoes, with the older, a poultry of some sort with a seemingly perfect salad; each meal seemed to tell far more about each man than the words that they weren't saying. Reaching for a large goblet of wine, the younger man stopped just short of drinking with the spaciously empty room was intruded upon by a briskly walking man in butler like attire. Walking towards the middle of the somewhat long table for there to be only two, the man bowed before the elder man stopped eating and sat his knife and fork down.

Clearing his throat, the man finally leaned back up before staring blankly ahead and announcing himself. "Forgive me for my intrusion my Lord's . . ." His words hung in the air before the elder man waved at him to continue to speak. "I have come with news that the Asset was found having completed the task." Stopping after cutting straight to the point, the man stood still as he waited for further acknowledgement. Clearing his own throat, the younger man drank a measure of wine and sat his goblet down, muttering only one word. "And?" Nervously, the butlers stance wavered for the briefest of moments before he caught himself and continued. "And the Asset's affairs are currently in limbo waiting for further instruction." Gulping, the butler seemingly thought about facing the younger man who'd asked the question but seemingly thought better of it.

Looking bothered, the younger man picked back up his fork and knife and began to cut into his steak with a clear annoyance. Without looking up from his meal he waved the man off with his knife holding hand. "Then please take care of that for us . . . will you?" The butler immediately bowed once again and excused himself with a quickened pace out of the room. Shaking his head, the younger man muttered something to himself and continued to eat as the older man found a good place to stop and used his napkin to clean at the corners of his mouth. Barely raising his voice above a speaking manner, he more told than suggested to the younger man their next course of action. "Perhaps we should say a prayer for the sacrifice of the Asset?" Watching as the younger mans face began to color, he held back a smile as the younger slowly sat down his eating utensils and stopped eating, slowly swallowing his food. "Yes, let's do so. Shall you say the first good word?" Nodding, the older man bowed his head and began to utter words of appreciation.

"What a thing to do, my friend! By going you have cast me down from a great hope I had, that I would learn from you the nature of the pious and the impious and so escape Meletus’ indictment by showing him that I had acquired wisdom in divine matters from Euthyphro, and my ignorance would no longer cause me to be careless and inventive about such things, and that I would be better for the rest of my life."

Humming a tune, a woman sat in a small cottage with a little girl in her lap. Braiding her hair for the umpteenth time in as many hours as they had been confined to their home turned prison, she looked out a nearby window at the bright day beyond. It was a beautiful sight, one that had been the main reason why she and her husband had chosen to settle down in the rich farming lands. Caught in a daydream, her mind was quickly snapped back to reality when an armed guard walked in front of the window and turned to stare directly at her. Jolting back to attention, her daughter yelped as she accidentally pulled her hair. Apologizing, the woman smoothed out the girls hair before going back to humming her tune. More so looking at the pictures than actually reading the words, the little girl spoke up. "Mama, when will papa come home?" Stopping the hair braiding, the question which seemed innocent enough, belied the rather tense situation that they were in. Turning her head in just a way, she looked back at the armed guard that was in the room and watched as he barely bothered to look up from picking his nails before he gave her a shrug. A knock at window beckoned the man to go outside and talk to his peers before the woman would answer.

With the door only cracked behind the man, the woman leaned over and looked into her daughters eyes. "When your papa gets down working in the big city! He shouldn't be long now." Fortunately for the girl, she was too young to truly read emotions, but she sensed enough that her face began to pout. "But it's already been a whooooooole week! He even missed my tea party!" Consoling the little girl, the woman rocked her in her arms as she pulled her in close and hugged her tight. She wanted to cry but she had to be strong. She'd promised to be strong for their little girl, their miracle of light within the darkness. "Awww, papa didn't mean to miss it. In fact, when he gets back, we'll have the biggest tea party ever!" Looking up at her mother, the girl smiled, "Really!", to which her mother nodded with a forced smile of her own. Hearing the the guard walk back in the room, she turned to meet him as he uttered the words that she thought that she'd never hear. "Job's done." Double checking to understand if she heard what she thought that she heard, the woman got up only to see that the man was waking up his sleeping friend in the corner before walking out of the front door.

Still holding her daughter, the woman slowly walked towards the door and opened it to see that indeed the various guards that had kept them locked within the confines of their home were walking away. With things still not adding up, the woman turned her head to the side and wondered where exactly her husband was, but didn't want to alarm her daughter by asking a question that would clearly upset her. Watching the guards walk a ways away, the woman finally felt comfortable going back into her home and closing the door behind her. Shaking her head, she went into her daughters room and attempted to put her daughter into her bed. Sitting down beside the girl, she marveled at the tiny features that were part her own and partly those of her husband. Yawning, the little girl rolled over and looked at her mother through sleepy eyes. Hearing the first thump against the cottage, the woman ignored it as she leaned down to kiss her daughter. The sound was soon followed by another, and when she did look out of the window, she saw faint trails of smoke in the fields and began to smell smoke as well. Quickly connecting the dots, she realized that they'd only ever been collateral to begin with, and that there was never any intention of letting them go free. Unfortunately she lacked basic chakra manipulation abilities or any skills that would deem her a fit warrior, her husband had been all of that and more for them. Resigning herself to her fate, the woman stilled her heart and lay down beside her daughter and she spoke softly to her in a hushed down. Staring eye to eye with the girl, the woman focused on the only important thing in the world at that moment. "Tell me, what sort of tea party should we have when papa gets back? Do you want cake or cookies?"

OOC: Intermediate event post bridging background characters from the 2nd event with this one, the 3rd.
OOC #2: Giving an extension on Actions until Monday, 9am EST. I'll be working on the ones that are present now though.
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:19 pm

He didn’t have to wait to be told what to do as his red eyes searched through the mask and saw the incoming creature that was fast approaching their village. Other shinobis had already taken their mark and began to assault. Uri was ready.

Dressed in his black anbu outfit, drab and dull, safe for the sleek panel platings that serve as guards, and the black mask he wore, the only sign of color in him was his fiery reddish hair that swayed along with the wind. But this was no shampoo commercial. This was an emergency.

Stepping at the frontlines, the redhead anbu was ready to attack when he heard a familiar voice ring across the air. It was the Raikage, giving orders to attack the beast and protect the village. At that, he knew he didn’t have to hold back any longer. He’ll have to show his worth to the Raikage personally. And so, no sooner than a breath, a veil of blue aura would surround his body before it charged up his entire figure into a being aflame. Yet, he was not burning at all. Then, the flames disappeared, absorbed into his being as he ran towards the monster and then stomped the ground just a before it. Almost immediately, the energy inside him rushed out like an impeding wave crashing towards the dinosaur.

That wasn’t it at all. Riding on the high and the adrenaline this gave him, Uri would wave his hand up, redirecting the flow of the energy, jagging the ground around into an unprecedented upheaval of some sort as heat surrounded them and would aim to strike like a gust of wind at the dinosaur. After which, he took one step back as he exhaled a breath and felt the burning flames once more, quickly spreading out around his body and enveloping him. A similar blue spark flashed across his red eyes, overwhelming them as the pure spiritual chakra took over his being and released the monstrous energy trapped within.

In a blink of an eye, he gathered the ominous energy between his hands in front of him before releasing it as a stream of light that shot towards the enemy. Unprecedented heat and energy coalesced in the stream and would no doubt be unforgiving, especially when it is released in haste.

[Topic Entered]
Battle Profile - My Jutsu List - CA: Pyromaniac - Kin: Jinchuuriki (SPIRITUAL)

- targeting Dinosaur
- +2 Nin Accu, +10% damage
- +10% chance to auto-dodge the target’s attacks
- -2 Dodge/Save to any other opponent targeting the user

Actions: 10/10AP

[3AP] Using Kinetic Blast (Mastered) targeting Dinosaur
  • Uses Nin Accuracy
  • Duelist -> +2 Nin Accu, +10% damage
  • Bloody Mess
  • Jutsu Mastery -> All Jutsu cost -10% Chakra, this includes Maintains. All Chakra cost penalties from choosing to use 'Special Actions' are halved.
  • Major Affinity: Combo -> The user may immediately follow up a Ninjutsu attack that is a full hit with another Ninjutsu attack of any element they have a major affinity in, modded as a combo; this follow-up Jutsu must be equal level or lower than the first Jutsu. This may only be done once per round, is not a free attack, and counts as the Affinity Move used for both Jutsu. (Combo to Updraft [Mastered] targeting Kaen)
  • Pyromaniac: Explosive Chakra -> Due to the difficulty of controlling their chakra, all ninjutsu and genjutsu cost 5% more. However, all fire based jutsu have a +2 critical range and hit for 2.5x normal damage on critical hits instead of 2.0x normal damage. 
  • Pyromaniac: Fire Boost (x3) -> Fire based jutsu deal 30% more damage, but 15% of the total damage is done to the user. 
  • Pyromaniac: Fire Blast ->  A chosen Fire based Jutsu deals +40% more damage and deals 25% of its total damage back to the user. This jutsu has a 20% chance to increase the damage by an additional +20%, a 30% chance to increase damage by 20% with an additional +25% backlash, and a 10% chance to become unstable and explode on the user dealing full damage to them. Only one effect may happen per use. Because of the intense power, damage from this jutsu cannot be reduced by mantle of fire. This may be used only three times per battle, and does not apply to Damage Buff Limits.
  • Pyromaniac: Wildfire -> All fire based jutsu have a 20% chance to Set their targets afire, dealing 10% of the Jutsu's damage each round for two rounds. Fire based jutsu already having the chance to set targets afire are increased by 10%, and all AoE Flame techniques are increased by 8x8 feet.
[3AP] Using Updraft (Mastered) targeting Dinosaur
  • Uses Nin Accuracy
  • Duelist -> +2 Nin Accu, +10% damage
  • Bloody Mess
  • Jutsu Mastery -> All Jutsu cost -10% Chakra, this includes Maintains. All Chakra cost penalties from choosing to use 'Special Actions' are halved.
  • Major Affinity: Combo from Kinetic Blast
  • Pyromaniac: Explosive Chakra -> Due to the difficulty of controlling their chakra, all ninjutsu and genjutsu cost 5% more. However, all fire based jutsu have a +2 critical range and hit for 2.5x normal damage on critical hits instead of 2.0x normal damage. 
  • Pyromaniac: Fire Boost (x3) -> Fire based jutsu deal 30% more damage, but 15% of the total damage is done to the user. 
  • Pyromaniac: Fire Blast ->  A chosen Fire based Jutsu deals +40% more damage and deals 25% of its total damage back to the user. This jutsu has a 20% chance to increase the damage by an additional +20%, a 30% chance to increase damage by 20% with an additional +25% backlash, and a 10% chance to become unstable and explode on the user dealing full damage to them. Only one effect may happen per use. Because of the intense power, damage from this jutsu cannot be reduced by mantle of fire. This may be used only three times per battle, and does not apply to Damage Buff Limits.
  • Pyromaniac: Ifrit’s Caress -> The user can convert up to 5% of their current HP to damage in a fire based jutsu. This can only be done once per round and three times per battle, and does not apply to the damage buff limit. The used HP is considered 'burned' and cannot be recovered during the battle.
  • Pyromaniac: Wildfire -> All fire based jutsu have a 20% chance to Set their targets afire, dealing 10% of the Jutsu's damage each round for two rounds. Fire based jutsu already having the chance to set targets afire are increased by 10%, and all AoE Flame techniques are increased by 8x8 feet.
[4AP] Using Vanishing Worlds (Mastered) targeting Dinosaur
  • Uses Nin Accuracy
  • Duelist -> +2 Nin Accu, +10% damage
  • Bloody Mess
  • Jutsu Mastery -> All Jutsu cost -10% Chakra, this includes Maintains. All Chakra cost penalties from choosing to use 'Special Actions' are halved.
  • Special Action: Sudden Cruelty -> Causes the attack's timing to be modded as though it only cost 2 AP and prevents it from being Auto-Dodged.
  • Pyromaniac: Explosive Chakra -> Due to the difficulty of controlling their chakra, all ninjutsu and genjutsu cost 5% more. However, all fire based jutsu have a +2 critical range and hit for 2.5x normal damage on critical hits instead of 2.0x normal damage. 
  • Pyromaniac: Fire Boost (x3) -> Fire based jutsu deal 30% more damage, but 15% of the total damage is done to the user. 
  • Pyromaniac: Wildfire -> All fire based jutsu have a 20% chance to Set their targets afire, dealing 10% of the Jutsu's damage each round for two rounds. Fire based jutsu already having the chance to set targets afire are increased by 10%, and all AoE Flame techniques are increased by 8x8 feet.
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:38 pm

Well... this trip has taken a turn, that's for sure. The Sunaku heir was enjoying the trip, for the most part, having come here as an escort of sorts for some of the younger Sunan that were visiting Cloud Country. It was soon after they came in, with him wandering near the gates and still getting used to him slightly chillier waether...when suddenly all hell broke loose, Seemingly format hin air all sorts of reptilian beasts, dragons and dinosaurs were storming the gates and terrorizing the town. not think much he joined to aid several of the Kumo Shinobi, trying to lead away from the civilians while trying to make sense of how exactly something like this could happen.

