Incursions into the human psyche

The Seki District is Kumogakure's residential area for its better-off inhabitants. Most of the clan complexes and prominent family estates can be found here, along with shops and markets to supply residents' needs. Life here can be as comfortable and idyllic as one wishes, although most shinobi tend to find this sort of existence stifling.

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Incursions into the human psyche

Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:24 pm

After many an incursion into the shadowy world of her id, Kitsune had learned quite a few valuable lessons about her inner desires, drives, and even her abilities. After having lost access to her Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, she’d been searching for a replacement power, to ensure she’d remain at fighting capacity, or at the very least that she could kick some serious booty without being in danger of being overwhelmed by whatever foe she might be facing at the time. The first incursion had been facilitated in the waking world, in the nightclub Kitsune happened to win in a game of chance against some rather seedy types.

It had been a wild ride, to say the least. There had been shadowy monsters, all wearing masks, and if it were to be described as a movie would have been, it’d be described as an action-filled romp without much actual substance. The kind of movie where you just unplug your brain and watch, feeling glee from the many action sequences and lovely visual effects. Only… It wasn’t a movie, it was something that had actually happened. Or, in Kitsunes mind, it certainly had. In actuality, it might not have. The person that was unwittingly dragged into it all seemed to acknowledge it had happened, but who knows anymore.

From what Kitsune could tell after many a month doing research, everything that had happened was caused by an imbalance within Kitsune, potentially caused due to her having died twice and being brought back each time. First time was against the Kingslayers, where she was stabbed in the throat and later resurrected, and the second time… Well, we don’t discuss the second time. Regardless, since those events, Kitsune had been altered. She was as unaging as always but her mental state had been more… Dark.

While dead, she hadn’t been in any form of heaven or hell, not even a limbo. There had just been pure pitch-black darkness, with nothing in sight, and yet she could tell there was… something… out there, in the darkness. Something hungry. Something quite unexplainable… Unless one were to assume it was death itself. Or it could be another shapeless eldritch horror, akin to those roaming around the frozen wastelands of the former Kirigakure. Maybe something from that place had latched onto Kitsune and was brought back with her, and it was now causing the unusual changes in her psyche.

That was Kitsunes working theory at the moment, and as such, she was performing all sorts of tests upon her body and her blood, trying to find physical evidence of the change, yet coming up short every time. In the back of her mind all she could hear was words like “You’ll never be the same.” and “You might as well just accept it.”, and to be honest, Kitsune was just about to give in and just let the shadows consume her, but then, a small droplet of light dropped into that vast expanse of figurative darkness. A figure claiming ”I art thou. Thou are I. We are one.”

And it would seem that the figure was Kitsunes ego within the id. In other words, it was Kitsune, but as her instincts and desires “saw” her. Well, it was at first. Then, when Kitsune accepted that side of her, it changed form. This happened during the first incursion, where it had rescued Kitsune and her guest and taken down a multitude of the shadows wearing masks. It felt like Kitsune was so close to solving a greater mystery of the human psyche, or, at the very least her own psyche. Being educated in the study of the human mind, it would be quite the breakthrough if she could solve this whole situation.

For the time being however, Kitsune would settle for accepting her other self, pulling on its power, just as it did the same with her power. Give and take. Back and forth. Heaven and earth. Yin and yang. Light and darkness. A subtle duality that permeated her being. With a little luck, it would be possible to develop this into a new set of powers, like she had with her Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan all those years ago.

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