So You Wanna Be a Merc? (Private)

Petty criminals and those who can be rehabilitated are typically held in an above-ground jail until their release. However, those whose crimes do not warrant execution but who can not or will not be reintegrated into society are thrust into the vast, multi-level underground prison of Kumogakure. Here, there are no guards, no rules, and no means of escape. Every day is a struggle for survival, but with the right abilities, determination, and luck, a prisoner may become very powerful indeed in this dark world.

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So You Wanna Be a Merc? (Private)

Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:18 am

Kawaii stood in the corner of the dark room with her arms folded over her chest, already getting a bad vibe coming from the Merces Letifer representative in charge of interviewing Maru. The man carried a pretty sinister aura despite being a pretty old guy who was just sitting there behind a pitch black desk like some strange doll, not even moving and glaring at Maru with a bone chilling look that would make a person cower at the sight of the wrinkled old man. 'Yeesh, I wouldn't want to end up dating THIS guys daughter.’ the rogue thought to himself, giving the man a cheesy smile while they simply stared awkwardly at each other for what seemed like forever. His Kensei Spirit hang around in the back unseen, Maru deciding to break the weird silence between them by speaking first since the man literally refused to speak first. “Ooooooooookay…. Howdy I'm Yamaru and on the behalf of the Kaibutsu I am interested in joining the Merces to be able to terminate people.” The rogue explained in a shaky voice. “As you are aware, the Kaibutsu cannot directly assassinate humans due to us not having the proper staff and personnel to train us how to make people disappear because shielding the existence of some critter that shouldn't exist is pretty easy than making a person vanish from the world. So I would like training under your branch to… umm… Take out some people who are causing extranormal anomalies I guess?” He said, they guy still studying Maru as though this was some kind of test to see how he would react under pressure.


“I see….” the man said, leaning over the desk to fold his hands in front of his face, peering at Maru with those dark eyes of his. “Do you have experience of taking a life? And by life I mean a human life, not some raging beast.” Maru was pretty prepared for if they did ask him that if he had experience in killing people, just his luck that he had the mask he wore when he went on that bounty hunting adventure in Soon Haven. He pulled out one of the old mask that had a small crack on the side of it from the fight with Umashi. “Why yes, I had been doing some bounty hunting work for a while before I moved here, the snapshot of that mission is here if you want it.”

“There's no need.” the sinister old man said, then Maru placed the mask back into his pocket then folded his hands.

Though Maru did consider himself pretty qualified for the job, the man didn't see enough darkness in the Masked Man before him. Not like the other people who are currently working for the Letifer since one must be especially stone-hearted to be an assassin by trade, capable of taking the life of any mark issued by the Sennin or their Hand in a precise way dictated. You are one of those people. Perhaps a mission or two would allow the masked buffoon before him to prove that he isn't completely useless, besides he did past the test of not being violently unhinged like most people of the Merces usually were. However, he would have to earn his way up the ranks like everyone else.“You are aware that some of the missions you would be doing had caused some shinobi to go into an early retirement or worse.” He said, Maru shrugged. “It's money right? Plus it's not like these people are innocent right?” Though if he had to assassinate a pretty looking woman that would be a problem for him to say the least, the man pulling out an updated version of the bingo book to hand it to Maru. Making his heart sink to the pit of his stomach… Did he know that he was a mercenary from Konoha? Did they really put a bounty on his head? Surely if they did the guy would've tried to take his life already, he held his hand out to Kawaii who was about to spring into action before the man finished. “There are a couple of men here, good shinobi who believed that they were fighting for a noble cause.” The old man said, then Maru relaxed. “We recently got a letter from a man in here, trying to keep our children safe and overall fearing for the safety of youth in the country he went missing from…” the man explained.

“Surely this man has good intentions.. but he is still a traitor. A Missing Nin who abandoned his duty to his village…” he gazed at Maru with a look that looked him through. “So.. if you were to come across this 'good’ person or someone similar to him knowing you have a contract with us to dispose of the them… would you go through with it?” It was a simple question, would he go through with it. The obvious answer would be yeah because he was getting paid to whack em, so obviously killing them anyway would be a no brainier. Guess they wanted to see if he be able to to turn off his conscious during these missions he might would be going on, seemed pretty responsible considering the line of work he would be in. “Weeeeeeeeeeell… I mean why wouldn't I? I mean he is my meal ticket right?” He chuckled, trying to crack a joke to ease the tension in the room and the corners of the man's mouth turned upwards into an approving smile. Just like that Maru was given the rank of a Látris, he would probably get his first assignment somewhere soon since he was still considered a greenhorn so he would be relatively treated as the new guy anyway in both branches he was in but that didn't matter much to him, the point was that he was in. He shook the bandaged hand of the man who held the sinister aura then got the heck out of there. Kawaii walked through the wall to float at her wielders side with a worried look.’You doing alright?’ she asked. Maru looked at his Kensei Spirit then smiled, not caring if he could be heard or not. “Of course I am, can't wait for my first mission…” he said, heading out of this creepy place….

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