Maybe it was of the sudden or maybe because he was still getting a bit used to the different climate but it took him a while to figure out what was happening, the fact some for he Shinobi seem to focus less on the chaos around them and seemingly on something else finally lead him on. As simple as it sounded it was a Genjtsu! A mighty genjutsu which seemed to have transfixed a large area around the gates, so whenever cast it still would have been a formidable force...but at least he could focus on the targets as he used the Cancel technique to break himself free.

The next few seconds were a blur of shouts, movent, playing cries and shouts of terror, slightly tremors forming as he finally focused on the target at hand. Well, maybe it wasn't the target that caused the commotion...but it was a target. A massive, menacing beats stopping at the gates of the village. He started at the beast as he took off his cloak, revealing a black track sleeves shirt and matching pants along creating golden ornaments. From this stand started to seep out and swirl around the male, along from the sand from the ground around him as he approached the menacing beast from afar. it was a strange feeling for the Sunaku. This monster would need the combined might of many Shinobi to take down, and there could be no holding back.

He could feel the elemental energy in his veins shimmer, his hands shifting to look like dark iron claws, his normally green eyes glowing with gold energy. He had tapped into the power several times now...and while he didn't quite understand it, he knew it was needed, and part of him was somewaht excited at the chane to show the world just how much sand laid with his palms.
Actions As Follow's:Show
Set my 'Duelist' ability to target The Dino, choosing ninjutsu accuracy.
- +2 Accuracy/DC and +10% damage towards a single target. User must choose target at beginning of battle. Should the target be KO'd, or no longer in the battle, the user may choose another target. Targeting any other opponent (excluding clones) from the initial target will nullify this ability for the remainder of the battle.
- +10% chance to auto-dodge the targets attacks
- -2 Dodge/Save to any other opponents targeting the user

Equip Assault Sand Arms (0.5 AP)
Weapon Type: Arm and leg Gauntlets Gauntlets
Weapon Damage Type: Unarmed (Suppression)
Bonuses: +2 Acc/ -10% Damage
Augment: Swift, Rough Divide, Recovery

Enter Earth Style,: After Quake (0.5 Ap)
The user may treat non-maintainable Offensive Earth based jutsu as a maintainable jutsu by paying 70% of the chakra cost per round for a maximum of 2 rounds. Maintaining jutsu this way gives the attacks a -2 penalty to hit the target again and -10% base damage. This effect lasts for up to two rounds and requires a full round of cool down before it may be used again.
During the round of cool down the user gains +4% to the secondary effect of Earth Jutsu for every earth jutsu used after the first capping at +16%

Use Jinjuriki Elemental Manifestation Stage 2 (2 ap, 4%Hp)
Stage 1 - Elemental Cloak: User generates an "elemental cloak" of chakra that surrounds their body. The elemental cloak acts like a barrier that protects the user from the first (50 x Character Level) Non-Illusionary damage dealt to them. The user's elemental cloak returns to it's maximum HP at the end of each round even if it was destroyed.

Stage 2 - Partial Transformation: User's physical form partially transforms into that of their sealed spirit. This grants a bonus of +2 Accuracy and Dodge and increases the damage of their chosen element by 10%.

Using Buff Taijutsu Unleash (2.75 AP, 1100 Cp and 550 Hp)
Rank 2: The user gains a +10% Taijutsu Damage Buff that doesn't apply to caps for the next two rounds. During the round this technique is initiated, equipped weapons have their Damage Modifiers doubled if positive and if negative are brought to +0% Damage for the users next 2 Taijutsu Attacks made during the round. (Example: If Damage modifier is +10% it will become 20%. If -10% then it becomes +0%)

Using Weighted Rock Technique (2.5 Ap, 1000 Cp, 500 Cp/Rnd)
Master: Allows the user to give themselves or an ally either; +2 Dodge at the cost of -10% physical damage, -or- +10% Physical damage at the cost of -2 Dodge. (Buffing Damage, debuffing Dodge)

Using Chakra Extension ( 1.75 AP, 335 Cp, 170 Cp/Rnd)
Rank 2: All strikes gain +1 Accuracy and +5% Damage, Partial hits deal +10% Damage.
General Battle InfoShow
Agility: 600/600
Stamina: 600/600
Ninjutsu: 600/600
Taijutsu: 600/600
Genjutsu: 600/600
Chakra Control: 600/600

::Stat Average:: 600
::Power Level:: 3,600/3,600
::Character Level:: 15/15
::OOC Rank:: S

::Health Points:: 45,000
::Chakra Points:: 33,000
::Action Points:: 10

Custom Class
Sand Artisan
HP: (60+lvl15)
CP: (40+lvl15)
Class Bonus: 5% Sand Jutsu damage,
High: Ninjutsu Accuracy
Average: Taijutsu Accuracy, Genjutsu Resist, Evasion
Low: Ranged Accuracy, Genjutsu Difficulty

Free Major Affinity: Fire
Free Minor Affinity: Water
Major Affinities: Non-Elemental,Earth, Wind, Paper, Ice, Wood
Minor Affinities: Lightning, Crystal
AEs: Crystal, Paper, Wood, Ice

0.Shinobi 101 - Kinetic Genjutsu with Nin Accuracy
0. Main Branch - Instructor
1. Jutsu Mastery
2. Jutsu Expansion
3. Earth Style Chakra
4. Healing Factor
5. Weapon Attuunment
6. Elementalist
7. Acrobatics
8. Duelist
9. Clarity
10. Kinjutsu - Jinjuriki
[/url]11. Kinjutsu - Jinjuriki
12. Kinjutsu - Jinjuriki

Slot 1: Headset
Slot 2: Energy Drink X3
Slot 2: Energy Drink X3
Slot 4: Health Pill X3
Slot 5: Black Sand Guards

Name: Assult Sand Arms
Weapon Type: Arm and leg Gauntlets Gauntlets
Weapon Damage Type: Unarmed (Suppression)
Bonuses: +2 Acc/ -10% Damage
Augment: Swift, Rough Divide, Recovery 

Bloodline Ability: Sunaku

ASP Purchases
Class Points
Ability Slot
RP slot
RP slot
Jutsu ListShow
Sand Jutsu
Sand Stars (Mastered)
Sandstorm Veil (Mastered)
Cluster Attack (Mastered)
Desert Deflection (Mastered)
Sand Missile (Mastered)
Sand Clone (Mastered)
Sand Shower (Mastered)
Sand Coffin (Mastered)
Desert Tendril Unleash (Mastered)
Terror of the Dunes (Mastered)
Sand Tsunami (Mastered)
Desertification (Mastered)
Earth jutsu
Stone Bullet (Mastered)
Gravel Shift (Mastered)
Earth Flow River (Mastered)
Sinkhole Fist (Mastered)
Mud Clone (Mastered)
Inner Earth Reflection Lure (Mastered)
Earth Flow Wave (Mastered)
Rock Golem (Mastered)
Earthen Coating (Mastered)
Bedrock Coffin (Mastered)
Weighted Rock Technique (Mastered)
Earth Spiker (Mastered)
Antlion Sinkhole (Mastered)
Fist of Gaia (Mastered)
Earthen Magnitude (Mastered)
Earthslide (Mastered)
Petrification (Mastered)
Wind Jutsu
Wind Slash (Mastered)
Pressure Burst (Mastered)
Whirlwind Spin (Mastered)
Air Bullet (Mastered)
Shredding Touch (Mastered)
Wind Scythe (Mastered)
Tempest (Mastered)
Gale Force (Mastered)
Wind Release (Mastered)
Great Wind Scythe (Mastered)
Wind Scar (Mastered)
Vacuum Sphere (Mastered)
Cyclone Movement (Mastered)
Tatsumaki (Mastered)
Hurricane (Mastered)
Ambiance of the Forbidden (Mastered)
Zephyr's Grace
Fire Jutsu
Infernal Ember (Mastered)
Thermal Maw (Mastered
Fireball (Mastered)
Water Jutsu
Pressurized Mist (Mastered)
Water Gun (Mastered)
Water Whip (Mastered)
Rinse Off (Mastered)
Grand Waterfall (Mastered)
Impaling Hydro Jet (Mastered)
Water Prison (Mastered)
Rain Dance (Mastered)
Torrential Vortex (Mastered)
Water Shark Bomb (Mastered)
Hydro Tidal Shockwave (Mastered)
Mystical Pond (Mastered)
Grand Hydra Excavation (Mastered)
Water Dragon Bullet (Mastered)
Scorn of Aquarius (Mastered)
Supreme Aqua Realm (Mastered)
Ligthning Jutsu
D Rank
Storm Bolt (Mastered)
Thunderfist (Mastered)
Thunderclap (Mastered)
C-Rank - 3250
Zeus Flash (Mastered)
Lightning Torrent (Mastered)
Thunderstruck (Mastered)
Volt Charge (Mastered)

B-Rank - 7500
Gigavolt Cannon(Mastered)
Chidori (Mastered)
Lightning Beast (Mastered)
Amp Field (Mastered)

A-Rank - 12500
Raijin's Vengeance (Mastered)
Chidori Control (Mastered)
Kirin (Mastered)
C-Rank - 3250
Topaz Tempest (Mastered)
Fluorite Spikes (Mastered)
Emerald Emitter (Mastered)
Ruby Rain (Mastered)

B-Rank - 7500
Goldstone Clutch (Mastered)
Moonstone Shower (Mastered)
Sapphire Storm (Mastered)
Amethyst Casing (Mastered)

A-Rank - 12500
Diamond Cutter (Mastered)
Obsidian Dragon (Mastered)
Amber Beacon (Mastered)
Crystalline Passage (Mastered)
C-Rank - 3250
Ice Shards (Mastered)
Frigid Ice Blast (Mastered)
Hypothermic Touch (Mastered)
Arctic Aether (Mastered)

B-Rank - 7500
Ice Transmutation (Mastered)
Snowflake Shuriken (Mastered)
Crystallize (Mastered)
Ice Prison (Mastered)

A-Rank - 12500
Hailstorm (Mastered)
Koorikan (Mastered)
Falling Snow (Mastered)
Subzero Purge
C-Rank - 3250
Vine Tangle (Mastered)
Armor of Thorns (Mastered)
Ingrain (Mastered)
Wood Hammer (Mastered)

B-Rank - 7500
Piercing Timber (Mastered)
Pit of Crimson Tears (Mastered)
Evergreen Thicket (Mastered)
Glow Moss (Mastered)

A-Rank - 12500
Frenzy Plant (Mastered)
Sleeping Forest (Mastered)
Wrath of Nature (Mastered)
Grand Gaia Impalement (Mastered)
C-Rank - 3250
Folded Shuriken (Mastered)
Paper Clone (Mastered)
Burst of Confetti (Mastered)
Origami Shower (Mastered)

B-Rank - 7500
Cocoon Sheets (Mastered)
Paper Blade (Mastered)
Streaming Cloak (Mastered)
Loose-leaf Wall (Mastered)

A-Rank - 12500
Shredding Torrent (Mastered)
Shredding Tsunami (Mastered)
Torn Downpour (Mastered)
Maelstrom Document (Mastered)
Kinetic Genjutsu:
E-Rank - 450
Hot Weapon (Mastered)
Stun (Mastered)
1000 Years of Pain Kai (Mastered)

