Having the Time of My Life [Open]

In the central square of the Susukino District stands a stone memorial to Aion the Dawnbringer, Right Hand of Raiden, who is said to have ascended to the heavens leaving no trace behind. Markets, shops and eateries are found around this statue and its fountain with many tables outside for people to enjoy the crisp Kumogakure air

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Re: Having the Time of My Life [Open]

Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:23 am

A seal capable of showing whether or not people were demons was the last thing Yuuto wanted stamped on his forehead. So it was inevitable that he'd be exposed either way...better to reveal it himself so he had a chance to explain everything.

"Alright, the thing is that-"

A sudden yell of what Yuuto figures to be the masked guy's name cuts him off mid-sentence, watching as some other person, some kind of friend, steps in and handles things. Though his would-be captor continues on, trying to justify his actions, and getting far too close to the truth for Yuuto's liking with his talk of "Youkai half-breeds", even if he didn't have a hungering for the taste of human flesh.

The boy starts slowly stepping away, trying to keep as passive a face as possible as the man encroaches on him, coming dangerously close to shattering his masquerade, his heart racing and pounding in his chest.

It all comes to a head with the newcomer whispering something in the masked man's ear, stopping him in his tracks as he presumably mulls over whatever it is he was told. As Maru declares Yuuto to be innocent, he lets out a sigh of relief, glad that this interrogation was donated over. A gloved hand scratches the back of his neck as the man before him bows in apology.

"It's fine...I guess. You were doing your job as a monster hunter and stuff. At least it's all over now." As he walks past Maru, he quietly mutters to himself, "Crave human flesh... probably doesn't even taste that nice..."

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