We Are The Hunters! (Private)

Petty criminals and those who can be rehabilitated are typically held in an above-ground jail until their release. However, those whose crimes do not warrant execution but who can not or will not be reintegrated into society are thrust into the vast, multi-level underground prison of Kumogakure. Here, there are no guards, no rules, and no means of escape. Every day is a struggle for survival, but with the right abilities, determination, and luck, a prisoner may become very powerful indeed in this dark world.

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We Are The Hunters! (Private)

Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:29 am

This was the first time Maru has ever actually been to see the Kaibutsu subbranch, in truth he honestly been doing grunt work for the last couple of months he's been around. But there was a letter that flew into his residents which read;

Congratulations Yamaru!

You've have been selected to participate in the art of slaying and or capturing anomalous creatures and objects. Your orientation will take place on xx, xx, xxxx! Should you choose to accept the offer, please proceed to the location marked on the map on the aforementioned date. Included with this invitation you will find a small handbook containing most of the well known extranormal creatures that plague kumogakure as well as your own personal journals to document your own findings. Please take the next five minutes to memorize the location and again welcome to the Kaibutsu…."

Sweet, he knew exactly where this meeting would be held at too. It was the same place where that critter woman had been when they had to interrogate the woman. After the five minutes were up, the ink on the page faded away into nothingness, and the parchment itself crumbles away into dust in his hands. “Well shit, so that's why they wanted me to memorize the location.” The rogue said, it's a good thing his eyes had a pretty photographic memory and if he needed to he would just ask his Kensei Spirit where to go since she could remember stuff way better than he did. Maru went over to his dresser to get his black masquerade mask, putting it over his face then straightening up how his hair looked then with a dramatic flair he placed his cape over his shoulders. The rogue looked around to see where he had placed his signature weapon, that was an essential and he couldn't leave without it so he checked underneath his bed only to find scrolls, boxes and dust but no signature weapon. He got up then began to scratch his head, wondering where he last had his weapon. “Where the heck did I put Kawaii? Dangit I knew I should have just slept with it.” the rogue complained, he heard a small clicking sound and he looked in his hand only to find that his signature weapon was in his hand the whole time. How long has he been holding it anyway?

He spun his musket in his hand before sliding it underneath his mask, his Kensei Spirit fading into reality sitting on his bed with her legs crossed. ’Seems a bit much to have to memorize a location within five minutes.’ the spirit huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. ’But I guess if they are dealing with the kind of things we had been dealing with, then it's best that the public doesn't know these things don't exist.’ Though having her wielder memorize where would he have to go was a bit much it was understandable. She jolted which startled Maru while he was in the middle of getting ready for this meeting he was about to go to. “Aye what's wrong?” He asked, deciding to crack a joke. “You acted like you seen a ghost.” the rogue chuckled to himself at his clever joke, he thought it was pretty funny but his Kensei Spirit was all but amused.

’Ha-Ha. Very funny. I was wondering if I would even be allowed in this meeting.’ she said, and Maru jerked his head back as if he was wondering what she was talking about before she explained why she probably wouldn't be able to go with him. ’You see, I'm a spirit. If there happened to be say… some exorcist or a ghost hunter there they might get the wrong idea.’ She was worried about that? Such nonsense. She was allowed with him when he had to watch that interrogation, besides he could always tell her to manifest then say she was some spritual shinobi and use a little genjustu to convince them to let her hang around. He was sure it would be fine since there would always be a solution if they didn't want her around, just use the eyes then use some strong convincing.

“Bah! Don't worry about all that, I'll deal with it when I get there.” With a dramatic flex of his cape, he walked towards to exit out of his hideout that sat at the foot of the spine of the world. “Let's go. We don't wanna be late.”


“Mankind had existed for generations, we used to huddle in caves and fear the things that we didn't understand. Things from giant birds who have the heads of men to a pile of rocks that suddenly come to life. So we call them Gods and Demons… We begged for our lives and prayed to these Gods for salvation. Over time their numbers dwindled and humanities numbers increased, the world began to make more sense when there were less things to fear. Yet the unexplained could never truly go away, it's like the universe demands the absurd… and the impossible. That is why we.. individuals that are gifted with chakra must stand in the darkness to combat it, contain it, and shield the unexplained from the eyes of the public so everyone can live in a sane, normal society…-”

Maru had gotten really bored halfway through the speech, he was wondering when they would be dismissed already so he could turn his brain off OMNI-FLASHING critters. After the Master of The Hunt finished his dramatic speech some guy in a lab coat asked the other prowlers of they had any questions about the organization or about jobs they would be doing. It was simple enough for Maru to know what to do, hunt the critter, design traps to capture the critter, find better strategies to kill the critter, ect. Once the questions were over with they finally released them however there was one thing that Maru did pay attention to. About how the organization couldn't kill people who create these anomalies because they only deal with the objects and people but they could be assigned to another part of the subbranch where they could hunt down both the creatures and the people who create them. They already have a representative from the Merces Letifer their with a few bounties that the Kaibutsu had on some people and critters disguised as people, that was pretty interesting since Maru for a while served as a mercenary for a pretty long time and he hoped he still had the mask of his last mission as a Merc where he had to kill those dudes who were in that prostitution ring in Soon Haven. He was pretty sure for the Mercs as well as the Kaibutsu he had this in the bag….


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