D-Rank - 1200
Drunken Stupor (Mastered)
Influenza (Mastered)
Tickling (Mastered)
Facepalm (Mastered)

C-Rank - 3250
Mist of Deceit (Mastered)
Crippled (Mastered)
Masochism (Mastered)
Silly Fingers (Mastered)
Crossed Wires (Mastered)

B-Rank - 7500
Phoenix's Embrace (Mastered)
Petrification (Mastered)
Lingering Spark (Mastered)
Crush Depth (Mastered)
Puppet Betrayal (Mastered)
Pox (Mastered)

A-Rank - 12500
Curse of the Leper (Mastered)
Hemorrhagic Fever (Mastered)
Delayed Agony (Mastered)
Parasitic Infestation (Mastered)
Tree Binding (Mastered)
Shared Torment (Mastered)
None Elemental Jutsu
Transformation (Mastered)
Bodyswitch (Mastered)
Basic Summoning (Mastered)
Combination Transformation (Mastered)
Crystal Eye (Mastered)
Cancel (Mastered)
Contract Summoning (Mastered)
Spirit Lantern (Mastered)
Jutsu Sealing (Mastered)
Stunt Double (Mastered)
One Element Sealing (Mastered)
Elemental Negation
Elemental Clone (Mastered)
Barrier (Mastered)
Energy Transfer(Mastered)
Leech Seal (Mastered)
Chakra Shield (Mastered)
Chakra Blast(Mastered)
Rasengan (Mastered)
Perfected Rasengan (Mastered)
Five Element Seal (Mastered)
Morality Sealing (Mastered)
Unarmed Taijutsu:
E-Rank - 450
The One-Two (Mastered)
Low Sweep (Mastered)
Janken (Mastered)
Uncalled For Shot (Mastered)
D-Rank - 1200
4-Hit Combo (Mastered)
Spinning Wind (Mastered)
Dynamic Entry (Mastered)
Dynamic Finish (Mastered)
Nut Buster (Mastered)
C-Rank - 3250
Dragon Assault (Mastered)
Tiger Hook (Mastered)
Step-In Flash (Mastered)
Shoryuken (Mastered)
Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Mastered)
Roaring Combination (Mastered)
Grapple (Mastered)
B-Rank - 7500
Suplex (Mastered)
Primary Lotus (Mastered)
Shadow Step Strike (Mastered)
Seismic Toss (Mastered)
Submission (Mastered)
Spear Hand (Mastered)
16-Hit Combo (Mastered)
A-Rank - 12500
Falcon Punch (Mastered)
Eagle Drop (Mastered)
Dance of the Waxing Moon (Mastered)
Fist of Virtue (Mastered)
Fist of Sin (Mastered)
Buffing Taijutsu:
E-Rank - 450
Charge (Mastered)
Grip (Mastered)
Fleeted (Mastered)
Block (Mastered)
D-Rank - 1200
Shadow Play (Mastered)
Eagle Vision (Mastered)
Muscle Control (Mastered)
Brandish (Mastered)
Basic Safeguard (Mastered)
C-Rank - 3250
Dynamic Art
Chakra Extension (Mastered)
Shadow Dance (Mastered)
Gather (Mastered)
Barrage (Mastered)
Expel (Mastered)
Feint (Mastered)
Chakra Absorption (Mastered)
B-Rank - 7500
Unbound (Mastered)
Endure (Mastered)
Counterstrike (Mastered)
Cover (Mastered)
Anabolic Frenzy (Mastered)
Concealed Steps (Mastered)
Focused Assault (Mastered)
A-Rank - 12500
Insatiable Hunger (Mastered)
Devastating Aura (Mastered)
Awakening (Mastered)
Unleash (Mastered)
Limit Break (Mastered)
Jinjuriki Jutsu:
[*] Aura Strike (Ability)
[*] Elemental Manifestation (Ability)
[*] Daunt (B-Rank Technique, Mastered)
[*] Elemental Shockwave (B-Rank Technique,Mastered)
[*] Life Corrosion (A-Rank Technique, Mastered)
[*] Vanishing World (S-Rank Technique,Mastered)[/list]
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:02 am

[Topic Entered]
The Chigokai was actually shocked at how easy it had been to get out of Suna and into Kumo. Well, if they got past the pass they were in, aptly named Dragon Teeth Pass. Jiro glanced over at Riku with a small smirk. "See?" he asked, sounding as if he had known that their plan had gone just as planned. "I told you we could get past the gate!" He laughed at the thought, wondering if Akkuma knew where he was and what he was doing. He kept his eyes on the boy he had befriended as they entered the Dragon Teeth Pass...only to be met with a real, live dragon. Red eyes widened as he looked over at Riku, body tensed, ready to fight. Well, he did not expect there to be any real dragons, but there they were.

"Riku-kun..." He let out a laugh that would have sent shivers up a person's spine had they not known him. "Remember what I told ya about doing bad things for a good reason?" Without waiting for a response, he answered the question himself. "Well, we're gonna have to fight...and I may have to do some bad things to keep us alive, okay?"

The manic glint was in his red eyes finally. The thrill of the battle always brought out the worst in him. And without any hesitation, he did a series of hand signals. Once he was done, the sky began to open up. It looked as though it was raining, but instead of water, blood drops fell from the sky. Almost as if the sky was bleeding down upon the battlefield. Perfect. That was exactly what he was going for. He was in his element now as the blood poured down, leaving puddles all over the battlefield. "I've always wondered what color dragon blood was...." he said, the insanity back in his eyes and voice, no longer able to hide it from Riku anymore. He quickly made more hand signals before a large shark made of water, which quickly turned to blood, jumped out, aimed for the dragon that happened to be towering above them. For now, he was being cautious, careful of Riku. But that would most likely change if he felt Riku could hold his own in the battle.
50,000 HP
50,000 CP

Chigokai Bloodline | Dojo | Jutsu

Bloody Mess
Healing Factor

Bloodlust - Passive - Rank 3 - Grants +2 Accuracy and Dodge in combat.
Release - Passive - Rank 3 - +5 HP modifier. All Bleeding Damage applied to the Chigokai is reduced by -30%.
Crimson Water - Passive - Rank 3 - May convert Water and Non-Elemental Jutsu into Blood at no additional cost and all Blood Jutsu cost -5% Chakra.
- All Blood Jutsu receive +5% damage per rank.
- The Chigokai automatically has access to the Blood Element.
- All techniques used with this are treated as Blood element.
- At Rank 3, only Blood Element Techniques (Non-converted) receive the -5% Chakra Cost bonus.

2.5AP Red Rain Rank 1 - Crimson Water Passive
2.5AP [https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?p=988#p988]Water Shark Bomb Rank 1 [/url] - Crimson Water Passive

AP Remaining: 5
Remaining HP: 50,000
Remaining CP: 48,379
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:15 am

The young boy gave a small smile at the smirk Jiro directed his way. “Guess y’were righ’,” He admitted. He could hardly believe it, they were almost at Kumo. Riku hadn’t been so sure about going along with Jiro’s sudden idea, but it seemed to him that it had turned out alright after all. He was actually pretty excited. He had never been outside of Wind Country before, let alone another hidden village. This had been a real adventure! Little did Riku know, that the real adventure had hardly even begun. Isamu kept close to his side, as unused to this as his companion was.

When they entered the pass, they were greeted not by shinobi, but by a giant monster. Riku gaped, wide-eyed. There were plenty of shinobi surrounded it, he noted. He was jerked out of his fear by the sound of Jiro’s laugh. Far from scared, Jiro looked positively thrilled. The Chigokai spoke, and Riku gave a nod, somewhat hesitant at the idea of fighting a monster. But… He wasn’t completely weak. In some small way, he might be able to contribute, and that was important. That was what mattered. He steeled himself, getting ready to attack. He took out the kunai he had found earlier, prepared to use whatever he could to fight.

As he attacked, so did the small dog beside him. The sky rained blood, and that was what finally unlocked his bloodlust. He struck quickly, one strike after another, holding nothing back. He could hear his heartbeat in his ears and nothing else. He began to fall into a repetitive pattern as he attacked.
20,000 HP
20,000 CP

Rookie Class
Bloodline: https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=130&t=5525
Bloodlust: https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=213&t=5412
Healing Factor: https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=213&t=5401
Weapon Attunement: https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=213&t=51367

Passive: Wolf Visage Rank 1 Unarmed Attack's gain +5% Damage. At all ranks, the Inuzuka's Unarmed attack's deal Slashing damage with a chance to inflict bleeding penalties.

All moves used are unarmed E rank taijutsu, which I have mastered
All E rank taijutsu: https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=425&t=2232
Total AP: 10
.50AP Equip Kumo Kunai
.75AP Uncalled for Shot Rank 2
.75AP Janken Rank 2- Scissors
.75AP Low Sweep Rank 2
.75AP The One-Two Rank 2
.75AP Low Sweep Rank 2
.75AP The One-Two Rank 2
.75AP Low Sweep Rank 2
.75AP The One-Two Rank 2
.75AP Low Sweep Rank 2
.75AP The One-Two Rank 2
.75AP Low Sweep Rank 2

AP Remaining: .5

Passive: Canine Companion
Rank 1: This pet has Hp equal to 30% of the Inuzuka's Max Hp. Pet's base damage is 75% of the user's, and has -5 of the User's Secondaries. Pet has Ap equal to half the user's.

Total AP: 5
.75 Basic Attack
.75 Basic Attack
.75 Basic Attack
.75 Basic Attack
.75 Basic Attack

AP Remaining: 1

HP Remaining: 20,000
CP Remaining: 19,089
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:30 am

I found the hours listlessly drifting along as I sat at my desk, the offices of the Aurora Eruditio weren't anything but dreary. While I consciously made minimal effort to keep mine moderately clean, and endless cycle of dust seemed to filter the air as if nothing mattered. It drained me, the lighting was sub-par and my interest in paperwork was even less stellar.
Despite my usual aversion to effort; I found myself longing for something to occur. Some breakthrough of entertainment; no matter how exciting. As I lay my head atop my crossed forearms, to of which were resting on my cluttered desk. The dour expression that recessed into my very form almost without fail; watched the window, a coalescing hue of blue and whites filled the glass. It was noon, and could not by any less enthralling... That was until my attention was robbed of my subconscious suffering, my issued radio hissed into static on an emergency channel. "***Brzk. . . H-- 'lp.. Dra nz'. At the gates!" I'd be lying if my eyebrow didn't arch at the rather unusual broadcast. "The 'eck?" Muttering, I pressed back and heard the screeching of my chair to the wooden flooring. Taking in hand the radio, I flicked on my outer-wear; and headed out. If it were an emergency, and the gates were identified. The least I could do is ensure it's acknowledged.

Though probably just a false alarm. I conceded to some doubt on the matter. But departed no less.

About a kilometer from the gates, I heard the hiss of the radio crackling back into the stirring of life once more. "Dragons at the gates! We need reinforcements!" This, drew my steps to a dead halt. With furrowed brows, I looked at the radio; unsure if I heard that right. Well that seems hard to believe.
"N' doubt, but t' if true..." Then we have some problems. To which I only nodded.

N'time to lose... From my position, I was close enough to not have to expend much chakra. While my preparations from a slew of attempted break and entries into the village a year ago. I hadn't thought I'd need to actually use my marks; drawing my left hand up, wielding a simple modified ram seal. A glowing yellow mark atop the gates illuminated. And in a blur of grappling chakra-based energy, a focused ultra-speed movement concentrated my form to the gates. Arriving in an audible; and apparent 'fwomp'

The chaos ensuing around the area was something that I could only correlate to some of the madness that filled the impoverished lands of Marsh. With inter-fighting, and frenzy that filled the eyes of countless individuals in the vicinity. With a number of shouts, drowned out by shrieking roars from the skies above; it was only a moment that I had to acknowledge that the figures in the skies were draconian in form. But things were shaky, from passing attacks that broke their form for only split moments; I couldn't help but draw my conclusions of the illusionary sort.

As if things weren't a sensory overload to begin with, from the slews of shinobi, civilian and animalistic forms that filled the cracks and landscape from every corner, I diverted my attention towards the ground below- With a sopping black mess manifesting in a vile formation; and shortly after, with a tar like monstrosity that seemed to be what could only be described as a Kaijuu... A monolithic one.

"Lovely..." Mouthing out of habit, if anything.

But the least of my concerns needed to be focused on my words; and shifted to the beast that was coursed for the gates. I had to act fast, and I needed something to slow it down...

Drawing my eyes closed, a pursed breath exhausted outwards slowly. The safety of the village is a priority... Crap.

Reaching back into my shinobi pouch, I pinched two capsules labeled 'Coffee' and 'Espresso' respectively, and slipped them away into my mouth. Crunching down, the liquid heat slicked through my mouth and entered my system. The signature thumping of my heart was the early trigger, and erupted my system into sensory overdrive.

"Aight' hope y'four are ready." Speaking to no one in particular. I rolled up my right sleeve, unveiling a slew of tar black tribal tattoos; and with a surge of chakra siphoning through my arm, they bled a deep violet hue. Kneeling down in a quick motion I slammed my palm to the stonework.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

A slew of representative black markings slithered across the stonework, down the walls in an asinine speed and affixed to the earth down below; intent to avoid making contact with any living being- And simultaneously, they sprawled out into three different locations. A sea of smoke plumed from their locations upon activation; and out erupted a trio of monolithic beasts, hellish in nature; and canine in physiology. Each set to unleash their forms towards the Dinosaur, in a successive striking order- intent
to avoid both getting in the way of the others- while ensuring the pressure was entrenched upon the beast.
The Wolves
Heights: 55' | 48' | 53' (Left to right in order of the photo)

Feeling the sickening cracking of the tattoos siphoning away at my reserves I wobbled my form to a standing position; the dreary bags deepening underneath my eyes. "Aight' Bahamut; yer' up, get in position."

Lifting my left arm up, level to the horizon and palm outstretched. An inferno of heat oozed out of a marking that lay embedded in my palm. And too, a horde of chakra violated the area around me in flames. Blazing to the skies in a tornado of scorched chakra. And in only moments, the batting of torn wings levitated a tower of a beast. And in a span of its wings; the flames scattered into deafened air. And replaced with it's own heinous roar; with its eyes set on the dinosaur below.

"'N my mark, bud.."

G r w a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a h h h h !

Bahamut Thought.
Battle Profile - Jutsu List

Summons Actions will be found below Conditionals

AP Breakdown – Total 10 AP
Note1: All Jutsu are being casted at Mastered Rank
Note2: All Genjutsu are being Cast through [Insidious Gaze R3] when Sharingan is Active
Note3: All Genjutsu/Maintains/Stances are being maintained

[0.5AP | 0s] (Initiative) Activate Sharingan Rank 3 (Coffee)
  • [Jutsu Mastery] -10% Chakra Costs/Maintains, -50% Costs of Special Actions
[0.5AP | 0s] (Initiative) Activate Mangekyou Sharingan Rank 3 (Espresso)
  • [Jutsu Mastery] -10% Chakra Costs/Maintains, -50% Costs of Special Actions
[0AP | 0s] Activate Curse Seal
  • [Ninjutsu Mid to High]
  • Regenerate 8% Max Hp per round and have a 60% chance of lowering Called shots/Bleed Ranks each round, but cannot recover HP through any other method for the remainder of battle.
  • +1 Genjutsu DC
[2.5AP] Cast Denied Mind - Shadow [Mastered] targeting Monster Shadow Using [Insidious Gaze R3]
  • [Jutsu Mastery] -10% Chakra Costs/Maintains, -50% Costs of Special Actions
  • Mind Overflow - +10% Damage Dealt
  • Elemental Illusion - [Lightning] The victims actions cost +10% Ap.
  • Class Bonus - +1 Gen DC
  • Grandeur Phantom - +2 Gen DC, +10% Illusion Damage
  • Curse Seal - +1 Gen DC
  • Uchiha [Insidious Gaze] - +2 Gen DC
  • Uchiha [Precognition] - +10% Auto-Hit Chance
[3.5AP | -0.5 Timing] Cast Contract Summoning [S-Rank] with [Contract Mastery]
  • [Jutsu Mastery] -10% Chakra Costs/Maintains, -50% Costs of Special Actions
  • Upon summoning a contract the user may choose one of these buffs to apply to it by paying +20% of Contract Summoning's CP Cost:
    • The summoned contracts receives +10% Damage, and -5% HP/CP Cost to all of their techniques. (Only reduces HP/CP Cost)
  • Handseal Expert - The user may perform a 'Support' Jutsu (A jutsu that does not deal damage) modded as if .5 Ap faster (Ap cost remains unchanged). This may only be done on Jutsu that target themselves or an ally, and the user must perform this Jutsu with Handseals; regardless of any other abilities or effects.
[1AP] Manifest Persona

[2AP] Cast Masochism [Mastered] targeting Monster Shadow Using [Insidious Gaze R3]
  • [Jutsu Mastery] -10% Chakra Costs/Maintains, -50% Costs of Special Actions
  • Mind Overflow - +10% Damage Dealt
  • Elemental Illusion - [Lightning] The victims actions cost +10% Ap.
  • Class Bonus - +1 Gen DC
  • Grandeur Phantom - +2 Gen DC, +10% Illusion Damage
  • Curse Seal - +1 Gen DC
  • Uchiha [Insidious Gaze] - +2 Gen DC
  • Uchiha [Precognition] - +10% Auto-Hit Chance
  • Overload: +/- 1 and +/- 5% to the secondary effects of a genjutsu. May only be done once per round.
Passive Check-List
  • [Implacable] Will ignore the first Bleeding, Suppression, Called Shot, or Secondary Effect inflicted upon them during each round.
  • [Jutsu Mastery] -10% Chakra Costs/Maintains, -50% Costs of Special Actions
  • Mind Overflow - +10% Damage Dealt when enemy is afflicted by Genjutsu
  • Elemental Illusion - Optional ~ Detailed on jutsu-to-jutsu basis
  • Class Bonus - +1 Gen DC
  • Grandeur Phantom - +2 Gen DC, +10% Illusion Damage when targeting a Shadow
  • Uchiha [Precognition] - +10% Auto-Hit Chance
  • Uchiha [Will of Fire] - +15% Fire Jutsu Damage
  • Uchiha [Sharingan] - +1.5 Accuracy, +1.5 Dodge
  • Uchiha [Insidious Gaze] - +2 Gen DC when casting Genjutsu through this Passive
  • [Clarity] - Multiple Effects
  • [Shinobi 101] Non-Elemental Jutsu > Use Gen DC
  • [Light Armor] - Reduced Critical Damage inflicted to user
  • [Respirator] - User cannot be affected by Inhaled Poison and receives a +2 Resistance Check vs anything bmod discretion
  • If [Denied Mind - Shadow] is already affecting Monster; cast Phoenix Embrace [Mastered] targeting Monster's Shadow Using [Insidious Gaze R3]
    • [Jutsu Mastery] -10% Chakra Costs/Maintains, -50% Costs of Special Actions
    • Mind Overflow - +10% Damage Dealt
    • Elemental Illusion - [Lightning] The victims actions cost +10% Ap.
    • Class Bonus - +1 Gen DC
    • Grandeur Phantom - +2 Gen DC, +10% Illusion Damage
    • Curse Seal - +1 Gen DC
    • Uchiha [Insidious Gaze] - +2 Gen DC
    • Uchiha [Precognition] - +10% Auto-Hit Chance

Hades’ Hell Wolves
HP: (40+lvl) x stamina
CP: (30+lvl) x chakra control
Class Bonus: +2 Melee Accuracy
High: Melee Accuracy
Average: Melee Dodge, Ninjutsu Dodge, Genjutsu Save, Range Dodge, Ninjutsu Accuracy
Low: Genjutsu DC, Ranged Accuracy

(Augments being bought here: p=313245#p313245)
Hunters’ Assault
Damage Type: Unarmed
Special: May still use handseals
Modifiers: +2 Acc/-10% Damage
- Special Composition: Lightning
- Blitz
- Wired

1) Duelist
2) Hivemind (x3) - Fenrisúlfr, Grim, Banshee
3) Lightning – Chakra Style

  • [Maleficium] Those who hit, or have been hit by, the user become cursed with misfortune. While in this state, should they roll a 1 on any Dodge/GenSave roll, the opposing attack becomes a Critical Hit. This cursed status does not stack regardless of source, and lasts for the remainder of the round.
    • The user and all of their attacks are considered Cursed.
      Should a character have the Archsage Kinjutsu, their Senjutsu Manipulation ability's alignment becomes Cursed rather than Holy
AP Breakdown – Total 5 AP
Note1: All Jutsu are being casted at Mastered Rank

[0.0AP] Declare Duelist targeting MONSTER DUDE - Melee Accuracy Declared
[0.5AP] Equip Hunters' Assault (Fenrir)
[0.5AP] Activate Lightning Style
  • Static Slowdown: Melee contact with the user has a 15% chance to cause the target's next action to be modded as +1 AP.
    Melee contact is when the user attacks with melee accuracy or is attacked with melee accuracy.
    May only occur against a single target three times per round.
[XAP] Basic attack targeting Monster for any remainder AP - [Called Shot Feet]
  • Cursed
  • +2 Acc/-10% Damage
  • Static Slowdown
  • Blitz - User's Taijutsu attacks with equipped weapon are performed -0.5 AP faster.
  • Maleficium - Refer to passives list
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:09 am

As much as it pained her to do so, Danii sat in the library with multiple books spread out on the table before her. The subjects seemed to vary from geographical and tourism books on the Lightning country to local customs and holidays to a book on traditional tea ceremonies. She had been spending all her spare time here despite her usual disdain for studying. She had recently grown interested in the more diplomatic duties of shinobi. Part of it stemmed from the places they visited on the way here, part on the hope to see the world, especially the birth place of her kin, and, finally, part of it was a desire to put the manners her grandfather drilled into her to good use. Danii knew that she had to suck it up and hit the books if she truly wished to pursue this. So, if she wasn't working an assignment or training her sword skills with Rei and Maik, then she was here reading while trying not to fall asleep.

Danii was reading through the same line for the fourth time when she heard what she assumed were little kids enjoying a break outdoors. She looked up from her book and stared out the window. It didn't take much to distract her, but she figured she could use a short break anyways.

“Wonder who's making that noise?”

She wasn't really too curious and was about to write it off as nothing important when a group of people ran the window. They seemed to be running away from the direction of the main gates. They definitely didn't seem like kids and they definitely didn't seem to he having fun. She quickly picked up her blade and ran for the window as two shadows passed by, one small and one large. She threw open the windows and looked up just in time to see a… dragon(?) chasing Leroy, the personal summons of her best friend and partner, Rei. Danii jumped out the window and pushed against the fleeing crowd as she made her way towards the gate trying to figure out why a dragon was chasing her teammate's summons.

Something felt… weird… odd… surreal? Something wasn't right about the situation.

Good… You're starting to notice. I was wondering how long it would take?

What are you talking about? Noticing what?

Come on, don't play stupid girl. Look closely at the dragon. What do you see? What do you sense?

Danii looks up at the flying lizard chasing the owl like creature. She watches as the agile creature flies over the rooftops and dives down through alleyways trying to lose the large beast. But it kept its pace with it through the air and the alleyway…

Wait! Its wings seemed ro phase right through the wall! How is that possible? Unless, it's genjutsu! Just like Maikeru used on me back then! It's not as strong, but enough that it was hard to notice amongst the chaos.

Good. You finally noticed. I'll loan you my assistance, but it won't be free. I'll help you anytime you doubt reality. Simply parlor tricks won't work while our wills are aligned.

Danii's vision pulses red quickly. As it fades, so does the dragon. But as one threat fades, another rears its head. It seems that the dragons were a diversion as something rather large lumbered towards the gates. She could hear the thud and feel the shaking it caused with each step. She watched as Leroy flew over the gates carrying Rei on his back. Maybe Rei knew more about what was going on. Maybe she knew where Maik was. At the very least, she would be more comfortable in this situation fighting next to her allies. It would ease her mind to know they are safe. Plus, they would be able to fight more effectively together. All of the practice meant they were in sync while fighting together.

“I'm coming Rei. Don't kill the thing without me.”

Danii began running up the wall as she channeled chakra into the soles of her feet. The Raikage's message rang through the air and emboldened her to move faster. Yuii had warned them to keep away from the gates during their probationary period, but between the threat at hand and the Raikage's message, Danii felt safe to assume that she didn't have this situation in mind. As she crested the top of the wall, she pushed off and lept high in the air just in time to watch Rei jump down herself. Danii did her best to aim her jump near where she expected Rei to land. As she soared through the air, Danii took a deep breath and momentarily closed her eyes. When she opened them, they had changed colors to a crimson red. She reached over her shoulder and drew her sword aiming to drill it as deep into the monster's skin as she could upon landing.

“Rei! What's happening? Have you seen Maik? What is this damn thing anyways?!?”

[WC: 835]

[1 AP] Activate Wrath Seal

[0.5 AP] Enter Jigen-ryu Bloodline Fighting Style

[2.25 AP] Activate Sword Trance

[0 AP] Use Battoujutsu- Equip Kingslayer
-Ancestral Weapon (Cursed)

[2.75 AP] Use Tsubame Gaeshi
-Buffed by Battoujutsu and Jigen-ryu fighting style
-Using Ancestral Weapon (Cursed)
-Use 1 Living Blade (Cursed bonus)
-Use 1 Focus Point for Lethality
-Spend all available Bloodlust up to +500

[0 AP] Sheath Kingslayer
-One free from Quickdraw

[2 AP] Use Bloody Mist (Mastered)

[0 AP] Equip Kingslayer
-Free due to Quickdraw

[0.5 AP] Basic Strike
-Buffed by Jigen-ryu fighting style
-Using Ancestral Weapon (Cursed)
-Reduced by Primal Augment
-Use 1 Living Blade (Cursed bonus)
-Use 1 Focus Point for Lethality
-Spend all available Bloodlust up to +500

[0 AP] Basic Strike
-Buffed by Jigen-ryu fighting style
-Using Ancestral Weapon (Cursed)
-Free basic strike from Class Bonus Points
-Use 1 Living Blade (Cursed bonus)
-Use 1 Focus Point for Lethality
-Spend all available Bloodlust up to +500

Note: Taijutsu Bleeds affected by Weapon Mastery (Slashing), Blood Rack Augment, and Razor Strike Augment

1 AP carried over to next round


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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:22 pm

Round 1

King Maji (aka the Dinosaur)
HP: Infinite (50,000)
CP: Infinite (50,000)
AP: Infinite (10)
Status: Denied Mind Shadow
Equipped:: N/A

King Maji's Shadow
HP: Infinite (20,000)

United Shinobi Alliance
HP: Many Amaze
CP: Very Wow
AP: Much Excite
Status: So Best
Equipped:: Such Cool

Round Actions:
0s~The Mod sets the Mood
0s~Hon quickly draws his weapon, activates Combat Instinct, switches into Jyuuken style.
0s~Doi activates Combat Instinct.
0s~Hakuren Enters D. Stance
0s~Yuu Quickdraws his weapon!
0s~Shieo actives Mangekyo Sharingan (Rank 3) (Initiative)
0s~Kitsune declares a Duel with the monster!
0s~Kitsune activates Mangekyo Sharingan (Rank 3) (Initative)
0s~Kitsune Equips Battle gloves (Initative)
0s~Soku declares Duelist while activating her Sharingan (always active)
0s~Shieo Activates cursed seal (Initiative)
0s~Maru uses Demonic Aura - Passive (Fail)
0s~Maru Delcares Duelist! Melee Accuracy
0s~Maru draws Kawaii via quickdraw
0s~Uri Declares Duelist!
0s~Sunaku Harupia declares duelist - Ninjutsu accuracy
0s~Ayumu declares a Duel with Maji, the King of the Monsters!

.5s~Hajime Equips a heart!
.5s~Sayomi Enters Lightning Style - Surge
.5s~Maikeru activates Mangekyo Sharingan (Rank 3)
.5s~Minami Rikuto draws Kumo Kunai!
.5s~Sunaku Harupia equips Assault Sand arms!
.5s~Soku Enters Lightning Style - Surge

1s~Musashi Enters Sage Mode: Tsukumogami
1s~Tsukiko enters stealth
- Equips Nails using quickdraw - 0 AP
1s~Hajime Enters Defensive stance
1s~Sunaku Harupia Enters Earth Style; After Quake
1s~Danerisu activates wrath seal

1.25s~Minami Rikuto uses Uncalled for Shot (Mastered) (242 dmg)

1.5s~Danerisu Enters Jigen-Ryu Fighting Style
1.5s~Minami Rikuto’s Canine Companion basic attack (112 dmg)

2s~Tsukiko activates Sunder Reality (Rank 1)
2s~Doi activates Elemental Manifestation - Stage 2
2s~Sayomi uses Anit-Gravity (Mastered) on herself
2s~Minami Rikuto uses Janken (Mastered) - Scissors (220 dmg)
2s~Ayumu Activates [Elemental Manifestation] Stage 2!

2.25s~Reicheru uses Contract summoning

2.5s~Hakuren equips Paper Blade!
2.5s~Kitsune Cast Denied Mind (Mastered) (Hit, Maji's shadow is manifested)
2.5s~Shieo also cast Denied mind - Shadow (Mastered) on monster’s shadow! (Hit, Maji's shadow is manifested)
- Per Dev, both participants would pay the cost and only one shadow would be manifested. Upon a roll off, Kitsune is the one who will have to pay the cost to maintain it. Both participants will get credit for damage done to the shadow.
2.5s~Jiro uses Red Rain (Rank 1) - Crimson water passive
2.5s~Soku uses Elemental Clone (Mastered)

2.75s~Minami Rikuto uses Low Sweep (Mastered) (286 dmg)

3s~Nagisa enters a Liquid State!
3s~Sunaku Harupia Enters Elemental Manifestation (Stage 2)
3s~Minami Rikuto’s Canine Companion basic attack! (112 dmg)
3s~Uri uses Kinetic Blast (Mastered) (5,142 dmg) (5,142 spiritual) (2,057 wildfire) (5,142 backlash)

3.25s~Hajime activates Auto Medic on himself and whoever else
3.25s~Reicheru enters Iaijutsu Mastery Style - Kensei-ryu (rank 3)
3.25s~Reicheru Enters defensive mode

3.5s~Tsukiko activates Shredding Touch (Rank 1 - D-Rank Wind Jutsu)
3.5s~Nozomi summons her contract!
- Dread Aura: Fail
3.5s~Nozomi Equips Anti-Material Rifle and Enters Defensive Mode
3.5s~Minami Rikuto uses The one-two (Mastered) (275 dmg)
- Bleed Rank 1
3.5s~Maru summons the best summon, Jeez!

3.75s~Danerisu Activates Sword Trance
3.75s~Danerisu uses Battoujutsu - Equips Kingslayer
(Ancestral weapon - Cursed)

4s~Hon activates Eight Trigrams Divination Seal on Farmer+Creature Amalgam.
4s~Sayomi Enters Elemental Manifestation - Stage 2
4s~Maikeru cast Obsidian Dragon (Mastered)
4s~Monster King Maji uses Vanishing World Fireblast: Elemental Power up! (13,680 holy) (2,736 wildfire)
- Reicheru | Hajime | Musashi | Sayomi | Nagisa | Hakuren = Defended (aka dodged)
- Now in Elemental Manifestation - Stage 3

4.25s~Anna Rose equips her weapon.
4.25s~Minami Rikuto uses Low Sweep (Mastered) (286 dmg)

4.5s~Musashi begins to channel Gaia's Vengeance towards King Maji
4.5s~Doi activates Storm Mail.
4.5s~Yuu summons his spiders!
4.5s~Minami Rikuto’s Canine Companion basic attack! (112 dmg)
4.5s~Maru’s summon Jeez equips her Teef

5s~Hakuren uses Diamond Cutter on self, Kishiko Nagisa and Yui Tsukiko with use of Karmic Blessing(- 1 talisman)!
5s~Yuu's spiders equip their weapons!
5s~Minami Rikuto uses The One-Two (Mastered) (583 dmg)
- Bleed Rank 2
- Crit: Bleed Rank 3

5s~Jiro uses Water Shark Bomb (Rank 1) - Crimson water passive (2,415 dmg)
- Sprained Neck
5s~Kitsune Cast Oblivious Rapture (Mastered) on Monster’s shadow! (825 dmg) (825 dmg to shadow)
Sensory move Mental spread, onto the monster
5s~Ayumu uses Stardust Nova! (8,250 dmg)
5s~Soku uses Cyclone Movement (Mastered)

5.25s~Hajime uses Anti Gravity on himself!

5.5s~Yuu's spiders attack (150 dmg)(15 cp)
5.5s~Reicheru uses Anabolic Frenzy (Mastered) on herself
5.5s~Shieo uses Contract Summoning (S-rank)
5.5s~Shieo’s summon declares Duelist - Melee accuracy

5.75s~Minami Rikuto uses Low Sweep (Mastered) (286 dmg)
5.75s~Sunaku Harupia uses Unleash on himself

6s~Tsukiko activates Quicksilver Step (Rank 1)
6s~Using 2x (only 2 per round) Strategist prep slots as sneak attacks using Nails! (189 dmg)(28 dmg)
6s~Using 2x (only 2 per round) Strategist prep slots as sneak attacks using Nails! (189 dmg)(28 dmg)
6s~Yuu's spiders attack (150 dmg)(15 cp)
6s~Uri uses Updraft (Mastered) (5,445 dmg) (5,445 spiritual) (2,178 wildfire) (5,445 backlash)
- Stun (1,500 dmg)
6s~Minami Rikuto’s Canine Companion basic attack! (112 dmg)

6.25s~Hon does Eagle Drop Rank 1 on Farmer+Creature Amalgam’s Head. (2,664 dmg)

6.5s~Yuu's spiders attack (150 dmg)(15 cp)
6.5s~Shieo’s summon Fenrir equpis Hunters Assault
6.5s~Danerisu uses Tsubame Gaeshi (2,997 cursed) (303 bloodlust)
6.5s~Maikeru cast Depth barrier (rank 1) (Hit)
6.5s~Minami Rikuto uses The One-Two (Mastered) (275 dmg)
- Bleed Rank 4
6.5s~Danerisu Sheaths Kingslayer (Quick draw)
6.5s~Maru cast Curse of the Leper (Mastered) (1,928 dmg) *includes the max CoL damage that can be done in the total of 2 rounds*
6.5s~Reicheru uses Wrath Seal (Rank 3)
6.5s~Reicheru Equips Sofu Ken vis Battoujutsu

7s~Nagisa uses Vanishing World! (10,080 damage + 2970 extra Spiritual)
7s~Yuu electrocutes Maji via Volt Charge!
7s~Nozomi uses See the Wind r2 vs Dinosaur. (4,554 dmg)(1,320 exploding dmg)
7s~Shieo Maniest his Persona
7s~Sayomi uses Gates of Babylon (Mastered) (9,452 dmg) (945 holy)
-Impale x1
7s~Ayumu uses Vanishing World: Sudden Cruelty! (10,080 dmg)

7.25s~Anna Rose uses Ancient Tyranny. (Hits)
7.25s~Minami Rikuto uses Low Sweep (Mastered) (286 dmg)
- Bleed Rank 5

7.5s~Doi does Raijin's Vengeance! (4,235 damage + 4,235 extra Spiritual)
7.5s~Kitsune uses Phoenix Embrace (Mastered) onto monster’s shadow! (412 dmg) (412 dmg to shadow)
Sensory move Mental spread, onto the monster
7.5s~Shieo’s summon Fenrir enters Lightning Style - Static slowdown
7.5s~Minami Rikuto’s Canine Companion basic attack! (112 dmg)

8s~Musashi Summons Kin and Gin who in turn activate Soul Regalia via Kin (Heavy Armor)! Musashi replicates Chakra Synthesis
8s~Tsukiko uses Destruction Pulse (Rank 1) (1,000 to Maji and 500 to the Shadow)
8s~Hakuren summons an Obsidian Dragon
8s~Minami Rikuto uses The One-Two (Mastered) (275 dmg)
8s~Soku uses Raijin’s Vengeance (Mastered) (6,875 dmg)
8s~Uri uses Vanishing World: Sudden Cruelty (Mastered) (5,544 dmg) (5,544 spiritual) (1,663 backlash)
8s~Monster King Maji uses Vanishing World Fireblast: Strafing Blast! (97,200 holy) (19,440 wildfire)
- Crit (80% buffs x2.5 damage) (x3 for Group Defend)
- Reicheru | Yuu | Sayomi | Nagisa | Hakuren = Defended (aka dodged)
- Musashi = Did not Defend (aka was hit)

8.25s~Sunaku Harupia uses Weighted Rock Technique (Mastered)

8.5s~Tsukiko uses Basic Strikes w/ Nails! (189 dmg)(28 dmg)
8.5s~Danerisu uses Bloody Mist (Mastered) (1,345 dmg)
- Bleed Rank 1 via Bloody Mist effect
- Crit x2
8.5s~Shieo’s summon Fenrir basic attacks! (117 cursed)
8.5s~Danerisu reequips Kingslayer (Cursed) (Quick draw)

8.75s~Tsukiko uses Basic Strikes w/ Nails! (189 dmg)(28 dmg)
8.75s~Minami Rikuto uses Low Sweep (Mastered) (286 dmg)
8.75s~Reicheru uses Kill Driver (Mastered) (2,543 dmg)(2,800 bleed)
- Bleed Rank 4 due to 4 Crits
- Open Wounds x4

9s~Tsukiko uses Basic Strikes w/ Nails! (189 dmg)(28 dmg)
9s~Hon does Falcon Punch Rank 1 on Farmer+Creature Amalgam’s Left Eye (3,605 dmg)
9s~Shieo cast Masochism (Mastered) on the monster’s shadow! (450 dmg to the shadow)
9s~Danerisu uses a basic attack! (127 cursed) (303 bloodlust)
9s~Danerisu uses a free basic attack (Class points) (127 cursed) (303 bloodlust) (1,000 bleeding)
- Bleed Rank 2
9s~Jeez uses Fist on Sin (Mastered rank) (3,712 dmg)

9.25s~Yuu uses Flight Aerial Strike (Mastered) using Newborn Dual Bow in Slashing Mode on Farmer+Creature! (2,100 dmg)
- Bleed Rank 2
9.25s~Nozomi uses Destructive Power Shot vs Dinosaur. (4,330 dmg)

9.5s~Tsukiko uses Basic Strikes w/ Nails! (189 dmg)(28 dmg)
9.5s~Minami Rikuto uses The One-Two (Mastered) (583 dmg)
- Already at Bleed Rank 5
- Crit: Bloody Mess did not activate surprisingly.
9.5s~Maru uses Parasitic Infection (Mastered) (1,485 dmg)
9.5s~Shieo’s summon Fenrir basic attacks! (207 cursed)
- [Maleficium] activates!
9.5s~Maikeru uses Perfected Rasengan (Rasen-nova) (Mastered) (7,975 dmg)
-Flesh Burn

9.75s~Reicheru’s Summon “Leeroy” uses Nevermore! (2,100)
- 3 Checks passed

10s~Nagisa uses a healing Scorn of Aquarius! (20,592 HP healed to 4 targets)
- Heals self for 990 HP
10s~Tsukiko uses Basic Strikes w/ Nails! (197 dmg)(29 dmg)
- Wind Slice / Bleeding Rank 1
10s~Doi does Water Shark Bomb! (1,948 damage + 1,948 extra Spiritual)
10s~Sunaku Harupia uses Chakra Extension
10s~Sayomi uses Raijin’s Vengeance (Mastered)
10s~Soku uses Laser Prison (Mastered) (3,000 dmg)

Round Note(s):
1) Duelist -HAS- to be the first thing that you do upon the battle starting. You cannot so much as pick up your sword before doing it.
2) I didn't factor in binds so binds will count as dealing the max amount of damage possible before they're broken.
3) Jinchu stages are cumulative so it's counter productive and a waste of ap and hp to activate Stage 1 and then activate Stage 2 instead of just activating Stage 2 from the get-go.
4) Everyone was given a base 150 weapon damage regardless of true rank.
5) Anybody who did a rogue AoE and didn't declare all targets, automatically targeted the shadow as well.
6) All Sharingan users were upgraded to using the Mangekyou due to a misunderstanding.
7) If you had an extra effect listed in your actions but don't see it in the damage calcs then assume that it outright failed to activate or otherwise didn't matter (such as dodge bonuses for those that wouldn't ever be hit)
8) Defend title is based on how much damage defended (barrier, arena, etc) and dodged.
9) Heal title is based on how much is healed when applied to the 10 NPCs and the 22 PCs in the topic. In the case of the Solo award, it's simply based on how much you directly heal yourself.
10) There were a lot of numbers crunched and I didn't know secondaries so many things as you can probably tell, were based on a capped person if I simply had no way of knowing (namely secondaries for the defend option). That being said, if you see a glaring issue, please let me know. While the next RP portion is incoming, use this time to set up your next rounds actions (do me a solid and reference any buffs, etc in those round 2 actions).

~Special thanks to Maikeru for helping with the mod and Nozomi for doing the flag!

Title Note(s):

Defend Group: 133,056 Damage Defended
- Current #1 = Reicheru,Yuu, Sayomi, Hakuren
- Runner Up = Musashi (-133,056 damage defended)

Defend Solo: 38,866 Damage Defended
- Current #1 = Reicheru, Hajime, Sayomi, Hakuren, Musashi
- Runner Up = N/A

Heal Group:
- Current #1 = Nagisa (20,592 healed)
- Runner Up = N/A

Heal Solo:
- Current #1 = Nagisa (1,440 healed)
- Runner Up = Sayomi (952 healed)
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:26 pm

Renzo Report #9 wrote: Today I started experimenting on the specimen known as Ruii in hopes of attempting to get her to be more human but it seems that the feral nature of her monster side is coming out both physically (remember to look up accounts of avian monster sightings) in her appearance and in her mental state. Unlike her genetic siblings, she has experienced rapid aging and appears to be the age of an adolescent despite being barely out of the toddler years. Her speech is utterly basic and childlike and her ability to grasp deeper concepts is clearly stuck at her true genetic age.

Having spoken to my associates in Kumogakure, Yuii exibits no effects of the RoR despite the fact that her dying during the rite is what caused Ruii as well as the other specimen to be created. While I have not been in contact with the Queen in years since that day, it is my belief that if Ruii is the dark side of the equation then the other specimen in the care of the Queen is at the complete opposite end and Yuii falls somewhere in the middle.
Renzo Report #21 wrote: Ruii has finally achieved the ability of flight! Thankfully something has come of her transformation. She’s at last capable of adolescent like speech and is beginning to understand basic morality scenarios as well as having a general social awareness. Her talons need trimming . . .

Found out that the Queen passed shortly after taking the other young specimen with her. Apparently this specimen is called Muii and is being raised as a Princess due to marry the Prince. Their progeny will be a peculiar study due to the RoR process. Unfortunately, Lady Kiyo actually underwent a mind flaying process and Aion is . . . I’m not on speaking terms with him. Yuii is a lost cause and will be raised without knowing just how great a scientific miracle that she is!

I need to plant a spy within the Kagetsu to keep tabs on her. Ruii and I will remain here although the tension with Marsh is threatening my efforts to also locate the River Court Kingdom. I might need to move closer to Hoshigakure.
Renzo Report #22 wrote: Ruii doesn’t like having her talons trimmed.
Renzo Report #36 wrote: Ruii is showing an aversion to the Kelinite and attempted to attack me. Fortunately I was able to calm her down through use of Entolite.
Renzo Report #43 wrote: Ruii disobeyed a direct command despite my using Entolite to reign her in. I regretfully had to resort to physical discipline again.
Renzo Report #44 wrote: Ruii ran away but one of my associates in Hoshigakure was gracious enough to capture her for me. A much firmer disciplinary plan should fix this rebellious streak.

Renzo Report: Glossary of Terms wrote:
E wrote: Entolite:From the Ancient Kumo word Εντολή (Entolí), which means Command. Formed from the remains of a powerful "monster" usually a "King" or a "Queen". Can be used medicinally or forged into armor to create a powerful healing agent, able to heal small wounds with rapid ease and cure the most dangerous of poisons. Causes a physically numbing side effect when used. Peculiar in that the healing effect seems to work up until the point that it doesn't and begins to produce the opposite effect. The limit is different for each individual. Only seems to work on "monsters" in terms of full effect and simply is akin to a super multi-vitamin to humans.
G wrote: 강법정왕국 (Gangbeobjeong-wang-guk or the River Court Kingdom): The site of a large meteorite impact, the "monsters" consider this seemingly urban legend of a place to be their true home. Said to be located somewhere in the Marsh Country and surrounded by many beautiful rivers, it was here where the surrounding human tribes and their livestock as well as other native animals became the first "monsters" centuries ago. No human has ever seen the location or lived to tell about seeing the location. It is believed that the meteorite's radioactive effects not only morphed the surrounding living organisms but also emits an energy that helps to camouflage the Kingdom from those not aware of the deceitful nature of its entrance ways.
K wrote: Kaibutsu: The official name for what we deem "monsters".

Kelinite:From the Ancient Kumo word Κέλυφος (Kélyfos), which means Shell. Literally the egg shell of natural born "monsters". The poison like effect seems to occur mere days after the "monster" has been born but seemingly affects "monsters" of all sorts. Increases physical power and sends "monsters" into frenzy but also seems to drive them to madness. Works much like a radiation wave that agitates them and drives them mad. If they get too close it can prove toxic and hurt them but some seem to enjoy the pain and purposefully embrace the berserker state. Can be ground into a powder form or melted (some eggs prove to be too durable to normal breaking methods) and used in the creating of weapons to trigger the effect on the battlefield.

King: See "Royal(s)"
M wrote: Monstrum | Parens | Humanum

mPh- Type 1 : How the gene appears when one parent is a “monster” and the other is not. While naturally occurring for those born to Type 2's, Type 1's can be considered unstable if they are born to one with the mPh-X and will need to undergo a RoR.
mPh- Type 2 : How the gene appears after a RoR is properly completed.
mPh-X* : How the gene appears after a RoR is improperly done or interrupted. Unless discovered at the time of the RoR, the unsuspecting party will believe themselves to be Type 2 when in actuality they are Type "Chaotic".
*Commonly called "mPhX" despite the X standing for Chaotic.
Q wrote: Queen: See "Royal(s)"
R wrote: Rite of resonance or the resonance rite (RoR): When a "monster" forcibly combines their natural energy with that of a "non-monster". While the act is normally done to save the life of one party or the other, the forceful nature of the act usually causes abnormalities on a genetic level in much the same way as too much radiation can cause cancerous effects. When done properly, the resulting "fusion" will be considered stable.

When the rite is interrupted or improperly done (such as may occur if one party dies before the rite is fully completed) then the resulting "fusion" will appear stable but will actually considered "chaotic" and any further resulting progeny will need to undergo their own proper Rite of Resonance in order to be made "stable". If a "monster", namely a "Royal", is powerful enough, they will live through the rite but experience rapid aging that proves fatal in weeks and months as opposed to mere minutes.

Entry X/XX/XXXX: The Queen Mother that adopted the specimen, Muii is saved to have lived for a full year after the RoR.

Royal(s): Said draw their lineage from the first "monsters", those deemed of this class are often granted the title of "King" or "Queen" though there is supposedly a hierarchy unto itself that hasn't been made known to humans. Those of these bloodlines are able to command lesser ones with just the sound of their voice and the overwhelming might of their chakra alone. More research is needed as to the hierarchy at large.
Somewhere in a quiet place. wrote: “When he finally got to me, I killed him. I’m not sure if it was partially due to his twisted experiments gone wrong or if I truly meant to but I vowed at that moment to never let another man, human or otherwise, hurt me.” Finishing her tale about the twisted scientist Renzo, Ruii turned to look at the child fighting for her life. “So technically she’s just as much my child as my own?” Muii asked, though Ruii knew that the answer at this point was pretty obvious. They, Yuii, Muii and Ruii were all a happenstance mistake that sort of corrected itself, except that it hadn’t and Umeko as well as Muii’s unborn children were paying the price. “What do you want me to do about it? I can no more fix this than you Yuii can!”[/b] Shaking her head, Ruii didn’t seem up for discussing it. “Well for one, you could call off your husband. He isn’t making the situation any better and we need his help to fix this since it was his mother that created the problem.”

Frowning, Muii shrunk back and tried to reconcile what she’d been told in such a short amount of time. “I . . . I don’t know if I can? He’s so angry, he blames the humans for his mother’s early death and his father was killed at the hands of whom I’m being told were our parents. I . . . don’t kno-” It seemed that there were getting somewhere with Muii when she suddenly doubled over in pain. Yelling out, Ruii quickly rushed to her side in an attempt to help but found that her hands burned the moment that she touched the woman. Beginning to glow a bring red, a series of runes began to crawl all over Muii’s face and onto the ground before her. Spreading around her in a circle, Ruii jumped back and shook her head. Something was terribly wrong and this didn’t seem like birth pangs. As the runs began to dance around Muii they began to glow with an agitated crackle of red energy before quickly stopping and then constricting around Muii and chocking her.

OOC: Only Yuii can respond to this event which is based on the events of the previous post here. DM me any questions.
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:27 pm

The Amazing Life and Times of Akimichi Aikido wrote: Akimichi Aikido was supposed to be destined for great things as a shinobi, or at least that’s what his grandfather said. While he’d come from a long line of talented martial artist, ultimately he ended up become a bit of a big bookworm instead of living up to his namesake. Eventually becoming a teacher of history, he passed through the shinobi academy with enough good marks to be trusted as a Genin despite being more geared towards teaching than actually going on missions. Despite his lack of fighting prowess, he still was a proud Akimichi and packed a punch towards those attempted to poke fun at his roundness.

On one such fieldtrip, he and his students were on their way back from visiting the farmlands when one of the students first noticed the dragons flying in the skies above. One by one the students began to notice the dragons too and without thinking much on where they might be going, Aikido panicked and began to usher the students in his care towards the village gates. While thankfully the students in his class were on their way to becoming Genin in their own right, as they approached the gates, Aikido noticed that they were quickly being closed to prevent whatever threat was coming to breach the gates and get in to the village of Kumogakure itself.

Signaling for the guards to keep the gates open a bit longer, Aikido quickly began to usher his students towards the gates despite the fact that many instinctively wanted to fight. “That’s stupid, you’ll be killed, just get in the village and leave it to the Jounin!” While the plan was sound, what Aikido hadn’t planned on was for a large gargantuan lizard to seemingly spring up from the ground itself. With just a single roar, Aikido’s pants were quickly soaked as he attempted to fight through his fears and think of the children first instead of his own wellbeing.

Exhausted and totally unprepared for this sort of assault, he smiled when at last he'd managed to get the final student to safety. Taking a moment to wipe the sweat from his forehead, he mentally noted the unusual intensity of the heat of day. Turning around, he found a large white hot sun beginning to emanate from the creatures mouth aimed directly at the entrance gate. Aikido wasn’t the quickest arrow in the arsenal but he knew that there was no way that they’d be able to close the gates in time

Shaking his head in defiance, Aikido realized that sadly, the new lease on life that he had given the children would never come to maturity if he didn’t give up his own. Protectively but also pointlessly, he stepped in front of the slowly closing gate and faced the danger head on. Looking back with a forced smile, he nodded and spoke to the oldest of the children who dared to peek his head out from arms that were quickly attempting to drag him back. "Don't worry, you’re safe with me!" Sometimes the hardest thing to do was to stand up to impossible odds knowing full well that there would be no return. Looking towards the vanquishing strike that would soon encapsulate the end of his sad reality, Aikido remembered the training that his father had sounded down into him and then did what came natural for any Akimichi, he grew.


Tales to Astonish: Old Man Umashi! wrote:
Stopping just short of the final stand of a brave warrior, Musashi shook his head and wiped away a tear. Through eagerly excited faces, the children naturally while sad, wanted to know what would happen. “What happened?” “Did Aikido win?”

Grimly shaking his head, though the subject of death wasn’t alien to these children, the fact of the matter was that Aikido died a gruesome death even by the standards of a shinobi. What many people knew about the Dragon Tooth Pass was that the village gates were resistant to chakra attacks. This was why the gates were usually moderately staffed and not overly so because any attack wouldn’t make it too far and would barely register to those on the other side. What most people didn’t consider however was that with a strong enough force, namely a technique on par with a Jinchuriki’s world vanquishing blast, was that the gates at a certain point would repeal the energy of the attack outward and away from the village gates themselves.

Aikido in his final moments had used the age old Akimichi growing technique to grow to a massive size in order to hold the door but the door itself did what it was created to do, reflect attacks. When the monster King’s attack hit the then equally giant Aikido, the force of the attack pushed him onto the gates, which equally began to push what was categorically an attack, away from the gates. In a matter of seconds the boy was caught between opposing forces that began to both burn and crush his body in what Musashi could only imagine was a most agonizing death. One that he was helpless to stop despite being fully en route to attempt to protect the brave fool that didn’t move.

Musashi didn’t know it then but Aikido realized that if even a sliver of the attack managed to shine through the closing gates that more innocent lives than his own would be lost. Closing his eyes and shaking his head, he attempted to shut out the mental image and the memory of the boy’s death. Those on the other side of the gates would say in the days after, that one’s would forever hear the boys pained cries in their nightmares. Even sadder was the fact that there were no remains for his parents to identify, the boy was vaporized. Even now, all of this time later, Musashi couldn’t shake the dreadful feeling that he was partly responsible for the loss of even one life that day. Snapping out of his thoughts, he changed his frown into a smile and nodded. “Aikido was the greatest hero that day! They even named a bunch of dojo’s in his honor and created an Akimichi holiday to celebrate his life!”

Moving on with the story though, Musashi crouched down low and got back in the rhythm of things. “So reinvigorated by Aikido’s heroism, we all surged with renewed energy! The Raikage was there, we even had a Sennin from Konoha, and then there was this kid from Sunagakure who was cutting that Monster King to shreds! Heck, even Yamaru, he’s like, your uncle five times removed; was there and he is one of the most selfish people that I know! All of us were gearing up for our final attacks when the absolute coolest guy of them all made his appearance!”

Eye’s blinking with excitement, Musashi saw that he had the kids hanging on his every word. “They called him the Takikage . . . “ Repeating the title to themselves, the children gave each other a puzzled look before looking back at Musashi as he started back on the tale. “So Gin had flung himself across the battlefield looking for somebody to empower because . . . that’s just what Tsukumogami do.

He passed up a few samurai chicks, because they were cutting stuff up and didn’t need any help, this weird chef dude from Suna . . . not going to lie, the BBQ that he threw afterwards was totally worth it, and then he happened upon this kid who would go on to become the legendary Takikage himself, or at least that’s what we jokingly called him. I’m pretty sure that there was a copy write clause in there somewhere . . . But yeah, flying onto his head, Gin goes “Worthy!” and then all heck broke loose! That monster dude never stood a chance after our boi Doi got a piece of him!”


1) Inuzuka Shizue is still somewhere close by the Kumo Gates creating illusionary dragons and putting people into such a frenzy that they're shooting at each other and at the gates themselves. Those in the event being controlled by PCs are considered by some form or reason to have broken out of the genjutsu shortly after initially seeing the dragons. RP as you wish on how you broke out of the gen. You won't find her though, so try as you might, all you're getting is . . .

2) Doi given access to Soul Regalia via a blank but Silver colored Kage hat courtesy of Gin.
***See actions below***

3) Any questions, PM/DM, again, you should not be sending me your profile! Just put in your post via OOC message, your "Attacking Round" actions and abilities along with links and any abilities that you may be using. This will greatly enhance the speed of calculating totals. There's probably some errors somewhere because I'm running to a meeting so forgive me. Also, as a favor, if you were buffing in the previous round, please list those buffs for me so that they aren't forgotten.

4) In the next post or two I'm going to continue to name drop people within the event, so look sharp! Special thanks to Yuii for helping with the lore of the monsters, etc. Many a morning was spent in brainstorming sessions to get things just right!

5) In case you were thinking about it, Aikido is dead, gone, one with the great chakra force beyond, aka he can't be revived.

=11ap Total=
2.5ap (timing)/3ap~Pristine Aura (mastered) on 3 NPCs (based on 50k HP)
-Handseal Expert - The user may perform a 'Support' Jutsu (A jutsu that does not deal damage) modded as if .5 Ap faster (Ap cost remains unchanged). This may only be done on Jutsu that target themselves or an ally, and the user must perform this Jutsu with Handseals; regardless of any other abilities or effects.
-Pay w/Natural Energy
+40% buff

2ap (timing)/2.5ap~Chakra Shield (mastered) on myself and 1 NPC (based on 50k HP)
-Handseal Expert - The user may perform a 'Support' Jutsu (A jutsu that does not deal damage) modded as if .5 Ap faster (Ap cost remains unchanged). This may only be done on Jutsu that target themselves or an ally, and the user must perform this Jutsu with Handseals; regardless of any other abilities or effects.
-Pay w/Natural Energy
+40% buff

10s~Gaia's Vengeance (mastered) at Monster and Monster’s shadow (if it’s still around)
7760cp stocked by itself
-Will occur, already paid for.

1) 3ap~Breath of the Wild (mastered)
Protect: Protect: Reflexively defends all allied targets from a single attack that hits them, blocking up to 2250/2815 damage.
-Pay w/Natural Energy
+40% buff

2) 2.5ap~Naturalization (mastered) on the first attack that the monster does.

~Kin + Gin Actions~
0s/3ap~Use Soul Regalia via Gin on Doi
-Equip to Umashi Immediately upon being summoned via special action. [Doi has a faint silver aura about him as well as now sporting an initially blank Kage hat]
***The contract owner summoning this contract. The contract will pay the cost of this jutsu as normal, and automatically equip itself to its summoner upon being summoned.***
~The caster may grant their wielder up to 3 of their Abilities. (Doi would gain Bloody Mess)
~The wielder's secondary stats are whichever are the highest between themselves and the caster. If the wielder's own secondary's are higher than the caster's, then they gain a +1 bonus.

***Doi’s choice as to which sort of Soul Regalia it is***

4800cp thus far^
***Let's aim for Monday the 25th for actions. In the interest of time though, I'll start doing the time stack as the actions come in.***
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Sun Feb 17, 2019 2:59 am

Nagisa looked around as the second gigantic impact rocked the area. She had thrown her own attack at the gigantic enemy and was trying to heal as fast as she could but this monster... no she could not call it a monster because if she did, she would have to call herself a monster.

'That spirit is running rampant!' her own spirit said. 'We have to stop it. Let me go all out. I don't want anyone else to get hurt.'

Nagisa shook her head as she heard the reverberations of the Raikage's shout through the soot and ash. She had managed to dode the attack, both of them but she was shaken. She felt the vibrations rock her body and she stumbled a bit.

'No Shizue. We have to help those who are hurt.'

She felt the backlash. Shizue was angry. She wanted to lash out.

'Let me engulf ths beast in water. I will drown it and it will know my wrath.'

'And how many would die before you could do that!' Nagisa retaliated.

There was silence for a brief moment before the sound of battle came to the forefront of Nagisa's mind. Many shinobi were attacking or trying to get the civilians out of there. There was so much chaos.

'Look around Shizue. We have enough people attacking. Our own attack one of our strongest did not slow it down. We are needed to heal. We must do what we can. This... this thing wants uses fire. We are its opposite in every way. We are not only water but we are healers. We reject destruction while this thing embraces it. We must not become the thing we hate no matter our personal feelings. Please help me Shizue. We must save the lives of the innocents here. Rmember the children you healed. Remember their shining faces as they took the medicine you made. That is our bond. That is where we are strongest. Please...'

There was another pause before one of the cloud shinobi began to act again, throwing up a familiar looking jutsu on some of the civilians. Nagisa could almost smell their panic from here.

'You are right Nagisa. I will help you heal.' Shizue said and Nagisa felt a surge of chakra course throughout her body and she allowed herself to sink into the feeling.

As nagisa got to her feet, she would take a step out into the open and her form would begin to change. It woudl look as if her body was turning into water. She bounded towards the civilians first and then focused her attentions on the allied shinobi.
"I will heal you,. Fight to protect those who cannot protect themselves!" Nagisa would say loudly her voice seemingly amplified and muffled by the water.

As her handsigns flew together, more barriers would appear over the panicked non combatants. She did not have time to hesitate but as she turned around she would extend both of her hands.

One massive jet of water would expel form her right hand and shoot out towards those that were behind the wall. As it approached them, it would fall like a light rain on the gates and those around.

Even as she did this, from her left hand another jet of water came streaking out, aiming at those outside of the gates away form the beast that attacked the gates.

Nagisa would stand there, her form catching the sunlight and glistening as her healing water fell on her allies trying to heal them and keep them safe from this terrible foe. She would not give into despair. She was not liek this beast. She was going to use every ounce of her power to heal those she could and make sure people would get out of this alive.I guess she was trying to convince herself of this more than Shizue. Form looking at her, no one could tell that she had tears in her eyes.

10 AP
3 ap Pristine Aura master rank
3 targets normally. Minor affinity Spread to make it 4 NPC targets

3 AP Scorn of Aquarius master rank
Minor affinity spread to 4 targets
WA special action healing water. Targeting 4 allies not including herself. All PCs
+15% damage from WA
+15% damage from Liquid state
-15% CP cost due to WA
-10% CP due to jutsu mastery
5148 healing per target to a total of 20,592 healing

Since I used water jutsu healing self for 3% of Max HP due to water adept

3 AP Scorn of Aquarius master rank
Minor affinity spread to 4 targets
WA special action healing water. Targeting 4 allies not including herself. All PCs
+15% damage from WA
+15% damage from Liquid state
-15% CP cost due to WA
-10% CP due to jutsu mastery
5148 healing per target to a total of 20,592 healing

9 AP used
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:35 pm

The battle against the behemoth had begun and it was chaos. Despite the beast's size, it moved with impressive speed thrashing about, shooting insanely powerful blasts of fire so hot that Ayumu felt the burn even when it wasn't aimed at him. A few brave souls drew the beast's attention tanking the hits with their incredible defensive abilities while the rest of the battle's participants hit Maji with everything they had. Wasting no time, Ayumu immediately called on the spirit within him to unlock his chakra potential. After a couple of seconds he was running on all cylinders and chakra visible danced across his arms and shoulders looking like a white flame, his eyes flaring to match.

Around him, Ayumu spotted many familiar faces including Kumogakure's newest recruits already proving their worth and loyalty by defending the village. There were also some unfamiliar faces sporting headbands from other villages, admirably defending a village that was not their own. Some summoned aid in the form of contract beasts while some like Ayumu fought alone. For his part, Ayumu weaved through handseals summoning a rift above his head as others had the beast distracted. From within the rift, blinding orbs of energy shot forth careening towards Maji. With a target this large it was impossible to miss and each one collided with the beast's thick hide, yet it didn't seem to flinch.

"Damn, what's this thing made of?" Ayumu cursed, leaping as the beast's tail swept towards him to avoid being crushed underneath. As he descended back to the earth he watched as the beast let out another devastating blast of energy which devastated the terrain where it struck. It reminded Ayumu of one of his strongest techniques and now seemed like as good a time as any to employ it.

Ayumu clapped his hands together before spreading them apart. Between them, a blinding white orb of energy began to form which matched the chakra rising from his body. As others continued to keep the beast distracted, the ball of energy grew in size as both the spirit and Ayumu fed their chakra to it. After a few seconds, it had become massive. "Alright, how about this?!" Ayumu shouted, rearing back before firing the orb of energy like a bullet towards Maji watching it collide with with a satisfying impact. Though he felt as though that one had done some damage, the beast still didn't seem to be slowing down even as the numerous shinobi all launched their powerful attacks against it one after another.

Taking a moment's breath to recover from his last attack, Ayumu observed the beast gearing up for another attack. This one was not aimed in his direction and wouldn't require him to move, a welcomed respite, yet... "Ayumu, look!" the spirit within alerted him. Glancing past the behemoth, Ayumu spotted his target. The gates had been held open a moment longer to allow a group of children to escape inside. They wouldn't close in time.

"NO!" Ayumu shouted, moving in an instant to try to make it to the gates. He didn't know what he would do if he made it but it didn't matter- for all his speed, he didn't stand a chance of making it in time. Yet when hope seemed lost, Ayumu spotted Aikido when he hadn't seen him before. He started to grow and grow until he entirely blocked the view of the closing gates. The beast's attack hit him straight on and sent him backwards against the gates, but he held on and did not move until the attack had dissipated and there was not a trace of the man remaining. He had sacrificed himself, and the gates now had closed behind his students who were safe because of him. Yet Aikido himself was no more.

Ayumu clenched his fists, closing his eyes as he came to a stop. He was shaking with anger at the loss of one brave shinobi who had given all to protect the village. When his eyes opened once more, the white fire in them burned furiously, brighter than ever. The flame like chakra rising from his skin seemed out of control. He fixed his gaze on the beast. "SHINOBI! DO NOT FALTER! WE WILL TAKE THIS BEAST DOWN!" he shouted in a booming voice. Though this time without the aid of an intercom, his voice still seemed amplified. Another... less human version of his voice seemed to speak in sync with usual voice. With that said, he began his assault once more with renewed and intensified vigor.
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Re: Finis noctis =/= Ultima vox . . . [Event]

Tue Feb 19, 2019 8:54 pm

Current Path | Yuri's Current Path

As he arrived at the gates, he was shocked to see the creature up close. He never saw it before, yet he could see how terrifying it was with its lizard-like appearance and its black scales seemed to melt through its skin. He was horrified at its appearance, yet he didn't falter to his fear. Kumogakure was in danger and he has to act now.

"Master Yuu. Do you even a plan against this behemoth?"

He turned to his contract beast as she asked this. Thanks to his abilities with his current path, he was able to sense a strange amount of chakra inside the beast. Yet he could tell if it was really chakra that was powering it. Regardless, he knew what his plan going to be. "I have to admit, it's a bit risky. But it might be worth it. Follow my lead!"

With his body still covered in electricity, Yuu charged forward to the beast and screamed as he threw his arm with one of the daggers on his hand to stabbed the behemoth's body. It didn't leave a dent on its body, but the electricity from his body caused it to redirect to the dagger once he made contact and electrocute the beast. However, this resulted in the behemoth to charge and release a beam attack, which much to his shock, quickly dodged the beam in panic. "W-What the hell?!"

As he found himself falling in the air, he saw the massive damage that attacks caused. He was horrified. Just seeing this made him realize what would happen if that would hit the village instead. Regardless, he has to enact his next part of his plan.

"Sakushi, now's your chance!" Yuu shouted to his contract ally as he tried to land back to the ground without hurting himself.

"As you command." With her children riding on her back, the yellow contract spider jumped in the air and used her pedipalps to stab the creature's body. Like before, it didn't make a dent and even if Sukochi and Suchi attempted the same with their own pedipalps, it wasn't enough to change the outcome.

Yet his attacks didn't stop there. Once he landed on the ground after his spiders' attacks, he then used the chakra on his legs to launch himself up in the air once more to made several thrusts upwards before finishing it off with a downward slash. He thought that would be enough to weaken it, but just looking up to see the monster continued to thrash the gates wasn't enough.

"Guess that's not enough to stop him, huh?" Yuu sheepishly asked as he watched the behemoth continued to rampage through the gates.

"I'm afraid so. Unless you have another plan, your village will face destruction under its grasp."

Yuu frowned at this. This monster seemed unstoppable, yet he knew giving up was not the option. He has to act or there would be more casualties. He needed more time to think. But...

"M-Master Yuu! Humans behind you! Suchi sees humans trapped!"

As he noticed Suchi pointing his pedipalps behind him, Yuu turned around and saw something shocking. As what the purple-eyed small spider said, there were several villagers on the ground as they try to stand up. But one of them was unable to as he clutched his ankle in pain, a sign that he might have injured it earlier. "Oh man, I need to get them out of there!"

"But if you do that, then what about the abomination? We still need to stop it before it can break into the gates."

Yuu wanted to protest this, but he knew Sakushi was right. He wanted to protect those people, but he could see the beast starting to attack the other shinobi. He knew to abandon either of them wasn't a smart move, but he needed to find a way to do so without sacrificing one of them. "I-I know. But how can do that?! I can't just create a clone and attack it in my place!"

"You don't need to."

His eyes widened as he heard a familiar voice. Turning around, he was surprised to see Yuri jumped down right in front of the villagers as he smiled at his former host. "Thankfully, I managed to explain the situation to your parents and evacuated the house while your brother managed to see through the Genjutsu after Kei hit him." Yuu smiled at the news Yuri gave him. Judging by this, he could guess he already took them to the safe area. Although, he didn't want to know why Kei hit Yasu in the first place. But before he could go on, Yuri began making handseals while standing right in front of the confused villagers. "Now come! Scorn of Aquarius!"

Before anyone could react, a giant tidal wave of water suddenly appeared right between Yuu and Yuri as it turned itself into a wall. As he saw this, Yuu only stared at it in awe as the spiders did the same. "I'll worry about the villagers! You'll take care of the rest!"

The Chuunin was surprised. A former parasite who didn't know about humans suddenly began to protect them. He couldn't help but crack a smile at this strange, but wonderful sight. "You heard him. Let's go, guys."

His spiders nodded as Yuu dashed back to the battlefield while they followed him from behind. However, Sakushi stopped and turned to Yuri, who was behind the wall of water. "Be careful, Master Yuri." As Yuri saw the older spider, he could see through his eyes how she noticed his sudden desire to protect the villagers. He understood what she felt. He wasn't human, yet he wanted to act like one. It might be because of Yuu's influence that made him this way. Regardless, he just nodded to his spider right before she rushed to join her other master.


Once she caught up with the Chuunin, Sakushi then asked, "I hope you already come up with another plan."

"Yeah. Hit them where it hurts."

The older spider responded with a glare. "Could you please elaborate that? Are you telling me to attack it without any kind of strategy again?"

Yuu blushed in embarrassed, aware that his plan was actually the same one as before. However, he narrowed his eyes as he cracked a grin. "Trust me. I know what I'm doing."
Actions (Buffing Round Actions Below)Show
Current AP: 10.25

[3.0 s | 3 AP] Yuri (Quick Learner CA) arrives, calling Scorn of Aquarius (Mastered)
* Activating Special Action - Tidal Wave to defend NPCs nearby

[6.0 s | 3 AP] Sakushi calling Raijin's Vengeance (Mastered) on Farmer's Shadow (if it still up)
* Deals 5500 damage with a 44% chance of activating the 'Photon Flash' effect

[9.0 s | 3 AP] Yuu calling Chidori Control (Mastered) on Farmer creature
* Deals base damage of 5500
* Special Action - Chidori Blade activated, Newborn Dual Bow is treated as Lightning element, cannot have its damage reduced, and has +20% Base damage for full round.
* Will have 12%/20% of inflicting the 'Stun' effect

[9.75 s | .75 AP] Yuu calling Basic Weapon Strike to Farmer creature
* Since Twilight Venom was applied, the target will suffer -1 Acc/Dodge at the start of the following round, increasing each round thereafter up to -3, then decreases by 1 each round until it is dispersed
* Due to Toxify, Injury Poisons applied will remain for an additional round
* Due to Lucky Strike, user gains +5% Auto-Hit with the equipped weapon

Used AP: 9.75 (Saving 0.50 AP for next round)
- Kashino Yuu (Yuri): Profile
- Kinjutsu: Rikudo Sennin
- Paths Used: Chakra Attuned (Yuu)/Quick Learner (Yuri)
- Contracts: Spider
- Yuri (Quick Learner) will be joining starting in this round.
- As before, PM me if there's something wrong with my actions

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